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January 16, 2008

The Bluebird of Happiness

This is how my morning started, a cup of cappuccino waiting for me under a tea towel with a pretty cake on it!  Yippee, my birthday's next week, my husband is starting to treat me like a princess early (lucky me and I know it!).

Next, my Zeke runs in letting me know it's time for his walk saying good morning with a wag~

After that, I take my long workout walk, I pass a lovely gate~ the house has been there for over a hundred years, would love to know the stories it could tell.

Walking down the street, a white dove flies in front of me, lands in the street, looks at me and coos once, then flies away~

I continue my walk past a soon to be open boutique, I've been pressing my nose against the window for weeks waiting for her to open, she's got a cute piggie with a positive message posted, quite uplifting~


I find two lucky pennies on my way home...  My daughter comes home from school and asks what she can do to help around the cottage (she needs extra spending money for the long weekend with her friends and they all help sweep the long pine needles from the front & sideyard)~

Next, I received a thumb's up from the ever talented Cathy of Avalon Rose Design.  Cathy, thank you, it's  just what I wanted, a dream come true~

I feel like I've been touched by angel and hope you do too.  The Bluebird of Happiness is truly in our own backyard (per Shirley Temple).

Hope the feeling is contagious ~ thank you for sharing in my day...

1 comment:

euroantiquer said...

Best of Luck on your new blog.
It has been addicting for me, but a wonderful way to meet like minded people. With a name like
Petite Maison it has to be good.
I look forward to your posts!