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May 18, 2009

Pre-Order Jeanne d'Arc Living for Summer

Good News Jeanne d'Arc Living Fans!
if you love the French Scandinavian style~
Just click the photo above
to be taken to sweet Roberta's website
to PRE-ORDER Jeanne d'Arc Living.

I had to hurry and post to let you know ;)
This magazine (I mean book) is much
in demand and is worthy to sit on your
coffee table!

I've been so busy planting white roses,
getting items in order for my website
(photos, photos and more photos!)
I've just found out we have company
arriving on Friday
(can you say clean up the maison?)

Hope you're having a beautiful week...
See you very soon!

Now go order that beautiful magazine!

Au revoir for now~


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour Tracie! OOOH! 2019, how divine...I never made it to Marseille, but I am sure that it is as marvelous as the rest of the French Riviera. Gelato sounds Nice, I remember the lavender ice cream and the cantelope gelato. What glory. I must look into Jeanne d'Arc Living! I haven't heard of it! Thanks for the update. Bisous, Anita

Sandi said...

What a lovely looking magazine! I am addicted to pretty magazines.

I am getting ready to plant a climbing white rose if I can figure out where to put it. I know where I want to put it, but that probably won't work out. Have a lovely day!

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Tracie, I wish I was there to help you! I'd love it! xorachel

Tracy said...

Thanks for letting us know...I just pre-ordered my copy! :)

Allidink said...

Someday I will get that magazine lol. White roses, how lovely :)

All the best,

Berlin Deluxxe said...

What lovely roses...

Brenda said...

You have become a very busy lady! I admire all that you've been accomplishing of late!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Thanks for letting us know about the pre-order on the Jeanne d'Arc Living - such a beautiful book! Have fun gardening, Tracie!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

Thank you for telling us about the magazine ~ it looks lovely.

I have two white Iceberg roses that are pretty.
Your roses are beautiful.

Enjoy your day

June said...

Hi Tracie,
Thank you for the heads up on that great mag.You know how I love mags. Those roses will certainly be a delight to you in your garden. I love white anything. I always say to my kids,'White is my signature color.' With a southern accent of course. They know I will buy anything white or paint it white.(or off white)Have fun cleaning.

Jeanneoli said...

I'm going...I'm going right now!!!

My Shabby Roses said...

Wow, that looks like a fun book!

I enjoyed reading through your blog. What pretty pictures.

Hope you get a lot of cleaning done!

Petit Coterie said...

Bonjour Tracie, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, who knows maybe you will win my giveaway :)
I have something on my blog for you, go take a look.


Suzy said...

Hi my friend.
The cover of the magazine looks promising to reveal lot of inspiring photos and stories.
Hope you will beside a busy week enjoy your days and your company.

Love, Suzy

cityfarmer said...

this sounds like pure delight!!


Bre said...

Thank you so much for the link...I wanted to order the last one but didn't get a chance. Will definitely have to order this one : )

Glad you had a bit of a chance to clean up your house "before" company arrived. One time my relatives arrived without notice.....French Canadian Aunties and Uncles tend to do that LOL

Of course we hadn't tidied up ...and with three little can just imagine.

My auntie taught me the expression

"on t' a pris avec tes culottes en bas " It means they caught us unaware bit it literally translates
We caught you with your pants down !

Never forgot that one LOL !

Take care and enjoy your company.
Chantilly Grace

Alice W. said...

I cannot wait! The last one is right on top of the coffee table books...I am enjoying showing it off to my guests ;) Your white roses are stunning! Wish I had a green thumb...

{Typepad comments still aren't working for me on Blogger...thus I am using my old Blogger profile ;)}

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Tracie! I like Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine!!! It's marvellous! The problem is the language...I cannot understand a word! But I alway buy it!!!
Your white roses are very beautiful...white flowers are my favourite!
Good work with your nice web-shop and take care!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I'm so sad... it was "sold out!"
I would love a copy. Is there any other available source?
Please let me know.

Sweet wishes,

Federica said...

Hi Tracie,

thank you so much for stopping by Sweet as a candy!

That magazine looks fantastic!

Take care

A Vintage Mood said...

Found your beaUtiful blog through friends Laura at 52Flea and Ruth at The Beautiful Life Blog. I'll be back! Clicking over to check out that magazine now :).

The Blonde Duck said...

How wonderful!

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Thank you so much Tracie...I am up to my ears in getting ready for the Barn Sale. It is really scary right place looks like Sanford & Sons times 10 right now.

I am definatly going to get that book...sound just yummy.
Big Hugs...

icandy... said...

What a beautiful blog!!! Thank you for sharing! :)