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January 28, 2008

Calling All Saints

Okay, okay!  Here they are with pleasure ~ Because You Asked...

I aim to please.  It's just in my nature (for some reason, I wish
I had a very witty joke to go with that comment...)

For now, they've got their own little corner
~yes, they've moved since Saturday night

I've suddenly become addicted to Joan of Arc
items as well, my list of favorites is growing every day

Well, there they are ~ I've collected these over time
(except the last two - how fun - I couldn't decide
which one I liked more, hmm indecision ~ I said I'll take them both, please!

I'll leave you with this for the week, it spoke to me this morning
while on my walk in the rain with my precious Zeke...

Life is beautiful 
for those who 
believe in their dreams

Happy, happy week!
xoxo, Tracie


Rachel said...

Tracie, Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog. I really have been blessed with a large wonderful family. I'm the youngest of 10! I'm so glad we met. Your pictures are awesome. I've never known anyone who collected Joan of Arc. I finally got your link put in today, or was that yesterday! Have a great day. Love, Rachel

Vintage Rose Collection said...

HI Tracie,
Your collection of Joan of Arc statues are fabulous! So unique...

Thank you for your quote of the day, its so true isnt it..Dreams become our purpose in life,its vital to keep them alive.
Love to you Jo

Shabbyfufu said...

THANKS for letting me know that you posted those Tracie. Patina galore!!! Your blog and decorating style are lovely. Your package will be on the way shortly.~ XO~ Janet

Gail McCormack said...

Happy Happy week to you too Tracie. Love your collection, don't think I've seen anything like them before, wonderful!

Loving Her Beautiful said...

They are lovely grouped together like that. What a beautiful thought to leave us with.

Thank you!!

Hugs! Nancy

Gail said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog
I wish I could say that I have a halo (tee hee) but what you thought looked like one in my picture is in reality a wind chime hanging behind me.... adore your cottage and dear furry friends.
I pray your health has been restored. BE BLESSED :-)

Counting Your Blessings said...

I have a most ugly little chalkware statue of Jesus holding a little boy. It's almost scary because it's chippy in all the wrong places. BUT it reminds me that He holds my children and protects them even more than I can - so I love it (even if it scares the kids). Blessings... Polly

euroantiquer said...

Hi Tracie
I love your saints!
Getting prepared for the crepes and
enjoy yours
Happy Chandeleur Day!
May good fortune be yours through the year!


Hi Tracie,
thankyou so much for visiting my blog !
I love your collection !
Im off to do a bit of reading up on your previous posts now :)

Shannon :)

Connie said...

Your collection is great. I have accumulated a few statues of Mary. There were alot available last year at yard sales. It was almost weird how many religious statues people were getting rid of. I don't think I noticed any Joan of Arc, but who knows about this year.