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January 14, 2008

I've Only Just Begun ~ Again

Hello and Welcome to my brand new blog, My Petite Maison ~

I have been wanting to start this for so many months now and am so happy to have finally be on my way. I have had so many thoughts in my head of what I want to do, all the different topics I'd like to cover and the joy of hearing back from wonderful people that are full of encouragement. I thank you for that - I've had people comment back on their blogs about my starting a blog and that's really spurred me on ~ thank you! There are so many inspirational, creative, caring ladies out there and I can hardly wait to start this new phase of my blogging chapter.

Chapter 1
Back in the old days (not long ago at all) I worked in Corporate America, sort of... I can now say, it was definitely not for me, my husband told me that long, long ago ~ don't know why I didn't listen. The ones who love you, know you, and many a person that worked in "the field" saying what are you doing in an office? Okay, you were all right, I should have listened to my heart & soul. Do what you love!

Well now, I am trying something new, something I love. I have always, for as long as I can remember, loved decorating. There's been a joke at our house not to come home in the middle of the night ~ you WILL trip over something that's been moved. I love to rearrange furniture, complete rooms, you name it - mostly in the middle of the night, Friday or Saturday work best for me. I also absolutely love to shop. Shop antique, shop vintage. Shop for myself, husband, daughter, friends, anyone. Do you know someone who's looking for something special? I'll be in a store and remember that my best girlfriend's sister loves mermaids - next thing mermaids are on their way to Arizona pronto!

We live in what is considered a homestead style house built in the late 1800s with one thing that's a necessity, a porch for our dog and cats and a short walk to town, but enough for some good exercise.

Here's my new favorite buy for the week, yay and it's only Monday. I can use it for the grocery store or for decoration, so pretty! Sorry, it's a bit (well more than a bit blurry), but you get the idea. Maybe I should work on getting a new camera, hmmm...

Here's another try in natural light, turned out much better and yippee the beautiful sunshine's out today! The cats can walk in and out to their heart's delight.

Thank you so much for joining me here at My Petite Maison!
xoxo, Tracie


avalonrosedesign said...

Hi Tracie! Your blog looks beautiful! You did a fantastic job getting it all finished! I'm going to add you to my list of blogging friends!


Connie said...


Your blog is just lovely. Life is so much sweeter when we pursue our dreams. All the best to you in your journey.


TiffanyJane said...

Hi Tracie! Love this little bag, what a great find!
Love your blog :) Your little Buttercup looks so much like my kitty Baci...all your babies are so pretty :)
Will have to stop by often, oh I'll add you to my blog list as well~
Have a great weekend!