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April 16, 2008

Getting Up, Getting Out There Early!

Okay, I don't when it actually happened~
But it's been weeks, yes weeks since I've gotten out there
and worked up a sweat! But I've been following
Giles example (it's all his fault) way too much lately!

I walk with Zeke (short walks, he's not exactly a workout
kind of guy!)

I'm missing looking through the antique store windows
in my town before they even open...

So, starting tomorrow, I'm up early and looking
through those many windows and then (hopefully!)
walking home just as fast as I can to get ready and shop...

I feel like a slug, so I'm getting out and moving, moving, moving~
I did walk to get my hair done today, but that was only
about seven blocks from my house... see what I mean?

So, here I come, you antique shops (while the door's are closed!)

What do you do to make yourself not feel like a slug~
and get motivated to move like a beautiful butterfly?

Anyone care to join me for some
very brisk window shopping?

xoxo, Tracie


Shabbyfufu said...

A little cuppa Jo always helps to get me moving in the wee hrs of the morn. Then just getting out in the fresh air and sunshine and taking time to smell the air and listen to the songbirds. Love all of your posts Tracie! ~XO~ Janet

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

I feel the same way lately. I am trying to get out and walk but so far I only went once last week but after my sale is over, the party's over, I am going to walk at least 4to 5 times a week. I don't like feeling like a slug!!! So count me in on the window shopping.

LeAnn :)

Brook said...

Walking sounds great and the best place is at the antique malls or shops. I'll be walking tomorrow looking for plates.
I sure like that wagon! Lucky lady!
I want one too!


Donna Lynn said...

Dearest Tracie,
Thanks so much for visiting me today! I have been walking 2 1/2 miles a day now for 380 days in a row! I have lost 25 lbs. and over 22" off of me, head to toe! I get up everyday and no matter what I get out there, it rains, snows, sleets and hails on me, but I walk anyway! Remember it takes 21 days to form a new habit, keep up the good work!!!! As I come up the last big hill, I am sweating and breathing hard I think about my espresso machine waiting for me like a beacon! COFFEE, COFFEE,I hear it calling out to me and by some wonderful miracle I make it home each time...
It sounds like you live where you can combine two things, shopping and excercise, what could be more fun then that? You are very blessed! Well come visit again, talk to you soon,
Donna Lynn

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

Thankfully, my little Alfie is a big walker and I feel guilty if I don't give him a decent walk after being cooped up all day at the store. So I would have to say Alfie, no, guilt, no, Alfie gets me motivated.
Lisa & Alfie

Suzy said...

My dear friend get ready I am with you - windows here we come!!!
I always have some "good" excuses for not moving as a butterfly. Sometimes I think my grandmother is more active than me!!! I really should use walking as a stress relief and a way to forget about problems.

Send you hugs and smiles, Suzy

Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

good morning tracie...
as i sit on my bum with coffee in hand LoL!! i've been walking all week (in my mind) we've had gorgeous days and I want to get up & out hopefully today that will happen ... i always get sucked in by the huge piles of laundry here LoL!!
have fun window shopping ;o)

Gail McCormack said...

My get up and go is taking Guss for a walk after dinner, it's dark and usually cool, we alternatively run and walk between street lights, we come home puffed out but relaxed and full of fresh night air! We do this 6 nights out of 7, even if it's raining we take the umbrella and wear coats

Glenda said...

A cup of tea and getting out of the house walking around to thrift shops and antique shops or garden shops.
I don't have any shops around town to walk by and window shop so I have to do the real thing.
Or, just get off my butt and work around the house.

Happy walking

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello Sweet girl! Love, love, love that garden cart!! Hope you're having a Beautiful Day!

Brenda Kula said...

I would certainly join you and browse if I were close enough to! But take some photos while you walk and share with the rest of us. It's spring. Plants are awakening. So are the rest of us. So just pace yourself.

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Sorry I didn't make it today, you know the whole yard sale thing......I hope you got to walk today and that you truly enjoyed it. Maybe next time I can go with you.

LeAnn :)

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Oh and one more thing, please stop back.....I need something from you.

LeAnn :)

Siobhan said...

Hello Tracie!
I really have lost my motivation today...I think I need your help! :)
The clothes needed to be folded yet im sitting here??? Hmm???
Can I come shopiing with you? Will you wait till I get there? lol

Siobhan xo

Donna Lynn said...

Tracie, glad I could help inspire you! You have to come read todays post it has to do with this same subject... ;)
Hugs, Donna Lynn

Jen r. said...

I am always up for window shopping! :) thanks for stopping by for a visit!
Jen R

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Tracie!
Thank you for your mail, and sweet comment. I´m about to send you an e-mail...almost done with the translation (rhubarb pie) for you.
Oh what a lovely photo! It looks nice in that vintage style..and Zeke is so cute!
Big hug my dear blogfriend

Suzy said...

Hi my friend,
I have enjoyed our walk. Just wanted to say hello and to wish you a sweet weekend!


Linda's Blue Gate said...

I would love to walk and see the sights.... but I would love it even more if Zekes would come along.. I just love his kind furry face..

CIELO said...

Feeling like a slug, not getting out and moving... OK, got the solution: Bake a cake and send me a photograph! :)

Come visit the house in the roses for we are having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!

Have a lovely day, lovely Tracy...


Gypsy Mermaid said...

Hey cupcake!! :) I have missed reading your wonder blog! I am here today to write everyone and tell them hello and I have missed them! I wish we could trade places I wanna feel sluggish! I am soo tired from my new job haha I would do anything to just lay around which I plan to do must of been known by God because he sent rain!! perfect weather to be lazy in! but when I dont wanna be a slug I just get up and get a drpepper and put some cute clothes on and go SHOPPING!! hehe usually at the local antique shoppes and make way to the next town who has craft stores and I get big time inspired and come home and create!! Hope it helps and I would soo come and shop wit ya even take Boo Lily with me so her and Zeke could play while we were out! Hugs!!


Rue said...

Actually looking at beautiful blogs like yours gets me motivated :) After I'm done posting I look around at a few and I'm up and running... cleaning, arranging... oh, wait... did you mean as far as exercise? Um, well...

I'm so glad you liked the chicken :) That was some weight off my shoulders! I hope you like the other chicken and rice too.

Have a great day today Tracie!!

rue :)

PS... notice my avoidance of exercise? I'm pretty good at that huh? ;)

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Tracie, I LOVE to walk, and of course try not to trip I'm looking at stuff so intently. Well why not exercise and enjoy the view at the same time. Right? I'll walk with you, OK?! Love, Rachel

Sharon said...

Wow! Will you motivate me~ of course if I had that scenary ~ I would be walking too. ~Sharon@C'est Chouette

Connie said...

I used to walk when I had my dog Max and I felt great. Now 6 years and 15 pounds later, I need inspiration. We only have one antique store in town, with big windows, that I can peek into, but we have some beautiful flower gardens that I can enjoy.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello there :) Nice to meet you. I love sure do notice things that you don't when you are driving past them!

fifi said...

Everything looks beautiful! Can you email me pictures of your home?? Would love to see more.