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March 26, 2008

You Make My Day ~ Thank You!

Life is a Cabaret ~
Whoops, I mean Merry-go-Round!

Siobhan at Vintage Mosaic Boutique passed this on to me,
and I am so pleased to call her
a creative influence,
kind soul - AND - friend
from the beginning...

I'm a little behind on things in my life, but will get a round to it when
the time falls into place... so finally, here I go, passing it along!

I want to share the first places and special people I love to visit
each morning before I walk with my beloved pooch, Zeke!
They make my day special getting up and around
have something special to share~


Suzy - Wild Rose Cottage (Kindred Meg Ryan Spirit and so, so much more!)

LeAnn - Pink Icing on the Cake (My shopping buddy in MY DREAMS)
-and why didn't the rest of us think of that name for our blog?

Cielo, The House in the Roses (Inspirational, Loving, Poetic, Beautiful Soul)

Rachel - A Romantic Porch (Always a Post to Think About and...
Kind, Kind, Kind ~ Randy Travis says "hey"!)

Sarah - Gypsy Mermaid (Always a kick with a get up and go attitude
and "look at my art" which is beautiful by the way!)

Coll - Coll's Garden (She makes me laugh and she shares
"our" actor love - Alan Rickman - and we don't like spiders much!)

Lisa and Alfie- of The Pickled Hutch (I love Lisa and her shop, but
Zeke loves Alfie ~ Lisa and Alfie always have kind things
to say... maybe we'll make it down there this weekend - I hope so!

...And, Siobhan you so made my day when you passed this on to me.

xoxo, Tracie


Suzy said...

Thank you my friend!
I love these awards, they bring a big smile and joy to my life but when it comes from you, my kindred spirit - it means a world to me.
You make my day shinny and bright each day too.

Love, Suzy

A Romantic Porch said...

Tracie, Oh how sweet of you dear friend. I'm so honored that you would think of me in this way, to give me the award. Yes life is a merry go round. That carousel is unbelievable. Isn't it a "2 story" one? So beautiful. I would love to ride it with my daughter. Tracie, again, thank you so much. NOW you have made my day, and I'm smiling, see! Love,Rachel


aww sweetpea you chose some gorgeous gals to pass that sweet award on to. AND YOU DESERVE IT TOO !
Oh that Merry Go Round.....makes me think of pretty pink ponies and unicorns......

Luv Ya

shann xo

Siobhan said...

Hello Sweetie, You deserve the award more than you will ever know!
I am so blessed to call you a friend!
Siobhan xo

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

Hey Tracie,
I would love to see you this weekend if you get a chance. I have some news but I'll email it directly to you.
Love to Zeke,
Lisa & Alfie

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Tracie, Tracie, Tracie,

You are without a doubt the sweetest friend a person could ask for. Thank you so much but you must know you make me smile everyday when I read your blog and your posts. I love to sit down with my cup of coffee and go on your blog. I have an idea, instead of me shipping my yard sale items to you, how about I throw them in my car and come visit ya. hehe!! I've always wanted to come to California (that is where you live isn't it)??? Anyway I am wishing you a wonderfully blessed and happy day!

LeAnn :)

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

What a beautful blog you have. I am in on the bling your birdhouse party and am finding all kinds of wonderful blogs to visit today. I am the new kid to blogging and the wide web world! Please visit my blog if you get a chance. I am trying to build a network of some lovely blogging buddies. Have a happy day- Sheri

Angela said...

I love the double decker carousel :-).
Have a wonderful day!

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

P.S. Knock, knock, is anyone home. Oh Tracie sweets, I need you to stop by today.

LeAnn :)

CIELO said...

Thank you, sweet friend! I'm so honored... my heart sings when I hear I made someone happy!

Blessings to you on this beautiful day...


CIELO said...

Thank you, sweet friend! I'm so honored. My heart sings when I hear I made someone happy!

YOU are so special!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Tracie!
Congrats on the award. You make my day when ever I visit you or you come to visit me :-)

ceekay said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have seen yours a few times while blog crusing. I hope to hear from you again.

Gypsy Mermaid said...

aww thanks!! hehe get up and go attitude!I diffently have been doing that! I finished your charm braclet today!! yippie! so I will have that postal soon! Hugs!


Shabbyfufu said...

Dear deserve the award sweetie, you make so many happy with your lovely words:-). Thank you again so much for the card...~XO~Janet

Rue said...

Hi Tracie :)

So nice to meet you! I'm from California too (born and raised), but now I'm in Ohio. Your blog is beautiful. I'll definitely be back :)

Thank you so much for coming by!
Have a great night,
Rue :)