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August 21, 2008

That's One Great Rabbit Hole ~ Lucky Me!

Remember the Unbirthday Party
at Pearl's Sentimental Journey?

I have been so fortunate lately, my name was drawn for gifts
that Alice grabbed while falling down that Rabbit Hole...

Let me tell you, that girl has some really good hands on her
Look at all the beautiful things she managed to grab for me~
Pretty cards and every color of the rainbow wrapping too!
This is hand-written (not stamped), isn't Pearl's writing beautiful?
I was amazed, I've never seen anything so exact and perfect free hand!

A cute little butterfly above flying to it's heart's content
A busy little bee just buzzing around saying a friendly hello~


What lovelies!
I couldn't wait to try the coconut goodies and...
What's better for a francophile

than an enamel soap container? Ooh~ the old song book contains...
Sheet music for.... The Marseillaise ~ Perfect!
...And... the best, Where Does a Mother Go to Resign?
I needed that a long, long time ago ;)

It All Sounds like Fun!
Thank you for letting me share with you,
Now go see sweet Pearl if you get a moment.

~*~ Jour Heureux ~*~
Happy Day!


Pearl said...


~cheers 'n tossing confetti~

Blogger let you post! I am so tickled that you enjoyed your lil goodies, Sweetie! And, I never knew that enamel-soap-dish-lovers were called "francophile's" ... Another fun-fact-to-know to add to the list!

Have a blessedly beautiful day, my friend...

~hugs 'n love~

Rue said...

Good morning Tracie :)

I'm so glad you liked your Big Mac ;)

Pearl's giveaway is beautiful! The writing on the card is darling too.

I love that picture of Zeke with the roses :) I hope things worked out with your insurance.

hugs and love,

For the Love of Cottage said...

Hi Tracie,
What a great little set of goodies from Pearl and I also just saw that you won another giveaway, I can't remember whose but you are definitely on a winning streak here go!!! I am so happy for you.


Suzy said...

Oh sweetie, I am so glad for you. That are beautiful gifts.

Enjoy all of your goodies and have a awesome day. Suzy

Jill said...

Don't you love getting goodies in the mail! Especially when they are packaged so beautifully...ENJOY!

Brenda Kula said...

Couldn't be more perfect for you! I'm so happy when someone gets gifts! So much excitement!

Counting Your Blessings said...

There's just something about enamel pans that I love! Blessings... Polly

Shabby Vintage dreams said...

YAY!! You got some sweet sweet delights there!! You totally deserve a treat!! Have a wonderful weeeknd sweetpea!!


Thanks for sharing Tracie. Enjoy the goodies and have a lovely week-end!