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August 18, 2008

Almost there...?

... or not

I have been away too, too long
enjoying the last days of Summer vacation, getting ready for school...

Now Blogger won't let me upload any of my pictures :( Poor Me.

I've missed you all, I even had a bouquet of roses for everyone~

So, hope you'll take me without any whistles or bells... or anything else...

I'm with you in spirit, just without any curls or makeup - but I am smiling!

xoxo, Tracie



Hi Tracie,
It seems everyone, including me, took this last week off for one reason or another. Had to do it. It's a little hard getting back in the swing of it. Hope you enjoyed your last days of summer. I can't believe how early these poor kids have to start back to school.
Love to Zeke
Lisa & Alfie

Marie Antionette said...

We'll take you anyway we can get you, XOXO back at you, Marie Antionette

Brenda Kula said...

We don't need bells and whistles with you, honey. Just you!