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January 12, 2009

As Promised ~ Unwrapped!

A little later than I had planned, but...

Here are the thoughtful gifts
wrapped so beautifully...
from Alice W.
Every one a gift within a gift!

A beautiful hand made
"Believe" ornament

The most beautiful fleur de lis napkin rings.

Alice gave me a complete set
which I cannot wait to use...

Maybe with the weather in the 70s here
we can have a picnic outdoors?

Wonderful poetry, so good for the soul
along with a beautiful candle to burn.
I'm day dreaming along the way...

Ooh, Paris Remembered
The loveliest old photos calendar
the most
romantic city in the World

I'm rearranging my office and it will have
a very special place ;)

A darling hand-made ornament such detail
(I secretly wanted her so bad!)

Thank you Alice for sending her to me!

Her sister, Noelle resides at Romantic Thoughts
We've named our pretty birdy Nicoise

(since Zeke and I both love nicoise olives ;)

Isn't she so cute with her curly feathers?
And look at all that handmade detail,
I think she looks really happy here
at My Petite Maison
Zeke has also met a kindred spirit
Sweet Renoir...

As soon as Zeke heard his name and saw
just how charming Renoir is he just knew
they would be fast friends forever
Loving the good life and all
Renoir picked out just the perfect gift
Soft, very plush Tigger (fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!)

Merci, Renoir!

Also, you can find more of Alice's artistry and romantic
way of life in the latest
Somerset Life,
she has not one...

but two articles published
in this great magazine.

Thank you for stopping by,
I've got a lot of visiting to catch up on myself
with all of you this week!

Talk to you soon...

Au Revoir for Now


Suzy said...

These gifts are so adorable. Alice is so talented and a real sweetheart.

Love, Suzy

Lynne Laura said...


What cute pictures of Zeke and adorable. Just love all the gifts you received, how nice.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

January seems to be the month of reorganizing and organizing. I am reading about it in all the magazines and I'm doing it myself!

cityfarmer said...

you are one lucky lady....and I'm a litttttle green right now

Alice W. said...

Aww Tracie! You are so sweet! Everything looks gorgeous in your home as I knew it would! And I adored finding out Noelle's sister's name is Nicoise! She looks beautiful there with you...and Zeke looks like he is becoming fast friends with Tigger! Renoir sends love and high fives!

And thanks for the magazine plug!!! ;)

Sherri said...

Oh my goodness Tracie...everything is beautiful my friend! Alice is amazing..great taste, great talent, kind heart! Zeke looks very happy with his Tigger - I love all the photos, they are fabulous! xoxo

Pearl said...

Hi Tracie... Your friend certainly did a fine job of spoiling you with such lovely gifts... It was a joy to see them all... Can Zeke possibly be any sweeter-looking than he is with his lil Tigger?! Just ♥ Precious! Wish I were there to enjoy your awesome weather, and curl up for a nice long chat... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Ballerina Girl said...

just lovely presents...Nicoise is adorable and Zeke looks mighty pleased! he is a beautiful dog!

A Romantic Porch said...

Such beautiful gifts, just like you my dear Tracie! xo rachel

Linda's Blue Gate said...

That little bird is the cutest bird in the world.... everything is so enchanting....
I am so jealous of Tigger.... wish I could spend the day sitting with Zeke.....

Kim's Treasures said...

Wonderful gifts! What a nice friend!

Kathleen said...

Alice has fabulous taste, and a great sense of panache. Your Zeke is a beautiful boy.....and a very handsome boy. Hugs to you


What lovely gifts Tracie! I like all of them. Thanks for sharing.


Kelly said...

Oh Tracie I am so glad you put a picture of the Believe ornament on your blog! I received those too and I posted about them ( I think it is set to post tomorrow not sure or maybe I already have posted it, lol ) but I took a picture of how pretty the package was and FORGOT to take one of the ornaments!!! I was so in awe of the package alone! And your pup is such a sweetie!!! I want to reach in and give big hugs!!!

Have a great day~


Fifi Flowers said...

What lovely gifts you have received!
I have been chatting with one of your friends... Polly... she is so nice and full of nice words about you!
The new adventure sounds interesting!

Deb said...

What a wonderful parcel. I love the "believe" ornament. Your sweet pup Zeke looks very happy with his new gift too :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

I LOVE that bird! It could be a great friend for the Fuzzy Duck!

Millas hem said...

Thank´s for visiting me!
Such a cute dog!

Hugs Camilla

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Isn't Alice one of the most talented artists out there. I love her website! Thanks for always stopping by and leaving the sweetest comments!!

MARIA said...

Very lovely and beautiful gifts from special friend Alice,
and you are Special too, Tracie.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Tracie, I went to the bookstore the other day to get Somerset Life but no such luck. Always enjoy reading your blog. Pretty things you got in the mail ~ Lynn

Sandi said...

Absolutely lovely gifts Tracie! They look right at home. Blessings!

TattingChic said...

Your gifts from Alice are all so lovely! Very cute photos of Zeke!

Olive Rue said...

Just wanted to say I really love your blog. You have some great photos and inspiration here.