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October 31, 2008

Straight From the Heart

My Angel Trumpet plant is in full bloom,
the smell is so sweet on the porch...
So heady in the warm evening last night.

The flowers have bloomed and the time's
finally (yes finally) arrived
to open My Petite Maison doors
early next week...

Through many changes this year,
I have made friends...
Much more encouragement than dreamed
possible when I started this little blog
that's become a piece of my heart.

You held me up (you know who you are)
and listened during those late nights...
or should I say early mornings?
Dreams, the highs, the lows,
the in-betweens ;)

I've met so many kind souls here that it's
important to me to keep this blog what
it started out to be...
my day to day or week by week
musings... for me to share with you
and you share back with me.

Not a place for me to feel comfortable to say
"look at my finds in my little shop"
to friends...

So, the doors will be opening next week...
The baskets will be emptied and beginning
to fill up my humble petite store.

I hope you will visit me here too
Whether you're looking just to see
what I'm up to...
"The Flea Market Way of Life"

~This truly comes from my heart~

We're taking the first part of the week
to go antiquing...

Au Revoir for now...


Happy Halloween

Hope your Halloween is Happily Hauntedly Spooky!

Au Revoir for now~

October 21, 2008

Which are You?

The Sun's shining through the windswept leaves...

The pumpkins are sitting on the cozy porch ;)

The Angel Trumphet has lots & lots of buds...
Can't wait to show you a photo once it blooms~
Do you know how sweet they smell once they do bloom?

My husband surprised me last night...
I have been talking Pecan Pie for over a week now...
So which are you? Pecan or Pumpkin Pie for you?
...Or ~ Maybe something else?

Have a sweet week - I will!

Au Revoir for now~

October 17, 2008

Hopeful Friday

I'm participating today in Beautiful Cielo's
~Hopeful Friday~

I've taken on many projects lately (a good thing!)
But like everyone else, feel a little stressed at times...
~ I need to step back and breathe... ~

Never lose an opportunity of seeing
anything that is beautiful for beauty
is God's handwriting.
Welcome it in every face~
in every fair sky
in every fair flower
and thank God for it~
as a cup of blessing

Hoping this finds you with much Joy
and many, many blessings in life this Friday
...and always!

Au Revoir for now...


Please visit Cielo by clicking below!

October 16, 2008

Kindness of Animals

If you're like me... No need to worry...
This is a feel GOOD photo share....

My partner in crime (for shopping ;)
sent me this via email. I wanted to share
since it touched my heart~

Besides, the Polar Bear reminds me of
someone special to my family...

I think he's thinking of the 70 things
he'll do... tomorrow...

Just wanted a light-hearted post
to share. Hope it brought a smile
into your home for the day.

Au Revoir for now~

October 15, 2008

Fall Weather?

I'm wondering, these days...
Where is my Fall weather?

I put up some of my sparkly Halloween lights...

Put out my "Happy Pumpkin Guy"
~He's saying "Hi" to his twin in Arizona~
Surrounded him with roses and Whiffle Pumpkins

Even one of my Angel Trumpets is ready to bloom...

The Moon's Saying "Fall Weather in that Town"


The leaves are saying "It's Fall"...
It's Fall Weather in My Heart ;)

Au Revoir for Now...


October 13, 2008

Special Day and Recipe

A Birthday Bouquet in honor of "my baby's birthday"!
She loves all bold, bright colors and picked
this one herself

for me!
I wanted to share what we tried this weekend...
A new recipe with our Italian oil & sour cream
(I think it's just dried chiles and olive oil ;)
It was so good - Tamale Pie... Yum!
Now that Fall has set in (wish, wish, wish)

...I think it's going to be warm today, it can not
make up its mind, the weather that is - come on, Fall!

This was delicious... and if it's cool where you are,
You may want to try... I highly recommend it!
If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll
post the recipe.

Gotta run go get some birthday errands done...
Last minute balloons and the French Bakery...sshhh!

Au Revoir for now


October 8, 2008

What's Happening Here These Days...

First of all ~ Thank You AND Merci ~ for all
~of your well wishes the last couple of weeks~

Second, it's beginning to actually look like Fall
...Well, Fall in California that is~

The walk really needs to be swept, but there's
a weather warning for winds tomorrow, so I'm putting it off ;)

I found this magazine at our local grocery store
(not the gourmet one)
I usually go to the gourmet one (pretty, pretty!)
and send my hubby to the regular grocery store

Anyway, this is a brand new magazine to me
and there's an article on Leslie Caron's
17th Century Inn located in Burgundy
(can hardly wait to read it!)

Here's a close up with a little Halloween cat
my husband brought home for me last Friday...
I love Halloween decorating and the older
looking decorations, I'm bringing out my collection
this weekend... Looking forward to taking out
items I've forgotten are hidden in the attic
...The attic that's scary in itself!

I'm still enjoying reading the Magnolia Pearl book,
she has such a wonderful philosophy,
decorate the way you want to...
What pleases YOU!

After reading the book and viewing the beautiful photos,
I wanted to show some close-ups of my purse

It is plush and I would so love a couch this cozy
I had a purse on my wish list for four years...

I really think of it as a piece of art.
The way she puts things together is just beautiful!

And when I talked to her on the phone, she was
the sweetest thing that could be...
She just seems like the neighbor down the street
(we even talked about Zeke!)

This is the detail of one of the inside pockets ;)

Speaking of Zeke ~
He's making a fashion statement of his own...
~And taking a brief time off of his own after
being nurse for nearly two weeks...
He is indeed a working dog ;)
Now just have to get him to the beach soon!

Ooh, all this talk of Magnolia Pearl and Zeke...
I haven't visited Polly's blog yet today
to see the post about Marburger...
Gotta go soon!!

Ooh, Tivo alert - Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon)
~ TCM ~
Thursday 1:15 p.m PST

This is the very first French Movie
I saw as a child. It's a true work of art in film~

If you get a chance, you should check it out won't be sorry you did, it's a classic
~ C'est un classique! ~

Photo: IFC First Take

Zeke and I are off to work triple time
Making up for time lost during the past couple weeks
and will have a couple surprises in store for you
very soon... Better get back to work

So, have you seen Le Ballon Rouge?

Au Revoir for the Moment!