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September 8, 2008


A few of my favorite windows for you

I'm addicted to Belgian Lace and have
quite a collection I love to change about the house~

One of my favorite rear windows,
the lace and the blossoms outside~
It's quite hot here now, so the blooms
are gone for the Summer...
but will be back soon ;)

This is my very favorite window right now~
Just took it Saturday...
I love the sheer french lace, so we can
still see outside and enjoy the lovely day
and some of the plants on the front porch

These are not at my house, but I walk by them
each morning... around the corner from
our home. I think it's a great idea
looking into the back garden

Maybe it could be a "handyman project"?

...And here is Cielo's
The House in the Roses
~*~ Click the Window below ~*~
to visit, it's simply charming ;)

Please note: The Enchanting Windows
is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 8th
So many people wanted to
attend, the date was changed.

Okay, I'm off to gaze into
other folks windows for a while

Have a lovely week~


A Romantic Porch said...

Tracie, Your windows are so beautiful. I love the one where you can see the white blossoms outside. You are so creative. xorachel

Marie Antionette said...

Your windows are beautiful.I wish I could have joined in the fun,But next time.At least i can enjoy looking into your windows.i loved the pink one on Cielos site.I also lace curtains.I love to see out.Hugs Marie Antionette

Connie said...

I ADORE that pink window!!! I love the lace on your windows also. I have lace on every window in this house for both privacy and elegance. Love it, little chickee......

Virginia said...

Lovely! Your windows are dress so beautiful with all that enchanting lace.Very romamtic.
Blessings, Virginia

KarenHarveyCox said...

Your windows are enchanting, but your curtains are incredibly beautiful. Lovely. Karen

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

They are all so Pretty and Romantic looking!
Thanks for sharing!
I wish you a lovely week ahead!!
Debbie Moss


Carol said...

How beautiful! There isn't anything like lace, is there?!

Blessings to you!


Becky said...

You have such beautiful windows adorned with all that lace. I love it!
Wasn't this fun!

Becky said...

Thanks Tracie for stopping by and for your nice words.
What is wrong with the window is that it was put in upside down.
As one blogger put it it defies

Shabby Addict said...

You have the most gorgeous windows! That pink window is to die for! I think every girl needs her own private pink window! Beautiful job on all your curtains and lace too! Love it!

Brenda Kula said...

Oh Tracie, how romantic! I wish I had good windows! In a garden home, there seems to be a shortage on windows; therefore on natural light. That's why I take most photos outside. And enjoy my garden so. It's a cave in here!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Such lovely windows & oh my, all that pretty lace!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Carrie said...

Lovely lace window treatments.

For the Love of Cottage said...

I love your pretty windows. The lace looks so romantic.

LeAnn :)

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Tracie, your lace windowcoverings are so romantic... I love them!...Donna

CIELO said...

Dearest Tracie, your windows are truly enchanted... thank YOU for participating! I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~William Shakespeare



Ballerina Girl said...

Just so pretty! The lace looks like it mimics the outside trees!
Hope to see you at my blog soon!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I missed this cause I really do not have a fav. window and most of my window treatments are not so fab.
googled your project and I noticed a change...I love it. Can't wait for more :)

celestina marie said...

Hi Tracie, your windows are gorgeous and the lace so pretty. I love lace windows and have been inspired to put some of mine up again.
Thank you for sharing.
hugs, Celestine
la rea rose

Fifi Flowers said...

Love that french lace... flowers... beautiful and FUN!
I adore your walks... I really must get away from this computer and stroll... hmmmm... but if I'm going to stroll... I might as well make it on the golf course... very pretty... but not as interesting as your finds.
ENJOY the week!

MARIA said...

Thank you for sharing!

Best wishes
Maria from Poland

Amy Sutter said...

Love the windows, they are so dreamy :-)

We are having a give-away on Aged Vintage Papier, please enter and spread the word!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Your lace curtains are exquisite. Love them. Come for a visit. ~ Lynn

Barbara Jacksier said...

Where do you get your Belgian lace? Is it a secret source? I used to live near a shop in NYC that sold it but they went out of business.

The Other Side of Me said...

All that lace is spectacular! What dreamy views. Thanks for sharing.


FancyHorse said...

I love your lace curtains on your windows ~ so sweet and romantic! Thank you for sharing.

Marina Capano said...

Hi Tracie!What a beautiful windows. your window is so romantic!

visit me anytime...

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Love your lace windows.I love to
look through lace.
Thank you for stopping by,don't worry about late, I'm still looking at windows too !

KaReN EiLeeN said...

Beautiful. The windows to the soul...our little nests.


Judy said...

Hi Tracie, your windows are awesome. I love the lace.


Those windows are beautiful Tracie!
I love all that lace. Have a great week.


Rosie said...

What splendid windows! Love the lace.

Rosie said...

Hi Tracie, thank you for visiting, and nice to meet you too. What a fabulous dog you have. I have read of people spinning with their dog's fur, apparently it makes great yarn.I have two Cavaliers with very different fur, one very silky and straight and one very wooly and curly, not sure either of them would make very good yarn!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Your lace curtains are so enchanting and beautiful! I like the one in the garden too! :) ~Rhonda

Suzy said...

Hope you have a wonderful calm, sunny and relaxed day!?


Suzy said...

Yes Meg Ryan makes me think of you too. It would be just perfect to go together to watch.
Actually it would be so much fun to do so many things with you since we have so many things in common.

Enjoy your mild day, the same is here. Love Suzy

Lynn said...

All of these windows remind me of an English country cottage :) Maybe more so because I am off to England in a couple of weeks to stay in a cottage, I hope it looks like this.
Thank you for visiting my blogs and for your kind words, your pooch is sooooooo adorable, big like our Andy was too, probably bigger :)

Siobhan said...


Your windows always look so very enchanting!!! old lace panels are on my list of things to add to my new home...thats for sure! :)

Siobhan xo

Sherry said...

There is nothing so pretty as a beautifully clad window!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

That lace is absolutely enchanting!


Pearl said...

Such lovely windows 'n beautiful lace!

Ooooo... la... laaa!

God bless...

~hugs 'n love~


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Beautiful lace curtains!!! Very romantic looking!