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March 9, 2009

Running Out of Time

There's not enough time in my day
to get everything done (or close to done!)

Now with Daylight Savings Time,
I've lost another hour!

I found myself running around in a tizzy today
where's that extra hour? I feel like the White Rabbit
in Alice in Wonderland... I'm late, I'm late!

I've got so many projects to finish ~
No, so many projects to start.

I did manage to get more Vintage Marie

~Will get them uploaded this week~

How do you get things done and not stress out
about getting projects completed from start
to finish when you've lost an hour?

Any suggestions are appreciated

Au revoir for now~


Michelle said...

Tracie, I agree. It through me completely off and I could barely wake up this morning. Wait, that's every morning! LOL. I love that mug with the clock on it. :)

The Victorian Parlor said...

I feel your stress! Trying to get the necessary things accomplsihed and still have time to do the things that we long to do is quite a task! But somehow eventually it all gets done and we have time for ourselves:) Love the picture with the clock treasures and the one with your creations-beautiful things:)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I guess for me, I gave up a long time ago! (Getting things finished from start to finish, that is...). :)

So, loss of an hour, gain of an hour...I'm STILL "behind" in everything, so I figured I'd just stop stressin' about it, period.

Yeah....easier said than done. I've got a list longer now than ever of really important things that really, really need to be done, but somehow, each day comes and goes and the list is still not all checked out. C'est la vie....

Life is good. As long as I'm keeping up with my loved ones and making sure my relationships are good, the rest will just get done when it gets done, no?

She says, as she contemplates heading back to the office at 9PM! ;)

Happy Day Light Savings Time, all!


Lorri said...

You just have to take a deep breath and go for it. I actually didnt have too much trouble this morning, but tomorrow may be a different story!! Cant wait to seethe new treasures.

Judy said...

I wish I had suggestions Tracie. I am so stressed trying to get half of my daily lists done. I love your picture. I'm taking deep breaths and going on to the next thing.


Slow down Tracie! Love that mug with the clock!!!!!!


alicew said...

I am feeling exactly the same way Tracie. Now I am even further behind in my Hope that you are able to get some stress relief asap (I need it too)! Cuddle with Zeke is my advice ;)

Jenny Fowler said...

I don't have any suggestions for you except to just let it go. Give yourself a week to adjust to the time change and then the grace you give yourself with give you a little peace and you can get back on track next Monday! ;)

Pearl said...

Ohhh how I wish I had the right answers to all of the questions in the world... but, don't we all?!

When stress creeps up on me, I find as many of my fur-babies as I can and do some serious snuggling... I just love to pet them and bury my face in their sweet, soft fur for kisses...

God bless...

~hugs, love ♥ 'n prayers~


vicki archer said...

There is never enough time to do the things we love - but that is good, right? It would be worse to sit around wondering what we could do. I adore all your pots in the last post too - they are gorgeous, xv

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

We haven't changed our clocks yet in England, but I still know where you are coming from! I seem to burn the candle at both ends at the moment. The only way to fit everything in during the day that I want to achieve is to get up before everyone else in the house and then go to bed late!

I think we girls sometimes set ourselves impossible to reach targets! It's a good thing we love what we do!

Suzy said...

I totally understand what you are talking about. Lately I am terrible with managing my time, so I really can't give you any tip.

I hope you get some time to start your projects, can't wait to see them.

Love sweetie! Suzy

A Romantic Porch said...

Well well sweet Tracie, I hope today is better for you. Here's what I do...I take a deep breath and decided what absolutely HAS to be done at this very minute, what can wait? Then I work on the "absolutely" and I just keep telling myself, stay at it! But realistically I get down on myself, because no matter how hard I try I feel like I'm always running behind, and leaving off the things that are important to me because everything else is calling louder, but I think this might sound a bit depressing, so I'll say hug your loved ones and have a great day...and eat something yummy! xo rachel

Fete et Fleur said...

I try to stay in the moment and tell myself I can only do what I can do. I don't let my mind fly to what must be done tomorrow or even the next day. One moment at a time.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

I feel the same, with not enough hours in a day! ~ often I will make a list and hopefully tick all the things off.

I should be out in the garden but I came in to have a cup of coffee and I have got side tracked.

I love your photos with all your treasures and beautiful clock.


Linda's Blue Gate said...

I guess I just have learned to tell my self ..... you can not do it all..... Now that I have the Twin baby goats to feed.... I just say it is time to feed the babies and let them hop all over me.... the little dears need to be loved by someone...

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

It takes me about as much time to adjust as it takes to change over once again... Why must they mess with our minds like this?

Andrea said...

I just do what I can today...and what I can't, I can do another day. Love the photo with the pretty!

cityfarmer said...


give me a new clock

Jeanneoli said...

I just try to list out what is most important and the rest...well, it doesn't get done or I have started paying people to help me. must always have coffee.

rosecottagegardensandfarm said...

I JUST changed my watch--I was an hour behand all week! What a lovely blog! I enjoyed my visit!

Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Marie Antionette said...

I feel your overwhelmness.But knowing you Tracy dear,you will get it together.Everything is looking just fine.XXOO Marie Antionette
PS CD's on there way.

Angelfeather said...

I found that if I don't focus on what I haven't accomplished but on what I have I can cope better with what lies ahead. It is sort of sad that we live in times that cause us to be so frantic so much of the time. I don't think there is a good answer except we untimately are in control! All else fails a good breathing exercise and calming mantra helps.

Mimi said...

Uhm, no suggestions, I came to your blog because I thought maybe you had some for me :)

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Tracie, I can really relate to your feeling like the rabbit - I often feel like saying "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, no time to stay......." I guess taking a deep breath and realising I can only achieve what I can achieve helps sometimes. I just love your blog, so glad I found it. Your sweet dog and cats are gorgeous. Catherine x

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Tracie!

I've never caught up from the very first day lite savings time change!! LOL I've always found it mind boggling as to WHY we have to do this. I know... they say it's for the farmers to have more daylight when they need it along with other things but Time is Time! I think it's all so silly! Ok I'm off my soap box...

Have a great weekend Tracie!

Hugs, Sherry

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Invitation to 'Why I Love Vintage' Blog Contest!
Please stop by and have fun!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Mmm, not always easy is it. I'm not very good at being interrupted in the middle of a project. I tend to like to focus on it and shut out everything else that may distract me. However, not that easy when you have school run and a child to look after. I set myself more realistic goals now.
I do love your photos!!!

Angie said...

I was caught off guard by daylight savings time as well.

By the way, I love your blog. I've been following it for awhile, but I've been very lax about leaving comments. I especially enjoy your quiz on the side about which Jane Austen character are you.

Claudia said...

I always feel like I am not accomplishing everything I want to! It doesn't help when I sign onto my computer and get lost in all the wonderful blogs!

Olive Rue said...

Wish I had the answer for ya. But just remember to slow down and breathe. Oh, and I finally got you added to my blog roll.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello!Just to tell you that your blog is very nice! You have gorgeous photos and interesting posts!
Have a great week!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I was so distracted by your awesome clock collection, I missed the question!