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November 26, 2008

Lovely Thanksgiving Weekend

Off to get the table ready...
yes, already! It's the details that count!

Happy Thanksgiving
What are you doing to celebrate the day?

Au Revoir for Now...

November 18, 2008

Come Along and Follow Me...

To the bottom of the sea,
we'll join in the jamboree
at the cod fish ball...


Not the Shirley Temple song, silly!

Grab a Marie Antoinette
recycleable bag (is there any other kind?)
And come along~
for the giveaway
for the opening
for the fun

A kind of
French Inspired
with a bit of
Bohemian Flair

Grab a bouquet of roses,
picked just for you
and click the bouquet below to see...
the Giveaway (please enter!)
Thank you for joining me friends
The giveaway ends Sunday, 11/23 at Midnight

Here's the website link :)

November 12, 2008

Post for a Friend

This post is for my far away friend, Suzy
Suzy's been so kind in waiting for me

to finish up all my projects...
which are a work in progress, so of course, they're not finished
(but that's the fun part, right?)

She listens, she sends me links to wonderful french sites...


She loves Meg Ryan

Suzy gave me this award when she returned from her vacation
to Egypt

Because I've been working on my project...

I have not acknowledged the sweet award

Click on it below to visit Suzy!
So to celebrate friendship and this award I have to answer few questions.

Do you have the same friends since childhood?
No. My best friend in the whole world is Jeannette. We've been friends since we met working the same place over 25 years ago when we were both 16. She could easily write a Lifetime Movie screenplay about me and I could write one about her... That cancels both out ;)

What do you value most about your friends?
I am with Suzy on this one. Quality not quantity about friends. I love that we talk together about whatever is happening that day, there for one another through thick and thin.

Are your friends your sounding boards?
Wow, see above - I already answered that one!

What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
Talking... period.

Okay Suzy, I am sorry it took me so long. But you all know I've been
working my little fingers away (and my eyes, left shoulder and arm!)

Merci, Suzy!

I am passing this on to everyone on my sidebar. Everyone is so kind
to me and I can't pick just a few people when I truly have so many
kind-hearts that I cherish out there (and Zeke won't let me... he's the boss)

Au Revoir for Now...

November 3, 2008

Take the Time...

To Write a Review...

I know most of you have seen the photo of the book
I absolutely love from Magnolia Pearl,
with some of my collection of Belgian crochet

...and yes, my lovely purse, I mean... work of art!

Any how... The reason I'm posting today is
I've heard
from quite a few of you that
you absolutely
LOVE this book too
Did you know, you can go on

and write a review? click here
- just go to the bottom of the page

...and leave your review...

In other words, Easy as Pie!

Also, I would like to take a moment
to let you know
Magnolia Pearl
has a 2009 Calendar for Love available
here if you're dying to have one of these ;)
I ordered mine this morning...
and a special
gift calendar for someone too.

Profits from the calendar go to Robin & John's
local, no-kill,
animal shelter (C.C.P.A.L) in Bandera, Texas.

This helps feed lots & lots of four-legged friends
that would go hungry if not for their generosity.
And the shelter is busily working try to find
"Home Sweet Home" for each lovely animal there.

Please... Zeke came from not the best
home, as did our kitty cats...
(He approves this message ;)

And with the book review~
I've been savoring each page
and want people to know just how lovely
A Bit of Velvet & A Dash of Lace
truly is to read and gaze upon
for inspiration!

It only takes a couple of minutes
and speaking of that...

I'm off to write my review...
and then work on my website to get
it all
Spectacular, Spectacular!

Au Revoir for Now
Thanks for Taking the Time
for the Review...

And Lots of Love to you ~
You Animal Lovers Out There ;)