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February 10, 2008

Mostly Happy Days!

Sunday Evening at My Petite Maison

This was Happy Weekend
Zeke (after his walk!)

Happy Weekend 
Buttercup, just because she's a cat
and can do whatever she wishes...

I Could Not Get a Happy Giles, he's on his way
Outside - It was a bbbluuurrr his running...
~ ~ ~
And Absolutely No Happy Weekend for Our Daughter,
the flu bug
Made Itself at Home with her this Weekend
And Tomorrow's a School Holiday~ boo hoo!

She Makes the Most Wonderful Patient
Just Like Her Mom...

Hoping everyone had a Glorious Weekend~
I had the Windows and Doors
Open Saturday & Sunday
~ Oooh, the breeze throughout the house ~

(The Beach on Friday was Fantastic, hope to post pictures
in between treatments!  
And I found a beautiful old long wicker table, it's still in the back of my car.)

Did I hear Someone say they want their Mommy? (In between
phone calls to her friends?)

-Knew I had to made this one quick ~ Stay Healthy!

xoxo, Tracie


A Romantic Porch said...

Well Tracie, That flu is something else. It bites hard. However, it looks like you found joy in the midst of it all. I LOVE your pets! And can't wait to see the picture of the table. Having your windows open for the breeze sounds heavenly! It's 11 degrees and WINDY here!

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello Sweet Tracie! So sorry to here about your daughter. I hope she is well on her way to recovery today. So glad you had refreshing weekend. I need one of those! I'm still feeling so blessed by my candle! Thank you again!!


Dona said...

Ohhhh, I hope you all are feeling ok. Once one comes home with it, everyone gets it. Try to stay well.



Awww Tracie, no good feeeling icky and poohey blah is it. Rest up and tell those lil nasty germs to rack off.

Look at Miss Buttercup there....typical cat but oh so sweet.

Normally id say Bye, Big Hugs...but not today..i dont want ya germs, so no hugs !! LOL