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October 17, 2008

Hopeful Friday

I'm participating today in Beautiful Cielo's
~Hopeful Friday~

I've taken on many projects lately (a good thing!)
But like everyone else, feel a little stressed at times...
~ I need to step back and breathe... ~

Never lose an opportunity of seeing
anything that is beautiful for beauty
is God's handwriting.
Welcome it in every face~
in every fair sky
in every fair flower
and thank God for it~
as a cup of blessing

Hoping this finds you with much Joy
and many, many blessings in life this Friday
...and always!

Au Revoir for now...


Please visit Cielo by clicking below!


jeanne said...

Tracie, i so understand your stress. Sometime we just get overloaded. Your Emerson quote is lovely. Relax and have a restful day.


KarenHarveyCox said...

Tracie, you have such a beautiful blog. I love Emerson's words, and they are perfect for Hopeful Friday. Have a lovely weekend. Karen

Shabbyfufu said...

Good morning dear Tracie....I hope that all is well in your neck o' the woods. Just popping over to say hi, I will have to go see what Cielo is up to now! ~XOXO~Janet

Becky said...

That was beautiful. God must have used your hands today typing that!
Thank you for that and for always having such words of encouragement for me

Denise Elizabeth said...

Blessings to you love your post. Denise


Can I get an Amen to that? Whew, it appears everyone is in overload. Good reminder to breathe Tracie. I HOPE you and Zeke have a wonderful weekend. Alfie and I are still up to our nostrils in paint fumes but I HOPE to get it all finished by this weekend.
Lisa & Alfie

MARIA said...

Thank you Tracie, I love your todays post!
God bless you!

Happy Hopeful Friday!
from Poland

Judy said...

What a beautiful quote. Have a great weekend and relax!!

Pink Slippers said...

I can realte...I WANT to have more PATIENCE in ALL things. Maybe, one day. You picture for your post is sweet and reminds me of being child-like. Children never stree do they? Hmmm.
I wish you enjoyment while working on your many projects.

Charli and me said...

That is so beautiful! Thank you. You have such a lovely rosery. Peace be with you.

Alice W. said...

Very beautiful Tracie!

Perfect Panache said...

Tracie what a beautiful post! This has brought a smile to my day :) Hope you are taking time this weekend to relax, no more stress!!

Beverly said...

Emerson is a favorite of mine, and these words are so meaningful.

We do all owe it to ourselves to take time to listen and enjoy.

Virginia said...

I love that quote Emerson is a favorite of mine . I thank God for all the beauty around us, that has His signature.
Blessings, Virginia

Rue said...

Hi sweet Tracie :)

I hope you feel less stress soon. I was feeling it too for a while, but things have finally calmed down.

Is it Fall in Cali yet?


Victoria Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing in Hopeful Friday...I love the poem! Hope this finds you less stressed!
Victoria Lynn

Jen r. said...

I love those words! Very nice. I think we all need to relax a little more too!

Siobhan said...

Your words are perfect as always Tracie...please take some time out to de-stress and I hope you are feeling yourself again soon.

Luv Siobhan xo

Counting Your Blessings said...

I so know what you mean. But today I'm reading blogs for fun, reading books for fun, watching old movies for fun... but first I have to get some groceries in the house =) Blessings... Polly

rochambeau said...

Thank you for this post Tracie.
I will carry Emerson's words near my heart today. I carry your hope through Monday!!

CIELO said...

Our beautiful Savior knows us so well... is no wonder why he reminds us so empathically to just live ONE day at a time.... do that my sweet friend, just live the TODAY, and let all your tomorrows rest on His hands.

For now, autumn is here! Let's go searching, searching after
Joy and mirth and love and laughter, let's go down the road together, you and me.



Malphi said...

Lovely blog scrolling through,