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February 7, 2008

Happiness and Blessings

I'd like to share this special blessing candle
given to me by the lovely, inspirational Jo-Anne
of Vintage Rose Collection ~
Everyone must know her work, it's breathtakingly beautiful
as is Jo-Anne and her blog.

Would you like your soul to soar?

Go visit Jo-Anne and feel the warmth, like it's from this blessed candle.

The candle has traveled far, let's see how much farther it can travel to spread the love and blessings with one another...

Joan of Arc makes her appearance again with beautiful flowers
dedicated to Jo-Anne for this blessing~

I wish to share this with you who have made me laugh, shared a special story
and gave me a hug when I was/am missing my Dad ~

Bill - Loving Her Beautiful. You'll absolutely be doubled over reading Bill's blog
as he shares his take on life with his brilliantly creative wife,
of Fete et Fleur, which I have to thank for introducing
me and my husband to this witty gentleman~
(beautiful art shared here as well...)
~Don't forget the Kleenex ~ for tears of laughter. Fun alert!

Cathy - Avalon-Rose Design, Cathy's work is beautiful and
a beautiful person too ~ inside and out.
You'll enjoy reading about
her life
and view some really unbelievable designs she's
designed while you're visiting her. She's very talented,
you'll be surprised just how MANY different sites she's designed.

Mindii - Shabby Vintage Dreams. Now I know the candle will be traveling to Melbourne for this Shabby loving lady. I love her stories of taking something and totally making it over - her stories about her son, Cooper are so fun too.
It's nice and warm there now and she's rubbing it in.
Nice cool drinks on the patio anyone?

Janet - Shabbyfufu. Janet has the most beautiful store. I've visited via computer. I sure wish I was closer to Florida. Janet's as sincere and sweet as the day is long. I love any chance I can get to chat with her, be it blogging or shopping. Your heart will be warmed here.

Roberta - Tresor Trouve. You can learn something new almost every day at Roberta's. She's a kick. She will strike up a conversation on the spot and is so, so fun. She has a beautiful sense of style too - and happens to love french things which doesn't hurt one bit.

Penny@Lavender Hill Studio. Penny's in beautiful North Carolina. She creates the most mind blowing mosaics. You have to see to believe what this kind, artist can do with a broken piece of china - works of art and always a wonderfully sweet word to share.

Connie - Magnolia Street Style. Connie is a flea-market queen. She's gone to estate sales, flea markets, you name it. Almost every weekend she shares her finds with all of us bloggers lucky enough to have found her. Connie is special to me, she put out a friendly hand when I first started blogging and stopped by and said hello. Check her blog out, hopefully you can catch
her before the weekend estate sales!

Lidy - French Garden House. Because she's Lidy and she's genuine and what Lidy says Lidy means. She's one of the kindest souls I've met in a very long time and she's made a lot of people very happy this week. This isn't abnormal for her, she's always happy to give an uplifting comment on a stressful or blue day with such love and sincerity.

And back to Jo-Anne, such a beautiful place, you'll see the candle that started out as one ~ Burning brightly in her lovely "home" a gift from her friend Suzy.

This has been such a blessed week for me and I'm so happy
be part of this community.
Go on your way little candle to all these kind souls.
Burn strong and bright all over the world.

Happy Weekend, we're off to where the
Redwoods meet the Ocean
~ahhh to smell the salt air and feel the ocean mist~

Just wanted to add, I've met Suzy over the last couple of days
and she's a real delight, hope you'll go visit too!



Mandii said...

Thanks for the warm Candle wishes Gorgeous one!! What drink would ya like??? he he he sorry to rub it in!! Actaully it's kinda chilly here today, great for painting furniture though!! YAY Im slowly clearing the garage!

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Thank you so much, friend, for the kind words. I could say "right back at you!" ~ you are such a blessing to know. I love the candle, and will share it along, too.
xo Lidy

Shabbyfufu said...

How sweet dear Tracie...just like you. It has been my treat to get to know you recently~a woman of intelligence, enthusiasm, sincerity, compassion and a great eye as well. Thank you for thinking of me~XO~ Janet

A Romantic Porch said...

Tracie, What beautiful tributes to your friends. How kind and thoughtful you are! I will enjoy looking at their blogs! Have a fun day;)

NAME: CIELO said...

My dear sweet Tracie, what a treasure YOU are.... Day by day you give a stranger one of your smiles. You might never know this, but there are some to whom your smiles will be the only thing they will see all day...

Blessings to you, my sweet friend!


Cathy said...


Thank you for leaving such a wonderful post on my blog. I am thrilled to pieces to have gone to your blog and read about all your favorite and talented ladies. I adore them too!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Tracie thank you so much for this lovely warm special blessing candle! I am so honored to be included in the wonderful blogs you have chosen!

You are so special I am glad that Jo-anne (who is a wonderful person and amazing artist!) chose you!

Suzy said...

Hi Tracie,
I am so glad that you stopped by; you are very welcome to our cottage any time.
This is what I like about blogging - is that you can find so many wonderful, interesting, inspiring, creative and sweet people with the same interest. I am glad we have something in common. Love your place I don't know how I didn't see your blog earlier. So charming.
Have fun at the beach!


hey toots, You chose some awesome ladies to receive the award. You all deserve it so much.

Big Hugs,
Shann xo

Suzy said...

Oh Tracie,
I agree that Meg always get the cutest houses. I like the little book store she had and my personal favorite is the farm that they got on the end in the French kiss. I am a country girl, well actually I am not but I could easily picture myself there - Provence or any other beautiful country place.


Suzy said...

It is meant to be, how lovely. I wish you a nice day too and a nice watching!


Enchanted Treasures said...

Tracie, You are a DearHeart!
So encouraging and your kind words are like honey for the soul. Thanks!
Blessings, Roberta

Pam Aries said...

How sweet! And what a wonderful tribute to all your friends! I hjave made some of the BEST friends in Bloggerville! Several of us are finally going to meeet in person in April! ..I have a feeling you are going to be a good cyber pal too!

avalonrosedesign said...

Hi Tracie,

I can't believe I missed this! I'm so sorry! Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it! You're a doll!


Tracie said...

To Sweet Cathy-
I can believe you missed this one.
You went on vacation and came home to over 300 emails! Everyone loves you, you talented lady.