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September 24, 2008

Best Nurse & Bohemian Chic Home Décor

Lovely flowers for Our Nurse, Zeke
In our home, he's been awarded
"Nurse of the Year"
He's watching over a special patient who had
oral surgery this week and hasn't left her side
~Pretty good, don't you think,
for dealing with an under the weather teen?

He doesn't sleep ~ he just watches
and hasn't left her side but for a couple minutes ;)

We did manage a very short walk this morning
it's in the high 80s and low 90s here now...

We had Fall weather last week, but now
it's gone...
Thought the neighbor's palm trees
on the corner were appropriate for the weather!
I received more giveaway goodies
(I think our super nice mail man wonders
what the heck I've been up to...
so many parcels to our home ;)
This is from Cathy~
The Victorian Garden Gourmet
and it smells wonderful!

Our daugher had a taste of the lavender sugar
and is looking forward to making scones sprinkled
with this sugar on top this weekend.

I absolutely love the packaging ~ so pretty!
...and did I mention how good
the pesto mix smells? (ooh yes, I did!)
You can find Cathy here

I've been waiting months for this...
I am planning to savor in this book
~*~ I hope, I hope ~*~
this evening (that is if no patient
needs are required for a bit...)

Robin Brown's book ~ Magnolia Pearl
(if you've been by Polly's blog you've heard
the news already ~ and lucky her, she's
going to Marburger next week)

This is going to be so inspirational
my whole house will be rearranged
possibly? Hmmm....

So this is why I haven't been around ~
The patient comes first and a little
daydreaming of living in
~*~ Fredericksburg ~*~
(or nearby with a Great Pyrenees by our sides
is in order!)

Leaving you with flowers from
My Petite Maison

Hope your days are bright and colorful
just like all the beautiful blooms

Hope this finds you all healthy & very happy!

September 17, 2008

The Breeze as it flows through the trees...

First signs of Fall~
the leaves are beginning to fall a bit themselves...
It's been cool the last couple of mornings~

I can feel the dewy morning as I take my walk
and I love it!

And what could this be?
I wonder as I walk

up the stairs this afternoon...

Looks like someone did a very bad job
of making the bed... hmm, couldn't be me~
I've got "issues" with folding, pulling, lines
coming together just right.
Just ask anyone in my family ;)

Let's look...

Looks cozy in there, doesn't it?
...And more importantly, warm~
Let's Get Closer...

Ahh, cozy cat!
He's thinking "turn out the light"
(sorry for the blur - had to take it quickly
before I ruined his nap completely!)

And just perfect for this cool,
much anticipated weather
after the terrible heat waves this Summer~

~*~ Next ~*~
Something lovely in the mail
from Lori at The Ivy Leaf Tea Parlor
(one of the nicest ladies around)
What beautiful packaging...
Vintage sheet music wrapped this lovely
container of fragrant tea
Even the bow has a teeny, tiny tea cup on it~
How cute is that?
And the nicest note, gorgeous handwriting too!

You can go visit Lori at The Ivy Leaf

(Think you'll know the tea trivia question
for this week?
She's having a giveaway...)

Here's a close up of the tea
Japanese Sweet Cherry Blossom
Smells so good I can not put it into words
and tastes even better if that's possible.
Wish we had smell-a-blogging!

After such a wonderful day
of Fall weather, just wanted to
include a little bouquet...
Just to make things even prettier~
I have so many other goodies
I would love to share and will,
but have run out of time (again)~

...I promise soon!

Thank you for being patient with me ;)

Have a lovely rest of your week
and upcoming weekend too!

September 10, 2008

Beautiful French Art & Fashion

~*~ A MUST See ~*~

Monet, Renoir, Bazille, Manet, Degas and Cezanne

A breathtaking series we happened to see advertised
on our local PBS station produced by BBC.

Hope you get a chance to view it, it's simply beautiful~
Have you seen it yet and who may I ask
is your favorite?

A hint about mine ;)


Also, don't forget to set your Tivos~
Coco Chanel Movie
On Lifetime TV
Saturday, September 13th
(Not sure what to expect, but it is starring Shirley MacLaine)

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself.
-Coco Chanel

See you next week and we'll compare notes!

September 8, 2008


A few of my favorite windows for you

I'm addicted to Belgian Lace and have
quite a collection I love to change about the house~

One of my favorite rear windows,
the lace and the blossoms outside~
It's quite hot here now, so the blooms
are gone for the Summer...
but will be back soon ;)

This is my very favorite window right now~
Just took it Saturday...
I love the sheer french lace, so we can
still see outside and enjoy the lovely day
and some of the plants on the front porch

These are not at my house, but I walk by them
each morning... around the corner from
our home. I think it's a great idea
looking into the back garden

Maybe it could be a "handyman project"?

...And here is Cielo's
The House in the Roses
~*~ Click the Window below ~*~
to visit, it's simply charming ;)

Please note: The Enchanting Windows
is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 8th
So many people wanted to
attend, the date was changed.

Okay, I'm off to gaze into
other folks windows for a while

Have a lovely week~

September 2, 2008

A Weekend of Fun & Already Tuesday?

Met this happy lady on a morning walk,
she's been in town for years, some times gets
a new dress painted on... I think she needs
flowers in her flower box, you?

Had my hair cut Friday, new pizzeria
was the word in the salon - just
a couple of towns over ~ thought we'd give it
a try... two days in a row!The one above was my hubby's choice~

Now this was mine~
The Don Franco
(anchovies, capers, hot peppers, hot pepper oil)
Almost like Italy (really, that good!)

We saw this cute little guy on a walk down the street
got in a little paint~
My hubby and I had the WHOLE weekend
to ourselves - our daughter went camping
all on her own...

Good thing we didn't go far since the campers
~*~ money for a bigger tent
~*~ board games
~*~ water
~*~ sunscreen
~*~ hamburger buns

(separate trips ;)

Good thing they didn't camp far from home...
And I was worried we wouldn't hear from them~

Ooh, and look what I was gazing my eyes on
all weekend long

Ordered from Fifi Flowers

~ An Original ~
Chocolat Luncheon Party Painting

Fifi included special
Chocolat Luncheon Party
Cards & Envelopes (they're beautiful)
Thank you, Fifi!

Now, just to find the very best
place in my office to hang this beauty~
I'm off to work on some projects~
So what are you up to?

Happy Day ~ Jour Heureux!