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May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend~

Wishing you a beautiful weekend

Filled with all the people you love...

How about some
Family, friends, safety, coziness,
four-legged friends and much happiness!

You can find the French burlap pillows
at Petit Coterie
(Thank you, Michelle!)

I plan on kicking back here on the porch
some of the weekend...

Reading a book, maybe watching a movie
(an early Mother's Day gift ;)

And being thankful for whom and what I have
to hold close in this lifetime.

Some of the time will be spent cherishing
memories of ladies that have given me much love
in my life.

My great-grandmothers and grandmothers
that I was so fortunate to know growing up!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Most of all, enjoy every moment!

Talk to you next week

Au revoir for now~


Berlin Deluxxe said...

Do enjoy yourself this Mother's Day :)

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! Have a great one!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Oh, those pillows are lovely, Tracie. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I will be gardening at the farmhouse, and hopefully digging for a few treasures at Naisi's Barn.

La Table De Nana said...

Happy Mother's day to you too..:) Love the cushions.. and I will look into that movie!!!!

Such pretty pics:)

It was nice meeting you the last little while here..

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, dear friend!



*The Beautiful Life* said...

P.S. -- I bought some of those same burlap pillows for myself about a month ago -- LOVE them! :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello sweet Tracie!
What a fun weekend you have planned! Take time to enjoy the gifts of God! You are a sweetie. Anita

Petit Coterie said...

You are such a sweetie! Have a wonderful Mother's Day, relax, enjoy your book.

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Tracie ~ I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.
That book looks like it will be a lovely one ~ enjoy.

I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my family. I heard my daughter and son whispering about meeting up to buy Mum a gift!


Siobhan said...

Happy Mothers Day to my sweet friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Siobhan xo

Suzy said...

That sound like a great plan sweetie. And what a nice way to cherish the memories of the most precious women - moms in your life. Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy your weekend. Love, Suzy

Allidink said...

I love the little tres chic pillow! Happy mothers day to you :)

All the best,

Rue said...

Good morning Tracie :)

It sounds like you'll be having a very lovely weekend.

Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!


Sandi said...

Have a wonderful Mothers Day Tracie!

Jacque said...

Hi Tracie...a couple of my sisters and I are taking our 87 yr old mother out for dinner to celebrate ALL of our "Mother's Day". I hope you have a great one too!

vicki archer said...

Happy Mother's Day too, xv.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hey sweet Tracie!
You and me both; I could use a lavender flavored macaroon tonight! I had tea in my garden this morning at 4:30am! It was tranquille, by the light of my lantern at my bistro table. Isn't it fun to dream and do what no one else would think of doing?!!!

Have a weekend filled with love and laughter; if you are a mom, Happy Mothers Day!!! Anita

Debby said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. Love the pillows.
Happy Mother's Day.

Andrea said...

Happy Mother's Day Tracie!

A Romantic Porch said...

Happy Mother's Day sweet friend. I hope it is entirely special from top to bottom! xorachel

Brenda Kula said...

Resting. Today was a Meals On Wheels day. I'm going to cook a dinner for just the two of us on Sunday. That's a biggie for me! I don't cook much. And garden. I'm going to get out there and do some digging and clipping. And read blogs. I always do that! Happy Mother's Day. Kiss that dog of yours for me, okay?

Jen r. said...

I think I am going to read that book! Happy Mother's day to you!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Tracie~ You've been in my thoughts.... I came by to tell you about my Parisian post (last week), but you were away. I included my sweet Marie. If you have a little time come back and take a peek.
As you will see the response was wonderful! I also posted at the Darling Bakers (private culinary) blog. They too loved Marie!

I hope you have a beautiful Mothers Day!

Sweet wishes,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Have a great Sunday Tracie!!! Anita

Rue said...

Hi again Tracie!

Thinking of me and my issues all day?! You really ARE a sweet friend! I do have it in there, but I get "the eye" everytime the subject comes up LOL

I just painted a black bench for our porch red and white and you should have seen THAT look... hehehehe ..... He's a good sport though and just smiles :)

Have a great night and thank you for letting me know you don't think I'm nuts for having a dresser in my kitchen ;)


TattingChic said...

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to you, too! What a sweet little appropo! :)

Laura said...

Happy Mother's Day Tracie! Love those cushions....Have a peaceful, relaxing weekend...
Be well, Laura

alicew said...

Happy Mother's Day Tracie! What a beautiful post. I love your photos...and those pillows make me swoon...must go check out where you got them. Hope you have a relaxing and beautiful day whatever you end up doing...the movie looks very enticing. I will be cuddling up with my four-legged baby of course ;) and visiting ma mere to give her a pink hydrangea plant I got her for her garden.
Bonne Fête des Mères!

Floss said...

Hi, Tracie, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I am so glad you like my old French fashion newspapers - I love the style of your blog and feel that some of my fashionable French ladies from 1899 could happily come and inhabit your pictures! You hae a beautiful style. Happy Mothers' Day to you.

Paula -Teaberry Cottage said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Sounds like it will be special.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello sweet Tracie!
I am crying as I think of your kind words. That little plastic doll makes me sad because my mom was never able to go beyond and explore with good materials, BUT the beauty of it is that this came from her dying heart and that will stay with me forever. Thank you for your kind comments. Anita

Fete et Fleur said...

Happy Mother's Day, Tracie! As always your post is a beautiful one. Have a beautiful weekend!


Elin said...

Hi dear friend...
I love the pillow pictures and the eggs in the nest are just wonderful...

Lovely pictures...
And i hope you have a nice day.
Many warm hugs

Judy said...

Enjoy your Mother's Day and have a happy one!!

rochambeau said...

Happy Mother's Day Tracie!
What a nice post!

Jeanneoli said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I also LOVE Michelle's pillows.

Tiffany said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind thoughts.I appreciate them so much. I really enjoyed the 2 blogs you high lighted below. You have such good taste. Hope to visit with you soon. Blessings!

Fifi Flowers said...

I hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend! I had a relaxing one.

Anne Marie said...

Hope you had a great day!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Hope you enjoyed your Mother's day! Love those pillows.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Tracie
I am interested in knowing what you thought of the film if you have watched it yet. As I plan on renting it. I hope that you had a lovely weekend.
Take care
Isabelle x


Hi Tracie,

Thanks for sharing the information for purchasing the pillows.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Have a great weekend!


Barb said...

I just came over from Dream in Cream coment post.
I just want to say i admire how succinct you were in your answer.

I was just too long winded.

Love yuor blog.

blessings, Barbara jean

Tyra said...

Happy Mothers Day!!
In Norway we celebrate Mothersday in february, but on the of may (Sanday) it's Norways National Day, off to marching on the parade, eating icecream and sausages...

Have a nice Weekwnd!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma chère Tracie!
Yes, what a crazy time of year! I had a post all planned out, but no time to take half-decent photos!! You are a dear for visiting. Take care and give big old Zeke a hug!! Blessings, Anita

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Tracie,

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I have been thinking of you this week, saw that very sweet book you sent us the other day. Hope you are having a happy week, sweetie!
xo Lidy

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Tracie,
Lovely post! So nice to stop by and say hello. I hope you had a nice Mother's Day. I have not gotten around to visit in some time, so it was nice to catch up.
Hope you have a nice weekend,
Hugs from me and sweet Miss Beazy,
Celestina Marie Designs

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Thanks for stopping by Tracie! I was perusing your lovely shop and blog; Zeke looks like a sweet big boy! Your wares are just marvelous! Have you any plans to go back to our beloved Eze in the near future? Oh how I miss shopping in those little boutiques! Anita

Kasey said...

love those pillows...seems everyone has them now.