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May 27, 2008

Do You Hear It?

The ocean that is...

I've got the itch ~ got to get to the beach soon~

Started taking all my chippy white, cream and grey
items out over the weekend~

I can hear the ocean calling me,
just a quick drive over
and then a bucket full of seashells away~

I'm going to get some more for my collection
soon I hope~

Summer's on the way...

Do you have that feeling yet?

Happy Week!

xoxo, Tracie


CIELO said...

Ahhhh, the ocean! Can you take me with you? Early, tomorrow morning maybe? We'll see you then! :)

Have a lovely day, sweetie....


Suzy said...

OH yes I have a feeling of summer, since we have some real tropical temperature. It would be much easier if we had a nice blue ocean to cool off, but nothing.... just heat.


Lisa & Alfie Wilson said...

Hmmmmm.....I know where you could go!
I am feeling the same way Tracie. All the window dressings wide open, sunshine pouring in, all the white linens out, white, light, bright.
Love Lisa & Alfie

Rue said...

Hi Tracie :)

I miss the beach so much! Tell the ocean I said "hi old friend" :)

We just started getting spring, so summer is still in the distance, but I can feel it coming....

Have a beautiful day my sweet friend.

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, I wish I were close to the ocean! I want to collect seashells so bad.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...


Did you get to go to Healdsburg Antique Faire this weekend ?. I did not even know there was one until, my girlfriend and I decided we needed to get out and she wanted to show me their downtown. And what a surprise to run into the faire. Bought a couple of things. It was a great day with beautiful weather to go with it.
Glad I was able to inspire you with my kitchen redo


The Old Painted Cottage said...

Tracie, we had planned on going to the beach all weekend long, but the grumpy weather had other plans for us. Oh well, there's always next weekend.


Lisa & Alfie Wilson said...

Hi Again!
No, it is sunny with a breeze but its my day off so I am writing about San Francisco. Get those candles out girl!
Lisa & Alfie who sends hugs back to buddy Zeke

Brook said...

Lucky you!!!


Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Tracie!

I love the ocean and the beach too..the sand, seashells and everything you can find on the´s lovely!

I´m going to the beach this weekend, hope to find something nice there :)

I love your makes me long for my summevacation..I hope we can go to Greece this summer too..I love the Greek beaches and the turquoise color of the water..

I hope you will have a beautiful day, take care my dear blogfriend!


Siobhan said...

Sweetie, I wish I had that feeling of summer coming, its winter here in Melbourne, Australia so we have the heater on and the extra blankets out. I wish I could go to the beach with you! :)

Siobhan xo

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Tracie,
Hope Zeke gets to go with you to the beach, my dogs love romping on the sand! You reminded me how close we are to the beach, just a skip from my house...ummm, maybe 5 min. down the hill! When you live so close you tend to forget to go...

Hope you are having a beautiful week so far! Thanks so much for your precious words of encouragement on my BFF moving away, I miss her so much already!


Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hi Tracie,
Funny you should post about this. I spent yesterday summerizing my accessories and making the house feel breezier (is that a word???). I love seashells and I bought some starfish yesterday and some sand and made a centerpiece in a hurricane. Not so unique I know but I painted my starfish pink and blue.....oooooh!!!!! so pretty! Please collect some shells for me. Maybe we could ride our bikes to the ocean and pick some up together in our little vintage buckets. Have a wonderful day. So happy to hear from you.


A Romantic Porch said...

I do have the summer feeling...wish I could walk the beach with you. The lazy days of summer...aahhh!xorachel

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Hi Tracie..
Thanks for the sweet comments about Pid. We gave the poor guy a proper burial last night. In my rose garden,is that proper? Anyway..when we look out the dining room(his spot) we can see his place of rest:)
I will be at the beach F
Friday with hubby. A nice break before the Summer and the whirlwind of kids and family vacation.
Are you visiting the Beach soon?

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Ooooh, yes I can. We live near the Gulf of Mexico, but hardly ever make it over to the beach! They say you can tell the people who LIVE in Florida from the ones who visit. We are the ones with NO TANS! Your post makes me want to grab my beach chair for some seriously needed chill time! Happy weekend! xoxo ~ Joy

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

The ocean in NC where I live is about 6 hours from here. I am hoping to be on the coast late summer or early fall. I am going to Florida in a few weeks and will spend time on the beach then....

Marina Capano said...

Hi Tracie! NICE POST! I love see.
Do you know Patagonia? I nivite to know in my new post! BY FOR NOW!

Myrna said...

Ahhh, beautiful post--beautiful blog! Just a couple of years ago I was 20 min from the beach, now I'm 2 hours away!!
Love your blog--look forward to coming again!
I'm new to blogging...come visit sometime!

gail said...

Hi Tracie,, thank you for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful page. I see all of your pets too. Sooo cute. I would love to add you to my links to visit again... have a great day, Gail

Jen r. said...

HI Tracie, I have you entered in my drawing! Good Luck! :)
Jen R

Siobhan said...

Hey sweetie, I hope you are enjoying yourself down at the beach finding lots of pretty shells to add to your collection.

Siobhan xo

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

OOOOOh tracie I wish, we have to get through winter yet and its very very cold on the top of our mountain!!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Linda said...

I know the wonderful feeling your talking about. Love the ocean...everthing about it. Hope you get there soon, maybe this weekend. Hugs, Linda

Alice W. said...

So dreamy! My favorite colors too!

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Would love to go to the beach with you. Stay tuned, thinking about quitting my job, it's just too much. I'll be waiting for ya.

P.S. Is there room enough for Jackson too?

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh - I've had that same itch lately! OF course, here in the Midwest, there's no ocean. But Summers here mean watermelon parties and kids and no homeschool (yay) and late nights on the back porch and... oh, I just love Summer! =) Blessings.. Polly

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Tracie,
Just checking in to see how your weekend went, hope you had some great weather! We have dreary and cold...

Donna Lynn

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Tracie~
This becons me too! I love the ocean and all of it's wonderful treasures!What a lovely display~
xxxooo Ruth