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May 27, 2008

Do You Hear It?

The ocean that is...

I've got the itch ~ got to get to the beach soon~

Started taking all my chippy white, cream and grey
items out over the weekend~

I can hear the ocean calling me,
just a quick drive over
and then a bucket full of seashells away~

I'm going to get some more for my collection
soon I hope~

Summer's on the way...

Do you have that feeling yet?

Happy Week!

xoxo, Tracie

May 18, 2008

Under the Weather & Note from An Angel~

It all started here, opening this little drawer
I think I hear something inside...

Have some kind of bug - definitely under the weather,
couldn't go see my friend, Cathleen (poor, poor me!)
So ~ what do I do? Started fiddling around with things...

Looking in all the old pieces I have reminiscing...
Yes, I'm one of those people~ I don't throw anything away.

So look what I found~
An old bag filled with half dollars and a few silver dollars as well~
On business trips to Las Vegas, my Dad would always bring back
some change for us~ my brother and my cousins
The bag would always be marked with each of our names and we
got the same amount. In finding this tiny whisp of paper
it brought back so many things about my Dad, how fair he always was,
not just in this, but in every day life. My little piece of paper
has seen better days and it's as soft as those very loved
best cotton jeans you've worn every Sunday for the last
few years~ I know it's ready to ravel away, but can't
stop touching it and looking at the letters.
My name's written on both sides, so I'm sure
it's mine ;)

Have you found anything while going through drawers,
nooks you had forgotten about that brought back a
voice from the past? It says I'm with you...

See you in a few days, when this bug has met it's match ;)

xoxo, Tracie

May 15, 2008

Someone Turn Down the Heat

I'm melting, it was 99 degrees Wednesday
and the forecast is saying hotter weather
Thursday - Yikes!

Someone, please send me some rain~
...And Aaron Neville to sing...
and it feels like rain!

While I'm trying to cool off, here's something for you
to check out that sounds like fun!

Marina's blog - Only Cute Things
(all the details are listed at her site)

Click the picture to go see Marina~

Hope you're having mild weather ;)
If so, will you send it this way?

The hot weather's supposed to last throughout
the weekend so I'm thinking of heading to the beach
if only for a few hours some time this weekend.

Anyone for a combination cocktail (shrimp & crab)
while breathing in the salt air?

I think I see Zeke smiling at that idea.

See you next week~

I'm planning on spending some of my weekend
at Cathleen's wonderfully inspired place to dream~
Vintage Home lifestyle...

xoxo, Tracie

May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday ~ Joyeux Anniversaire LeAnn!

Wednesday, March 14, 2008

Today's a Very Special Day~
Please go see LeAnn at Pink Icing on the Cake

It's Her Birthday!

Hey, LeAnn, my daughter and I threw a party for you
We have everything (except the cake...)
We know you like "crunchies" on your ice cream ;)

Happy Birthday, LeAnn

from Maggie and Father Ralph!

...And from some of your
other favorites too...

Here's to a day filled with much happiness,
love and lots of friends!

...Wish we all could go shopping ;)

Happy Birthday
Sweet Girlfriend and Tweak-a-holic!

xoxo, Tracie

May 13, 2008

A Special Day - May 13th

Remembering a Special Lady Today~

This is a picture of my Grandma
or Phyllis May

Of course, as a young adult, I always had animals
as you can see - somethings haven't changed ;)

When I think of Grandma, I remember that I never
ever heard her say one mean thing about anyone
(I bet most of you feel like that about your grandmother too!)

Her favorite color was purple, she loved sea shells, tuna fish


She could not say Massachusetts ;) which we kidded her about~

She had a heart of gold and I wanted to share her kind spirit
of life with you. See, one of my dogs has had enough of the other
but does my Grandma throw her off her lap or tell Baron to go away?

That was my Grandma ;)

My Friday the 13th Grandma
May 13, 1913

May 12, 2008

I'm Gardening~ In My Own Way...

Yes, I'm busy working with my flowers
Truffles of flowers - yummy!
I'll see you when I'm finished...

Actually, I'm at appointments at the orthodontist
so much less glamorous, isn't it?

Back to the World of Mom duties... ;)

Well, when I get home - maybe I'll have
one bonbon~

Happy Day!
Help yourself to the bonbons while I'm gone!

xoxo, Tracie

May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Weekend~

Come On In~

Sit back, relax and enjoy the quiet breeze~
Can you hear the troubadour singing?

She's heading down the street, aahh~

Wonderful, she's heading this way...

This is what we'll be serving
at the French Country Table
Under the Trees for your
Afternoon Enjoyment on Sunday~

Canapes a l'Amiral
Asparagus Salad with Champagne-Saffron Vinaigrette

Your Choice of~

Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce


Chicken Lyonnaise
Vegetarian Option~
Fettucine Alfredo with Wilted Cress
Toasted Pine Nuts

Peaches in Chartreuse Jelly

Passion Fruit Gelato

and for the four-legged friends,
lots of "treats"!

To all of you who work so very hard
at being
a great parent
and sticking through it thick and thin!
( it children or animal friends ;)

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

xoxo, Tracie

May 7, 2008

Time and Not Enough of It...


I've been working around the house,
Antique shopping for just the right treasures
Trying (yes trying...) to learn a new computer application
and planning a special birthday party for this weekend~

Zeke's been having a good time though
a new toy~

Boy, have I missed everyone
(and I still don't have everything done!)

Here are some garden pictures I took over the last couple days.
This wild rose smells so good, we didn't plant it,
but it seems
quite happy to be living in our garden.

I call the wild rose below
the Candy Cane Rose - maybe Santa planted this one!
It's not in our color palette, but I don't have the heart
to tell it that it can not grow here... so happily it grows~

Ahh, one of my favorites!

I've decided I just need to move everything around
the house and move things in and out of the garage too~


Wish me luck in getting everything done
and let me know~
What do you do when you've got
too much to do?

I will be back on Friday for a Mother's Day post too
I've added it to my list...

xoxo, Tracie

May 2, 2008

It Made Me Think...

If you peek out the back door, the White Rabbit
seems to beckon to you...

He surely is telling Giles, it's getting late...

Stop and smell the roses, or in this case ~
the french lavender
that's just about to bloom...

I found a beautiful poem the other day~

Sitting and watching Giles listen to the rabbit...
Zeke and I have been pondering and thought we'd share~

Ask What Makes You Come Alive and Do That.
Because What the World Needs

Are People Who Have Come Alive~

-Howard Thurman

Let's All Be Curiouser and Curiouser

Happy Weekend!

xoxo, Tracie

May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

I know, I said I'd be away~ but remembered...
It's May Day and my Grandma would want me to say it~

Happy May Day!

May is observed as Mary's month, and May Day
is usually
a celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
In works of art, school skits, and so forth,

Mary's head will often be adorned with flowers.
The giving of "May baskets," small baskets of sweets and/or flowers,
are usually left anonymously on neighbors' doorsteps.
My Grandma used to do this and I'm so

thankful to have these memories in my head and heart~

Hope your day is lovely!

xoxo, Tracie