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April 8, 2008

Sweet Sarah~ Just Ask Any Mermaid...

A wonderful parcel arrived last weekend~
from Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid

She had a wonderful giveaway...

Look at all these goodies~ Just waiting for me to open!
How I love presents... Who doesn't?

All the beauties, my favorite colors too~
There are so many lovelies Sarah gifted to me
Just look!
Don't you love the Bingo card?
This brings back so many memories...

Blue Nest Girl (I purchased this from Sarah's etsy shop
so sparkly sweet, this is already in our daughter's room, hmm.. sneaky!)

The beautiful charm bracelet was made just for me (see the T?)
Sarah, had a drawing for her very own birthday ~
Sweet Gypsy Mermaid Sarah

Thank you, Sarah for picking my name
and for becoming a new friend!

Isn't this beautiful? A star, Amour heart, T, button,
pastel birds everywhere, snail (my escargot!), rose,
straw bonnet and a beautiful cross ~ I could go on and on
Oh, and sparkles everywhere!

Thank you, Sarah - you made my week!




Oh thankgoodness you finally opened it! It was driving me crazy..the drama, the suspense...i couldnt take much more ! LOL.
And holy toledo batman look at all the sparkly and pretty goodness. That bracelet is just too sweet. You lucky gal. Sarah is so clever and talented..luv her to bits.

I bet you are Happy Dancing all over the place.

Luv Shann xo

A Romantic Porch said...

Tracie,Those items are so beautiful. I'm so glad you won them. I am amazed that you look at your packages for a while before opening them. I can't do that I don't think. I should try and see, just never thought of it. Hhhmmm, you've challenged me! Love,Rachel

Suzy said...

Oh, I love that charm bracelet, very beautiful. When I was very young my mother had a bracelet with only few charms but I was always amazed how they made it so small. Ever since than I am searching for a similar one.
I am so glad you received such nice gifts - great!
Hugs Suzy

Miss.Maddie's said...

What a delightful group of treats. I'm sure you're inspired already.You can sit on the front porch, Zeke at your feet, listening to the pitter patter of a gentle rain as you create. Enjoy!

Rue said...

Oh! What cuteness Tracie!! That bracelett is so charming (no pun intended ) LOL Seriously, everything is sooo cute :)

That was so sweet of your hubby to get you that CD! Oh and I hope you like the chicken... I always get nervous when someone cooks something of mine. Ahhhhh! Will they like it? (insert nail biting here)

Enjoy your new lovelies!
rue :)

Linda said...

What darling treasures. I love, love your charm bracelet. Linda

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

I can't believe you waited so long to open it, now that is patience. I guess I can't share the bracelet because there is a T instead of an L. Oh well....What a sweet package Sarah put together. Hope you had a good day darlin, I went to TJ, Marshalls and Homegoods.

LeAnn :)

Gypsy Mermaid said...

Oh you opened them!GOODie!! I am soo glad you loved them! Maybe all those goodie will inspire you to start creating! I know you will make beautiful things! I am soo glad you love the charm bracelet! I had such fun making it for you! I think I am going to start doing custom ones for people I already got a order!! yippie! hehe
well hun I am off to create tiaras and wands haha! hugs!


Tracie said...

Yes, Sarah -
You should do custom orders. I wore the bracelet today out to lunch and I got noticed because of it. Maybe I'll wear it everyday...
I will email you Sarah, but I need some of your business cards. I ended up getting the lady's email address so I could send her your link.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

LOve that bracelet .... it is sooooo cute... won't you be just a dangling when you wear it... mighty pretty

Sabii Wabii said...

My name begins with "T" also....How about sharing the bracelet? It is way too cute!!! How fun to get such great gifts! I cleaned my garage this weekend...Hummmm, it looks nothing like the pic you showed!