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April 6, 2008

Green Acres~ Now Bloom... Pretty Please...

Walked around very late Sunday evening~
Quiet ~ Not getting dark until almost 8 p.m.
Heard a train roll across town~ so long since we heard that sound...

So Peaceful ~ Sundays ~
Troubadour Singing... Old Beatles songs
the lovely old neighborhood...

She goes round & round like the sweet breeze of happiness~

Did I mention I'm a Green Acres fan? This was a Mother's Day gift
quite a few years back ~ I love it Dahhling!
Everything is Green, but we're still waiting, waiting...
for things to bloom~
kind of patiently, kind of!

See Zeke's waiting for something to bloom!

We had a dog go by and bark and bark at the cats,
Zeke didn't like it much

but it only took a couple of boofs - the cats don't even move since
they make the rules. Zeke's their "protector"
so they don't even get up~

This is the little greenhouse, the cats jump over it to get
inside of the gate...
once had an angry possum try to get over, he didn't make it over
he was quite angry out here in the "country" though
(he's okay, put back into the wild with family, oops, I mean she!)

Geraniums are about the only thing blooming right now...

I've always loved succulents - my grandma always had them around
we'd look for hours at the Cactus and Hubcap City (a whole other story!)

From the french garden cart, another memory, but from Grandma T.

A little basket hanging on the fence...

And my favorite, lost one last year and my husband
surprised me with two new angel trumphets~
I love them. Only one has started to bloom now
but the smell is wonderful at night!

Happy Week, I still have some Spring cleaning to do
(I cheated, took Friday - Sunday off! - ssshhh!)
and I have some goodies to show you from darling
Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid (yes, they are still wrapped)...
am I the only one that likes to keep pretty parcels wrapped
and open them days later? I gaze over at them
just knowing they're waiting just for me!

xoxo, Tracie


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Tracie, so sorry I have visited for a while, where does the time go?? Would love to pop over for a visit and sit out on your front verandah and watch the world go by.... How relaxing!
Alicia :0)
PS. you are so right about our Dads, that does make me smile, both of them sharing a few stories over a drink! You are most welcome to take a copy of the poem also, dear friend.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

GREAT post! I love it! I love that sign, and the dog waiting for spring!

Thanks for the inspiration! And for joining in the Spring Fluffing game! :-)

Happy spring,

CIELO said...

Lovely garden.... I'm with you in sentiments...spring fever is getting higher! :) Last evening, like you, I was out in my garden checking out for spring's heralds, for some life.... not too much though... but I'm so ready! I posted about it!

Have a great day, sweetie!


CIELO said...

I just left a message, but don't know if it went through... Was just commenting on your lovely garden and spring fever! :)

Have a great day,


Angela said...

I love your garden sign :-). I'm so ready for my goodies to bloom too. Green Acres is a wonderful show :-). I watch it on Tvland every day.

Fete et Fleur said...

It's so wierd how we think alike sometimes. I just took a bunch of pictures of my front Garden. It's a bit of a mess right now, but there are some things blooming. I'll post picutres later this week. Are you going to be a part of Lori's doll challenge?

I think it's going to be fun.

Have a Beautiful Day Friend!

Brenda Kula said...

I'm so glad to see signs of spring in your yard. Isn't it a wonderful sight to behold? This morning I was outside with a neighbor, watching the birds and the honey bees and all of nature heralding the arrival of the season. I love springtime!

Michelle said...

Your garden sign is so cute! I loved Green Acres too..

Good for you for taking the weekend off~the cleaning will always be there, but you might miss a bloom if you don't take some time to explore.


Siobhan said...

Hello my friend,
I so love your posts...they are so calm and relazing. Just beautiful!
I love your geraniums, I just planted some myself in pots last week for colour.
p.s. I think my emails are not working again...can you give me a bell? I want to send you some pics of you know what! :)

Angie(quillysilly) said...

What a lovely blog! I just came across it this evening and fell in love with your luscious photos...And your darling Zeke (is he part Great Pyrenes?? It seems I see that around his loving eyes..) looks like he is enjoying every outdoor moment! I will be back to visit soon...Angie

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Is your dog a Great Pyreness? They are such gentle giants.... we have always wanted one.
Love your succulents.. they always look fresh

A Romantic Porch said...

Tracie, I loved this posting. And beautiful cozy ZEKE, just a few boofs, and the world is under control. I love it! Love,Rachel

Suzy said...

Hi my friend!

I love your garden and your sign. There is something adorable about little signs. I also think that awaiting the explosion of blooms is also very fulfilling and brings lot of joy.
Enjoy your garden and your week.

Love Suzy

Gypsy Mermaid said...

heyya!! love your garden! how in the world did you get that succulent that big? the one that has the little balls that drapes? mine lasted one summer then just never came back? sniff I loved that plant. I found that the succulants love my moss so I go grab some off the trees in the front yard and use that around them! I was hopeing you had opened your presents! well off to do some craften!!


Tracie said...

That's what I'm doing this afternoon, opening the presents! You know how I love to wait...

Linda said...

Hi Tracie, I love your garden gate with the cute sign. Enjoyed the garden brought back memories. When I was little and we visited friends for dinner afterwards we walk around their garden and look at all the pretties. My granma would always get slips for our yard and I like doing that too. In your first picture of the wild onions (I call them dewdrops, much sweeter) I have some too and they are slips from a friends yards. I love them...they always remind me of happy times and my friends.
I'm glad you enjoyed your garden this weekend...hugs, Linda

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hello sweets!!
I love Green Acres too but more than that I am so corny, I love Petticoat Junction. I had their paperdolls. Boy am I dating myself. Oh well, I am 50 and proud of it!!! Are you have a wonderful day on this Tuesday? I have loads to do and here I am still blogging and it's afternoon. I have got to get motivated. Dust awaits....

LeAnn :)

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Okay, I was just on Siobhan's website and saw the birdhouse you ordered from her. Now is that for me, your dear dear blog friend? You shouldn't have...LOL!!

LeAnn :)

NeereAnDear said...

Oh my goodness Tracie... gorgeous garden... puts mine to shame... one I get my back on track ... I should be able to get mine in full swing... its planned out and I have some fabulous veggies waiting to be planted... just waiting for the date when they can be put in the ground safely



Lola Enchanted said...

I love your garden sign! Tres' Magnifique!

Rue said...

Hi Tracie :)

Oh how I wish I had even a little green! The only thing that seems to be growing is the grass and that's still kind of brown... yuck! I loved looking at all your garden pictures (gorgeous yard!!), but my favorite part of the post is Zeke waiting for the garden to bloom ;)

That sign is too funny! My mom had a farmhouse in Virginia and before we restored it, we named it Green Acres. I drew her a picture of the house and even wrote the words to the song on it then had it framed for her. She has since moved to AZ, but she still has the picture :)

Anyway, have a good night sweetie,
rue :)

Brook said...

Beautiful plants and post. I just love geraniums and want some now. The porch looks so inviting!! Have a beautiful week!


daisy cottage said...

Hi Tracie!
What an adorable sign and lovely garden! I hope you had a wonderful day - thank you for sharing such lovely inspiration!


Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

Thank you for the peek into your garden ~ so very beautiful and I just love your garden shed!!!