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July 28, 2008

On the Sunny Side of the Street

That's how I'm feeling this Summer ~
Yes, I'm Walking on the Sunny Side of the Street

We're running here and there this Summer...
I'm trying to take the time to stop and look around me~

Remembering to appreciate the 4 o'clock glow that I've loved for as long
as I can remember~ even Summer's spent as a kid, that hour's
held a special place in my heart and the beauty in my eye.

I've been playing catch up the last few weeks and my
visiting & answering emails has really suffered.
I've been taking care of projects (trying to finish them...
and spending quality time with my family during the summer
Time is so precious and I'm trying to make the most of it)

~two-legged and four-legged...

While I've been out and about,
I've received some wonderful awards
from thoughtful ladies~
I received this award from Sarah, Marie and Connie
I can't believe you want to give me an award ~
I love your blogs!

I've just recently been introduced to Connie.
I'm so glad she came knocking on my door -
branching out
to meet new bloggers and say hello
(something I really need to do myself, okay~
it's on my list too!)

And I received this darling award below from Dana at the Stone Rabbit
Dana's my ABBA kindred-spirit, I think we're both
singing ABBA songs
while doing housework and bee-bopping around

(I know my husband's still got Dancing Queen in his head - not kidding!)


I apologize for taking so long to get to your awards
they make me feel like I am on the Sunny Side of the Street!

I want to pass them along to everyone that's on my sidebar
Each and everyone of you ~ I love coming to
visit with YOU
and have my "Calgon Take me Away" moments!!

And, if you haven't heard...
Pearl's having a special party and giveaway this Friday, August 1st
I'm going~ hope you can make it, now don't be late!

Just click to visit Pearl's Sentimental Journey


Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep

Life can be so sweet

On the sunny side of the street

Can't you hear the pitter-pat

And that happy tune is your step
Life can be complete

On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade with my blues on parade

But I'm not afraid...this rovers crossed over

If I never had a cent
I'd be rich as Rockefeller
Gold dust at my feet

On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade with them blues on parade
Now I'm not afraid... this rover has crossed over

Now if I never made one cent

I'll still be rich as Rockefeller
There will be gold dust at my feet

On the sunny~
On the sunny, sunny side of the street!
-Dorothy Fields

See 'ya Friday!

July 22, 2008

Summer in Our Neighborhood

Thought I'd share some pictures of our morning walk...

This is Summer in our neighborhood~

All kinds of Sunflowers, big ones, little ones~
the birds are loving them you can see by this huge Sunflower - he can hardly
keep his head up - he's taller than me (yes over 5 feet tall!)

I fell in love with this turtle, I hadn't noticed him before~
He looks kind of grumpy doesn't he? Maybe he's just concentrating
on getting where he's going...

Which leads me to the question,
Are you having a busy, busy Summer?

I am. All the things I'd have finished by now are still
on my "to do" list.

Please say I'm not the only one taking two steps forward and
ONE big one back???

Okay, here's someone that knows how to relax~
And a close-up in case you missed him~
We're off to the Fair tomorrow
and taking the rest of the week off from posting.

Hope you're making progress, getting things complete
and are having as much fun as the little squirrel,
content in the tree having at least a little leisure time too!

Oh yes, Mamma Mia was great!

Happy Week and Weekend~
Until next week ;)

July 17, 2008

Pass the Popcorn, please...

We're off~

I've been so lucky, I am the girl with golden hair
I wanna sing it out to everybody
What a joy, what a life, what a chance!

So I say...

Thank you for the music, the songs Im singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing

Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty~

What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music

For giving it to me!

...And my husband's the best sport!

Happy Weekend - what are you doing?

Now off to Mamma Mia we go ;)

July 15, 2008

An Award & Roll out Those...

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Wouldn't it be nice to spend our summer like my cats
just napping all day behind the fence by the bird feeder?
(Don't worry the birds are too smart to bathe in the side yard)

A rock for a pillow though? Maybe it's nice and cool~

And now something that has made me feel really special~
the ever sweet Pearl has given me an award.
I'm sure most of you know the one and only Pearl,
of Pearl's Sentimental Journey~

She has one of the prettiest blogs out there~
It's incredibly uplifting, full of inspiration, vintage advertising
that is constantly changing. I don't know how she does it~

And... tons of just good feeling posts....
When I visit Pearl, I feel like someone's wrapped a warm blanket
around me on a cold winter's night.
I have to tell you from first hand experience,
she's a kind soul through and through!

If you don't know Pearl (or if you do too)
go say hello
from both of us, just click below~

Pearl's Sentimental Journey

Thank you so much!
It's been a pleasure to get to know you Pearl!


July 13, 2008

Happy Bastille Day~

le Quatorze Juillet~
July 14

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

We'll spend the afternoon eating a lovely meal listening to the Marseillaise
and other french favorites, some campy, some not~

The weather is quite hot here again, so we're off to pick up some
beautiful french cheese, baguette & olives...
whatever else strikes our fancy~

I've lost my energy in the heat, so for now here's a little bouquet
to go along with the
french national holiday
enjoy your Bastille Day celebration
or whatever wonderful things you happen to be doing today
(Monday) I posted early since it's celebration time in France~

Jour Heureux ~ Happy Day to All!

July 11, 2008

Preparation Begins ~ La Préparation Commence!

I will be-bopping around~ this weekend!

I'm on my way now to pick up Pearl and Suzy~

They're going to help me with me errands,
getting ready to celebrate En français
For Bastille Day~
So hope my vintage "borrowed" automobile
makes it around to the fromagerie, patisserie... Gee and
wherever else we decide to go - spur of the moment,
here we go!

Hang on ladies, I'm on my way!

Wishing everyone a Happy, Happy Weekend
What are your plans?
See you Monday for the festivities (Vive la France!)

July 10, 2008

When the Girls Get Together & Talk Shopping

Hey, I'm going to a Party~
Hurry, hurry, hurry (that's me!)

Well, I'm so excited - I take off running! Who needs keys?
Hey, I see the car of my dreams
down the street parked under a big tree
(perfect, since we're having a heat wave...)

It's got racing stripes, it's the right color and it's vintage!
I can just imagine myself driving down the road in Europe
~this car
with Zeke, of course!

So, zip - off I go, in the vintage car!

I look in the rear view mirror and see Giles, he's pondering -
"What the heck is she doing?"

Off to the store I go, bye bye Giles!

Okay, I'm back - that little car is so fast,
I think it's the racing stripes (not the caffeine...)

I just put it back and left a sweet little thank you note
(just in case they missed it ;)

These are my favs - Just for the Party
(this stuff is great in the heat packed with ice)

Limonata and diet Coke (I like half and half myself)

Please help yourself, here's more than enough for everyone
Reserves are in the ice packed cooler.

The Kool-Aid is for Pearl
(sorry, Pearl - but I picked my favorites
as a kid... hope you like these flavors too)

And here's what I've brought for us~
Asian salad with my secret dressing
~it has a kick, hope you like fish sauce,
if not, you'll want
to go try someone else's dish instead of mine
(ah, come on be brave!)

It's delicious, if I say so myself!

Now, aren't you glad I raced that vintage automobile
to the store and back so fast?

And look at this! Last, but not least~
Look what Rue's giving away...

The best thing is I am giving it to everyone on my sidebar
just as Rue did, another best thing is "there are no rules" ;)
and I love all of your blogs and I thank you for sharing
your dreams with me - Oh to Blog Love!
I'm going to ask the troubadour to make up a song about it ;)

Happy Weekend!

July 7, 2008

For the Birds and Charmed, I'm Sure...

I wanted to share the beautiful birdhouse
I ordered from my dear friend, Siobhan of Vintage Mosaic Boutique
I custom ordered it a couple of months ago...
and am finally sharing it now (I know, I'm way behind on it all)

Isn't it beautiful? It sits above my china cabinet...
Where there was not enough light to photograph it,
but I think it looks cute perched on my bistro chair too~

for all the little french birdies out there.
Look at the beautiful jewel and the top ...and...
it's made with Limoges china (ooh la la!)

I also purchased a couple of the loveliest charms
(Cathy Penton designed)
for myself and my daughter from Siobhan too~

The one that says "Pretty" on the back, I ordered for my daughter
(but I do "borrow" it once in a while;)

I just had to end this post with something cool...
Something I've been drinking a lot of~
Perrier with lime and lots & lots of ice,

It is SO HOT here!

So for everyone across the country, trying to cool off...
Please help yourself to a glass of cold, clear, bubbly water

and pass the water mister please!

How do you cope with the heat?

Happy Week~ I've got some blog hopping to do
before Friday!

July 2, 2008

Fourth of July

Have a happy 4th of July~

UPDATE: Picture for my friend, Suzy
taken Friday 7.04.2008~
(from the front porch in my PJs ;)

The Summer vines and succulents are now blooming here~

So fragrant at night!

We're looking forward to sitting on the porch,
Watching the fireworks show the town puts on each year.

All we have to do is open the screen door...
Take a look up into the night sky,
anyone want a cold glass of lemonade?

This is a short week, I'm off to run errands
for the barbecue, what are your plans?

Happy long weekend and 4th of July!

(and Happy Birthday to my Great Grandma
Maude McClintock~ she was a lady full of attitude
and could stand up to any fireworks!)