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June 10, 2009

The Tomatoes are Growing & Something Special

I couldn't think what to call this post and changed it over & over

I'm so excited! Our first tomato has started to grow out back.

Our herbs are growing like crazy too

The flowers are growing strong...
Hold them up, little piggie!

The sad thing is my assistant
who never complains about anything...
Isn't feeling so good :(

Gee, I wonder why with watching out back
over this cat

And this new adoptee (yes, she adopted us)
Bad, bad neighbors left her behind

Zeke just loves her white mustache

And here's the whiner cat again...
Giles is a little "touched"
Lucky for him, we have one non-needy kitty
that's very independent and leaves him alone
for the most part

I have some more good news though~

Since it's tomato growing season,
I'm giving away three copies of this cookbook

Recipes inside are from Wine Country chefs

I would love to share some of the good things
that come from this beautiful area

(I'll also throw in some petite french surprises
hmmm... a little music to cook by perhaps?)

My Petite Giveaway Cookbooks

I'll be away watching over Zeke and doing
some much needed work in the store,
Yes, filling the empty shelves...

I will pick 3 names

Next Friday, June 19th at Midnight

Oh, if you'd like to share the news on your blog,
just link back here and let me know...
I'll add your name a second time.

Au revoir for now~


June said...

Hi Tracie,
Hey,isn't it great to see that first tomato on the vine. And then there's eating that first tomato on the vine. Heaven. I love seeing all your garden buddies. They are all so cute and I'm sure all the help in the world. I would love to join the giveaway! Thank you!

Allidink said...

I can't believe people today abandoning their pets! It makes me so mad! God bless you for taking the poor thing in it really is cute. I am excited for your tomatoes! Looking good :) So is everything else your growing. Love the photos of your sweet pets!

All the best,

p.s. my word verification is "hotheads" LOL maybe it knew how mad your neighbors made me! haha

La Table De Nana said...

Poor doggie and his sweet face:(
My friend Jain's dog is not well either:(

I bet your tomato will taste terrific..I can't believe the size of your sage Tracie!

Things grow so much better there!

TattingChic said...

Oh, poor Zeke is sick. How sad :(
I hope he gets feeling better soon!

COngratulations on your tomato! WOo Hoo! It really is the little things in life, isn't it!?

Well, I would LOVE to win one of your Heirloom Tomato plants! I LOVE tomatoes and really need to eat healthier! I feel so much better when I do. Tomatoes are such a scrumptious part of a healthy diet AND heirloom tomatoes are fabulous! :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Tracie I hope poor Zeke is soon feeling better.
Oh how yummy your tomatoes will be.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Tracie! Your garden is a triunph of nature!!! I like your tomato, herbs and flowers and you have a lovely little zoo!
Nice giveaway...I'll link it!
Warm greetings and happy week end!

Floss said...

We are hoping to have a whole lot of tomatoes this year, including on my son's own plants. I would love to be entered in your giveaway - thanks for the opportunity!

I do hope your dog gets well soon. It is so worrying when they'r under the weather.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Tracie! Are you kidding, I LOVE TO COOK! While I was getting my bachelor's degree in French, I was cooking as a part time job at a local posh market for their deli! Count me in for the drawing. Tomatoes are my passion! And...Gérard is my favorite. No one else could be Jean. Oh, is Mr. Zeke not well? God bless him. I do love his sweet eyes and big body! I pray that he is O.K. God bless you all sweet Tracie! Anita

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Tomatoes already?!! Wow, you are so lucky, Tracie. Everything we had planted at the farmhouse 3 weeks ago, died (due to cold temps and a hailstorm). Oh, yest, we were very busy replanting everything last weekend. We won't see a tomato for a very loooooong time in our garden.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Tracie,
The first tomato is always so exciting....but now don't forget to share!!! Your garden friends are too cute and don't they make the chores a little more fun?
The Heirloom tomato book is great and I could use some brushing up on the new one ( well really old ones) that they keep discovering.)
Always a pleasure visiting,
ps. windows shut down during my last comment???? so feel free to delete if 2 came thru....darn computer!!!

Andrea said...

Hey...your a zoo lover too,huh! I love seeing the first signs of the garden too...yum!

Les Cotrions said...

Oppp! Sorry I made a mistake! I've just corrected it!

Brenda said...

Well Tracie, I'm so sorry Zeke isn't feeling too perky. Could it be the addition of the cat? Call the vet if he doesn't perk up soon.

ang diehl said...

Bonjour sweet Tracie.
I'm sending over some "get well vibes" to dear Zeke. Hang in there.
Your garden looks sweet. We planted tomatoes for the first time this year w/our lil'tot. Heirloom recipes would be such a treat.
xo angie diehl =)

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my! I love tomatoes...we only have tomatoes yet! I don't have any herbs. I want to get some though and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Your animals are so pretty! I love the mustache on the kitty too!Have a wonderful day sweet Tracie! xorachel

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Lucky pets to have such a loving mom. My tomato doesn't even have buds yet. Happy Thursday.

Jacque said...

You are sure away ahead of me! I just got two heirloom tomato plants in the ground so they will produce late BUT late is better than never! I have recently found myself the caregiver of three new kittens. They are adorable but I didn't realize that multiple cats would mean MULTIPLE feeding and litter box cleaning!! Sorry to hear about Zeke. Thanks for sharing and for giving. I would love to be added in your drawing for the giveaway.

alicew said...

Ooh how I would love those herbs to be growing here! day...
Saying prayers for Mr. Zeke :( as is Renoir...and your new addition is sure cute!
Good luck to everyone on the giveaway!

Counting Your Blessings said...

First, thank you! Your sweet comment last week when I was so down... it really helped! I'm baffled by these emotions but it helps to know that I'm not the only one. Big ((hugs))

And your tomato... Congratulations! I tried and tried to get my tomatoes to grow last year but we didn't get a one. Even Neighbor Bob couldn't coax them along. And Steve mowed over my wildflowers accidentally a few weeks ago (just in time for the graduation party on Sunday). lol

Hope you're enjoying your Thursday! Blessings.. Polly (p.s. praying with you for our common heartache.)

Fifi Flowers said...

We have several tomatoes on our bush... sooo FUN to grow things in the garden... it's all my youngest son's doing.
LOVE that white mustache!

Claudia said...

Hi Tracie - look at that gorgeous tomato! Congratulations!

Why do people abandon their pets? I can't understand it. Thank goodness there are people like you. I hope Zeke feels better soon - he is such a sweetie!

trash talk said...

First I'd like to say I hope your Zeke gets to feeling better quickly. Second, kudos to you for taking care of that sweet kitty face. You are a doll for just adding that one to the mix.
Third, three words...fried green tomatoes! Yummy!
I'll try to get a link done before the 19th.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Tracie; I just planted four tomato plants yesterday. How lucky yours is popping out already. Love looking at all your lovely garden art and flowers.... Hope your doggy feels better soon..... your kitties are so sweet.


The Victorian Parlor said...


I pray that your dog feels better soon:). Your cats are adorable-love the one with the mustache-what a camera ham!



Sandi said...

Hi Tracie!
LOVE LOVE LOVE tomatoes! That {in my opinion} is why summer exists! LOL
Would love to win a book and some french goodies. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!
Bless you for taking care of all those animals.

Debby said...

WOW!! Looks like your garden is doing great! Thanks for sharing the pics of all your pets, they are sweet. I just can't believe how someone could leave their pet behind. Crazy world. Hope Zeke getsa feelling better soon.

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

Thank you so much for your vote at Lulu's vintage website contest~~you're a love! And I hope that beautiful pup is feeling better. . .

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Tracie,
What a great give away. I am so bummed I didn't get tomatoes planted this year...I wonder if I still have time???

I hope Zeke is feeling better. Give him a big hug for me. Your kitties are adorable.

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hello again...
I know, I know...this is all you need right now.

I enjoy your blog so much that I would like other people to find you...that's why I have "tagged" you! Stop by my blog when you have a minute to play and share some "secrets" about you!

cityfarmer said...

I just noticed my t. plants are LOADED!!!

yummy, BLT's, fresh salsa, and more

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Tracie, Your first tomato looks like it will be a yummy one. Beautiful flowers and herbs too. Oh I so hope your sweet Zeke feels better.He looks so cute. The kitties are so cute too. Glad you have the one left behind. How awful for anyone to do. "poor baby"
Love the piggy with the flowers. Miss Beazy just had her 5th birthday!

Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

MiniMadWoman said...

Tracie, sorry to hear that Zeke isn't feeling well . . . hope he's back to his 'ol self soon!

The kitties are gorgeous . . . I miss having cats, but with three parrots, it's out of the question! LOL!!

I love tomatoes, especially fresh off the vine . . . yummy!

Petit Coterie said...

Your first tomato, that is exciting. Home grown are absolutely the best. I have had you on my mind all week. Let's go walk and talk. Please enter me in your giveaway and come and enter mine.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

What....... Zeke..... you...... got ..... to ...... get..... better buddy...... who is going to watch over Tracie and the cats..... just go inside and get some rest by the air conditioner..... maybe you just got over heated...... take care Zekeie boy....... Mickey and Gus send their love... and a big smooch from me...

Mamma Millan said...

Lovly tomato, nice blog!! So cute dog and cat!! Hugs from Millan sweden♥

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Tracy,my little tomatoe friend.Long time no blog...LOLWell thanks for stopping by.Love Zeke.His mustach is way to kool.I hope your doggie gets to feeling better.He is a beauty.What kind of dog is that?
Your plants and stuff sure are growing well.Ours isn't doing well.Our water Melons are Ok though.Can't wait till you hear the Ricky Nelson Cd, will put it in the mail tomorrow.Love you Marie Antionette

Mamma Millan said...

Thank you so very much for youre visit in my blog!! Huggs!! ♥

Ana ~ A Petite Cottage said...

Hi Tracie,
Thank you for your visit at A Petite Cottage and thank you for the invitation. It was good meeting you too. You are welcome to come back and visit anytime. By the way, very nice garden. And I hope Zeke feels better soon.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my dearest Tracie, You are so kind to always visit me with such sweet words. You really are wonderful to sincerely respond and give words of joy and encouragement. How are you and Mr. Zeke? That sweet, big, gorgeous friend of yours, is he feeling better? Oh do let us know how he is, I know he must be so special to you. You know, I posted my Fathers Day tribute a week early, I WAS CONFUSED WITH THE DATES! But thank you for acknowledging it daddy really did leave me something special and I know that in heaven, he is reveling in the eternal music of peace and joy. God bless you, beautiful lady, and give Zeke a hug for me. Anita

Rue said...

Good morning Tracie :)

You really make me wish we would have had time to grow a vegetable garden this year! The tomatoes are looking good :)

Bad Bad Neighbor is right! Have you heard about the cause for abandoned animals? It's on my blog about 3 posts back. Zeke could get a little scarf ;)

Oh and I would absolutely love to win!


ShellinSnohoomish said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and my furry friends as well!

I hope your furry best friend is better soon.

Kodi, the Golden ret, is the only animal that I have actively sought out,, after the kids had left home I really missed having a dog.

I've taken in a lot of strays in my life, If I ever won the lottery, I'd open an animal shelter. They love us so unconditionally!!

Have a good Day. Hugs to you and pets to your furry companions.


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Tracie, Your doggie is precious, the poor thing..With all that love around him he will be in tip top shape before you know it...

Your giveaway sounds splendid, love the idea of the french music!
The sunniest of summer days to you angel,
PS, always, thank you for your sweet sweet comments :)

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

what a great post ...I pray for your doggie Tracie ...
I found a few little tomatoes in my garden this morning ..

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Yay Tracie, signs of summer how lucky to grow your own tomatoes!! Cant grow any veges here as the stoopid possoms eat them all but we are thinking about building a sweet fence around the vege patch which should stop them in their tracks lol!
ps. fancy those neighbours leaving that cute cat behind!!

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Darling Tracie!!

Thank-you for stopping by The Katillac Shack! Thrilled to have you for a friend!

Your fur-kids are gorgeous!!
And Mr. Mustache--can't believe anyone would leave him....sad.

Look forward to your scarf.......

love, kelee and oliver

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Tracie, what a beautiful tomato. :) Our own Mr. FgH hovers over his tomato plant each day, willing his tiny ones to plump up and go red. I'm so sorry about Zeke, he is the sweetest.
xo Lidy

A Vintage Mood said...

Awwww, Zeke looks like THE sweetest dog, I hope he's well soon.

Love your piggie!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Hi Tracie, I love your kids! Thanks for sharing. My Mom is a tomato grower and she would love this gift. Draw me and I'll pass it on to her. Thanks! ~Mindy

lorhen82 said...

That photo of Zeke is the best! So cute! I would love to be part of your giveaway...thanks! ~Lori

Anonymous said...


I came via Rue.

I would love to enter your giveaway :)

Nice to meet you,
Kathy :)

♥Mimi♥ said...

You warmed my soul when I read you took in the little kitty that was left behind. Welcome to your new family addition!

Cyndi W said...

Hi Tracie, I came over here from Rue's Blog...I have met (so to speak) so many wonderful new friends in blogland! I have to tell you that your Blog is absolutely a delicious treat for the eyes. If you are not a photographer, than you missed one of your callings in life. ALL of your pictures are so beautiful. I guess that's one area I also pay very close attention because I could certainly use some help in that pictures are hardly worth looking at :( Well to end on a happy note, I sure enjoyed my visit to "Your Petite Maison: and am going to add you to my favorites list. Have a wonderful day, Cyndi