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July 11, 2008

Preparation Begins ~ La Préparation Commence!

I will be-bopping around~ this weekend!

I'm on my way now to pick up Pearl and Suzy~

They're going to help me with me errands,
getting ready to celebrate En français
For Bastille Day~
So hope my vintage "borrowed" automobile
makes it around to the fromagerie, patisserie... Gee and
wherever else we decide to go - spur of the moment,
here we go!

Hang on ladies, I'm on my way!

Wishing everyone a Happy, Happy Weekend
What are your plans?
See you Monday for the festivities (Vive la France!)


Suzy said...

:o)) I guess I had to much to drink or this heat is just too much for me. Of course sweetie I will help you to prepare for this sweet holiday. Viva la France!!

Suzy said...

Okay of we go! This is going to be so much fun - our first shopping!


Linda said...

Enjoy the celebration...have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday we're going to the WX Antique it. Hugs, Linda

Brenda Kula said...

My plans are just to sidestep renovation messes. Can't train these men to put the one toilet lid down! Running around putting the lid down, I guess. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Oh, I want my bathroom back!
xoxo, Brenda

andrea said...

Bonjour..comment ca vas?? J'adore vous blog?? comprendez vous?? je parlez francaise une petit pois?? anyway.. an aussie trying to your anytbing french...probably made a fool of myself..but c'est la vie!! cheers andrea


Happy cool weekend Tracie and Zeke! We'll be working but thinking of you jetting around in your stylish borrowed wheels.
Lisa & Alfie

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello Tracy, thank you sooooo much for leaving a comment on my blog... You are a very sweet lady!
You are right, I suppose I just have to start all over again and enjoy the fun while doing it!
I love your blog you have a great sense of humor.
I will come often, specially when in need of something to cheer me up.
I know I will find it here!
Kisses Kisses

Pearl said...

uhh~ohhhh... I just got out of bed a few minutes ago and am not even close to being ready! ~yawns~ Just let yourselves in when y'all get here, Sweetie... I will be in the shower... ugh, just sooooooo tired... I call dibs on the backseat! LOL ...ok, I am off to get ready...


Tracie said...

Hey Pearl,
I've thrown a huge down pillow in the back for you ;)

NeereAnDear said...




Ali said...

Oh thanks for stopping by to let me know you like Sherri's new design hon, that was very thoughtful. Couldn't have worked with a cuter girl hey? She is a little bit on the adoreable side. ox lovely to meet you. ox Ali

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Qui, qui Bastille jour.
Nous voir alors.

I don't know if I said this correct or not. It's been a long time since I took Francais.

au revoir

Pearl said...

~lifting my head from the yummy down pillow on the back seat and peeking out the window~

Hey Tracie... where are we?! LOL

Whatever it is we're doing, I sure hope we are having a blast! Thinking of you, Sweetie and hoping you're staying cool... God bless...