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April 30, 2008

And the Envelope Please... I always wanted to say that!

What a perfect day,
I awoke to a train whistle this morning
and church bells ringing~

Hope everyone is having a very
Happy Wednesday!

I received this award from the very talented
Jen at Sanctuary Arts at Home

Thank you so much, Jen!

The rules of the award are....

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for
creativity, design, materials used,
and their contribution to the community
no matter what the language

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his/her blog to be visited.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and the name and link to the blog that awarded it.

4.The award winner and the one who has given the award have to show the link to "Arte Y Pico"
(if you search for them through Google, you can translate their page into English)

5. Show these rules.

It is really hard to give these out because I love all
the blogs out there, but I love to introduce people
to new places that perhaps they haven't visited before...

I love finding new people I have
so many things in common with....

Mia - Lilla Blanka, her style is beautiful ~ wonderfully Swedish,
and wonderfully soothing, she's a great cook too,
I go there for a mini-vacation... Get ready to go Ahh....

Karen Eileen, A Little Bit of This and That ~her style in beautiful,
quirky (which is wonderful!) and she loves Italy
and her dogs (of course!)~
I think she feels about Italy, the way I feel about France...

Siobhan, Vintage Mosaic Boutique, her style is a beautiful, feminine
dream like style, she loves dogs and she has a special
place in my heart for her warmth and freedom of sharing
with her kind, kind heart...

Glenda, Many Fond Memories, her style is beautiful,
she can thrift or flea market shop with the best of them/us any day
and is working on her refurbishing skills with furniture,
oh, and she loves dogs!

Donna Lynn, Blushing Rose Antiques, her style is beautiful,
yes, she loves dogs, loves pink and has many wonderful things to share,
If you're thinking of taking up walking, or need someone to spur you
on - no one can do it like Donna Lynn. I walk every morning now
just knowing Donna Lynn would be disappointed in me if I didn't
(isn't that great?, it's like having my own trainer!)

Okay, now that I've finally passed this on~

I better get busy with the rest of my day...

My "to do" list is especially L-O-N-G for this week

So, I won't be back for at least a couple of days~
In the meantime, hope you enjoy the blogs above as much
as I do - hope you like dogs and lots and lots of beauty!

Plus que je vois de l'homme,
les plus amour de mon chien

The more I see of man, the more I love my dog

--- Pascal ---

What I mean quoting this is ...unconditional love,
but I am truly blessed to have wonderful men
in my life - don't get me wrong!

xoxo, Tracie

April 29, 2008

Want to Come Along Antiquing?

At the crack of dawn... This is how it started~
My hubbie packs the best cooler
and makes the best cappuccino to open my eyes this early!

The walk up to the Antique Faire...
beautiful houses along the way~

...And the anticipation begins here~

I was ready for the brisk walk across the street...
hurry, hurry - catch up or... wait for me!
Do I see tons of vendors and daisies?

Michelle's beautiful store
~Isn't the bicycle wonderful?
Beckons everyone to enter the charming store...
We missed you Jeannette!

And here's another view... (yep, that's me in the window)

Just dreamy...

Lunch time!
and I'm so glad, because it's hot out there...
The best garlic fries around~
...Yes, I'll be walking extra, but maybe...
it doesn't count since I've been walking the market
since 7:30 a.m.?

Some of my wonderful finds below...
and yes, another bistro chair for the collection~
There were tons of vendors at the faire, but
I found most of my finds at Michelle's store

Another darling find from
Summer Cottage Antiques

Corbels out of an old house in
Pacific Grove, California

I was thrilled to find this glove form~
It's marked extra small and fits my hand perfectly!
There's a cute little frenchman that sold me the form
and he's got another show coming up next month (yay!)

Found the frogs from a cute lady who had great deals,
wish I could have purchased everything under
her gauzy billowing tent...

The great shelf~drawer is from the store...
can't wait to find the right place to hang it up~

Just look at this~

Isn't this the cutest little flower market cart?
I've got my Princess Diana roses floating in it now.
Next weekend, I'll be filling it with mini herb pots~

That's it for now, I did find a darling french clock -
and it works, but I'm saving that for later

Glenda from Many Fond Memories
was in Petaluma too. She took
really great photos while out and about the town.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

xoxo, Tracie

April 25, 2008

Oh the Anticipation!

I'm so excited~
Off for my daily walk and my thoughts are soaring...

Isn't this darling? Another view from my walk, this one
last weekend
while walking with my hubbie, dubbie doo!
We're going to an antique faire this weekend, I'm already wanting to
pack up my vintage cooler (the old metal kind!)
full of diet Cokes and Perriers~

We'll be up at the break of dawn and on our way~

Wish me luck!

Happy, Happy Weekend~
What are you Doing for Fun?

xoxo, Tracie

April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday ~ Joyeux Anniversaire Zeke

Beautiful kind-hearted Zeke is having a birthday
~ Thursday, April 24th ~

I'll be away running around from patisserie to patisserie
for just the right dessert for our watcher of the kitty cats
(that really run the show) sshhh... Don't tell Zeke!

Like his birthday beret?

Happy Day Everyone~
Happy Birthday our "Boeufhead & Smiles"!

xoxo, Tracie

April 22, 2008

I Feel Like Singing ~ And a Pink Ambulance?

First, I do feel like singing!
All the walking, sunshine, and beautiful blooms~

Blooming sage...

Princess Di - Lots of blooms on this one...

Julia Child - pretty, buttery color...

And I saved the best for last,
Rachel posted a pink car for Shannon over at Paint Mine Pink
I wish you could have seen my face this morning while I was
taking my morning walk. Now, I usually don't cut through
the parking lot, but I had to grab my phone and take
a picture for Shann. I believe this must be the
Pink Ambulance Shann takes when she breaks a nail
after making such beautiful creations ~
Shann, why didn't you let me know you were in town~
Oh, I have to mention... The ambulance was at the
computer store, how funny is that? Maybe someone
couldn't get their blogging pictures uploaded and
desperately needed help ~ was that you Shann?

For now, I hope I've left you with a giggle!

Gotta go put my thinking cap on for a while, lots to do~

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

xoxo, Tracie

April 18, 2008

Our Plans and My View...

Happy Weekend~

I've been wanting to see this movie
since we saw the previews...

I love Frances McDormand and good word tells me
this is a light fun-hearted movie, so we're going~
Oh, and of course, the popcorn!

Now, I have been walking again - Yay!
and thank you ladies for all your words
of true inspiration for me to get up and out there again.

Here are just a few of random shots
of places I walked by today...

A cafe

A home

A courtyard

A house covered in vines
(and a very good Taqueria!)

Not sure how far ~
40 minutes worth of walking
oh... And 20 minutes with Smiling Zeke first, then...
looked in many antique store windows...

I feel good ~
I hope you do too!

What are you doing this weekend?

xoxo, Tracie

April 16, 2008

Getting Up, Getting Out There Early!

Okay, I don't when it actually happened~
But it's been weeks, yes weeks since I've gotten out there
and worked up a sweat! But I've been following
Giles example (it's all his fault) way too much lately!

I walk with Zeke (short walks, he's not exactly a workout
kind of guy!)

I'm missing looking through the antique store windows
in my town before they even open...

So, starting tomorrow, I'm up early and looking
through those many windows and then (hopefully!)
walking home just as fast as I can to get ready and shop...

I feel like a slug, so I'm getting out and moving, moving, moving~
I did walk to get my hair done today, but that was only
about seven blocks from my house... see what I mean?

So, here I come, you antique shops (while the door's are closed!)

What do you do to make yourself not feel like a slug~
and get motivated to move like a beautiful butterfly?

Anyone care to join me for some
very brisk window shopping?

xoxo, Tracie

April 15, 2008

Oh What a Whimsical Weekend


This is how it started ~
Up Saturday Morning to My Sentimental Favorite
Princess Diana Rose (the very first of the season!)
Do you have a special family friend?
I do...
He gives me a gift certificate to a nursery for my birthday...
Every Year, Since I was 13~
Each year, I try to pick out something special
I've had this Princess Diana rose for years thanks to Arnold...
It means so much to me ~
so the weekend started
with a true gift...
from a True Friend ~ Always, and a Day!

~Come Saturday Morning~


at Cathleen's House and Barn...
Driving Up, The Beautiful View~
Yes, This is the view from my car!

Look at that beautiful horse (okay, you know
I'm an animal person!)

Now, I think I want this chair (and Garden letters),
Purchased a few candles... for Sunday evening...
smell so yummy~

I really wanted a cane chair (not shown - for your own good),
that had been -SOLD- poor me!

Favorite Shot Below...
Cathleen works magic~

I love bicycles~
You may have guessed that by now...

~The other in Nice while eating gelato, of course!

See the corbel below? That's my purchase~
Haven't found the right place in my cottage, yet...

Is this cute, or what?

Okay, so this is where I spent the whole weekend
~with Mongo - hiding, comfy, isn't it?

All Photos taken by My Petite Maison
Permission Mixing Whimsy

Oh yes, we had a great lunch after~
Salmon tartare truffled this time, crab cocktail,
French fries with goat cheese dressing ~ yummy~
And a glass of champagne...
What a Whimsical lunch!

And it was too, too hot in my kitchen this weekend
for oven cooking - Summer Cooking Weather...

It's going to be a Comfort Meal Tuesday... for sure... Yum...
Now, let's get on with that Chicken and Biscuits Recipe~

... To be Continued...

xoxo, Tracie

April 9, 2008

Feeling Whimsical Today~

Okay, I know it's early~
I'm already looking forward to the weekend~
And, for once - I have a plan!

Having lunch with a friend Thursday (seafood, yum!)
UPDATE: It was great!
Tuna tartare, cashews, chiles & coconut milk
~the weather's getting warm here, so it was perfect.

And here's MY favorite chair:
French, of course!
Janet of Shabbyfufu asked on her blog
What is Your Favorite Chair?
I don't have many chairs, but for some reason,
Lots and lots of tables... hmm???

Can you tell from the picture, I'm in a Whimsical Mood?

I'll be making some new recipes from Rue and Rachel Friday~
Rue's Chicken and Rachel's Biscuits~ sounds like fun...
check out their blogs if you'd like to give it a try too
Maybe I can get our daughter to help with Rachel's biscuits...

Rue says she's nervous about it, don't be nervous Rue~
We all know you're a great cook, the chicken will be great
you didn't leave anything out, did you???

We can compare notes how it all
turned out beautifully!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Next, later...
I'm heading on a road trip to some
Dear friend's whimsical bliss, that's my term, but so true~
Now it's Saturday, we had an emergency!
Teens Needing to Go to Movie Theater
Parent's Plans on Hold until Saturday!!!

To Cathleen's
She's having a Barn Sale ~ surely not to be missed!

I love to go Friday (even though I couldn't - movies),
they've got the
twinkle lights
~ a sparkling so bright ~
and the gift of gab is going strong...

in the barn (not to mention the refreshments)

all at Cathleen's house in the country...

Isn't it darling? I want to fix up (um, have my husband
fix up our icky old garage to look like Cathleen's barn!)

Do you think they'll notice if I move in?
The sale is through Sunday, so maybe

I can at least stay until Sunday evening!

Our house is filled with items from years
of shopping
for these creative junque items!

And okay, I can't end this post without an animal,
in this case, it's Cathleen's cat, Mongo~
isn't he a doll
just watching the magic being created?

Care to meet me there?

Gosh, I'm so proud of myself~
...I'm not a planning type of girl...

Happy Day!

xoxo, Tracie

April 8, 2008

Sweet Sarah~ Just Ask Any Mermaid...

A wonderful parcel arrived last weekend~
from Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid

She had a wonderful giveaway...

Look at all these goodies~ Just waiting for me to open!
How I love presents... Who doesn't?

All the beauties, my favorite colors too~
There are so many lovelies Sarah gifted to me
Just look!
Don't you love the Bingo card?
This brings back so many memories...

Blue Nest Girl (I purchased this from Sarah's etsy shop
so sparkly sweet, this is already in our daughter's room, hmm.. sneaky!)

The beautiful charm bracelet was made just for me (see the T?)
Sarah, had a drawing for her very own birthday ~
Sweet Gypsy Mermaid Sarah

Thank you, Sarah for picking my name
and for becoming a new friend!

Isn't this beautiful? A star, Amour heart, T, button,
pastel birds everywhere, snail (my escargot!), rose,
straw bonnet and a beautiful cross ~ I could go on and on
Oh, and sparkles everywhere!

Thank you, Sarah - you made my week!


April 6, 2008

Green Acres~ Now Bloom... Pretty Please...

Walked around very late Sunday evening~
Quiet ~ Not getting dark until almost 8 p.m.
Heard a train roll across town~ so long since we heard that sound...

So Peaceful ~ Sundays ~
Troubadour Singing... Old Beatles songs
the lovely old neighborhood...

She goes round & round like the sweet breeze of happiness~

Did I mention I'm a Green Acres fan? This was a Mother's Day gift
quite a few years back ~ I love it Dahhling!
Everything is Green, but we're still waiting, waiting...
for things to bloom~
kind of patiently, kind of!

See Zeke's waiting for something to bloom!

We had a dog go by and bark and bark at the cats,
Zeke didn't like it much

but it only took a couple of boofs - the cats don't even move since
they make the rules. Zeke's their "protector"
so they don't even get up~

This is the little greenhouse, the cats jump over it to get
inside of the gate...
once had an angry possum try to get over, he didn't make it over
he was quite angry out here in the "country" though
(he's okay, put back into the wild with family, oops, I mean she!)

Geraniums are about the only thing blooming right now...

I've always loved succulents - my grandma always had them around
we'd look for hours at the Cactus and Hubcap City (a whole other story!)

From the french garden cart, another memory, but from Grandma T.

A little basket hanging on the fence...

And my favorite, lost one last year and my husband
surprised me with two new angel trumphets~
I love them. Only one has started to bloom now
but the smell is wonderful at night!

Happy Week, I still have some Spring cleaning to do
(I cheated, took Friday - Sunday off! - ssshhh!)
and I have some goodies to show you from darling
Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid (yes, they are still wrapped)...
am I the only one that likes to keep pretty parcels wrapped
and open them days later? I gaze over at them
just knowing they're waiting just for me!

xoxo, Tracie