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July 10, 2008

When the Girls Get Together & Talk Shopping

Hey, I'm going to a Party~
Hurry, hurry, hurry (that's me!)

Well, I'm so excited - I take off running! Who needs keys?
Hey, I see the car of my dreams
down the street parked under a big tree
(perfect, since we're having a heat wave...)

It's got racing stripes, it's the right color and it's vintage!
I can just imagine myself driving down the road in Europe
~this car
with Zeke, of course!

So, zip - off I go, in the vintage car!

I look in the rear view mirror and see Giles, he's pondering -
"What the heck is she doing?"

Off to the store I go, bye bye Giles!

Okay, I'm back - that little car is so fast,
I think it's the racing stripes (not the caffeine...)

I just put it back and left a sweet little thank you note
(just in case they missed it ;)

These are my favs - Just for the Party
(this stuff is great in the heat packed with ice)

Limonata and diet Coke (I like half and half myself)

Please help yourself, here's more than enough for everyone
Reserves are in the ice packed cooler.

The Kool-Aid is for Pearl
(sorry, Pearl - but I picked my favorites
as a kid... hope you like these flavors too)

And here's what I've brought for us~
Asian salad with my secret dressing
~it has a kick, hope you like fish sauce,
if not, you'll want
to go try someone else's dish instead of mine
(ah, come on be brave!)

It's delicious, if I say so myself!

Now, aren't you glad I raced that vintage automobile
to the store and back so fast?

And look at this! Last, but not least~
Look what Rue's giving away...

The best thing is I am giving it to everyone on my sidebar
just as Rue did, another best thing is "there are no rules" ;)
and I love all of your blogs and I thank you for sharing
your dreams with me - Oh to Blog Love!
I'm going to ask the troubadour to make up a song about it ;)

Happy Weekend!


Siobhan said...

Oh Tracie, What a day...I can just see you in that vintage car driving down the road bipping like mad, drinking Limonata and Diet Coke with Zeke hanging out the other window.

That Asian Salad looks YUMMY...hmmmm!!! Thanks for sharing.

Siobhan xo

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hi Tracie,
I will definitely have some of that delicious salad and that drink sounds so refreshing. I am getting caught up. I have been out of town the past few days.


Alice W. said...

I had no idea about a "hen party"! But you sure have made it look beautiful and tons of fun!

Pearl said...

Hi Tracie... Awesome post! I'm lovin' that car and cat, too! LOL ...YAY! Cherry Kool-Aid! Yum! Not so sure about that other drink thingie you brought to the party, though! LOL ...but, your Asian salad is so pretty and I will putting a big scoop of that on my plate! mmmmmmmmm! I left a message for Glenda, told her you had kinda invited me! After this message to you, I am going to do my Hen Party post! Way toooo much FUN! God bless...



Suzy said...

Okay I'll meet you at the hen party. I sounds like tons of fun.


Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

A hen party has to be fun, just the sound of it sounds fun. And I love anything Asian, fish sauce and all!

CIELO said...

Hi sweet Tracie! When and where is the Hen Party at? See you there!

Have a lovely weekend


Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Hi Tracie

You can can come anytime to the Hen Party. I love what your going to bring. Can't wait to hear the gossip your going to tell us.

Come at anytime.
Are you getting the smoke their like we are here. It's bad today.
Bring a friend to the party, that's if they have trash to talk.

Glenda the head Hen

Rosezilla said...

A hen party sounds like fun! Or, we could skip it and just ride around in the borrowed the way, glad I had a hand in amusing your dog - very important! (Isn't it great the looks our pets can give us sometimes, like "humour the crazy humans." And then we try to explain to them what we're doing so they won't think we are crazy...

Pearl said...

Hello Beautiful... I got your messages... thanks! Cannot wait to see the new hair cut... Heaven knows I need one, badly. I look like a "Ragga-Muffin", as my Mom would have said... YIKES! LOL

That poor lil putt-putt car... I will say a prayer that it holds up long enough for you to get your errands done, swing by for Suzy and then scoop me up! Landing at your Petite Maison is TOTALLY fine, fine, fine with this "chick"!! Ohhh... thanks for your DQ order, too... heheheeee, I love the "Sally" way you think! I was kinda a bit too shy to say how I want my sundae, but since you had no shame in your dairy-desires, I have decided I won't either! I'll be having my sundae with chocolate syrup (NOT hot fudge), alot of marshmallow cream, and then just the juice from the cherries! LOTS of juice! Oh I feel a tummy ache coming on... LOL

See you soon...

~hugs 'n blessings for you + the putt-putt~

Suzy said...

Well I guess I missed your fast vintage car. I am at the party, someone mentioned tequila so I don't know is it the heat or the drink, anyway I am having great time. The crowd is getting bigger, by the way where are you and Pearl?


Linda said...

Hi Tracie...I can just see you and Zeke zissing along he that cute car:).

Have a great time at the party....hey...I have the exact same key chain. Hugs, Linda


Hey Tracie,
I see you survived the heatwave intact. Isn't it sweet of the neighbors to share their little racer with you and Zeke. They must have realized how important your errands were! Sending cool winds your way.
Lisa & Alfie

Rue said...

Good morning Tracie :)

Sorry I haven't come be until now. We might have a house buyer :)

I'm too late for the salad, but I'll try that drink with the coke ;)

Thank you for spreading the love too ;)

hugs and love,