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October 9, 2009

Sweet Days

A little field trip to one of my favorite
petite bakeries in Wine Country...

Come along with moi...
My husband's favorite - cheesecake (above)

My fav above
Passion fruit tartlets - Yum!

Zeke's favorites (pignoli cookies)

The almonds tarts are wonderful too
(I pulled my crown out once on one of those...
the dentist told me it was temporary and to be
careful, but did I listen? Actually, I forgot in the moment!)

Our daughter's favorite, the lemon tartlet

So, what's your favorite?

Happiness to You~


T's Daily Treasures said...

Yummy! Lemon tartlett would be my fave. I love lemon meringue and key lime pies. Delish on a hot summer day! Went to a mini-bazaar earlier in the week where I bought some carrot cake cookies with cream cheese filling. I just had one with coffee and it is sooooooooooo good! peace & blessings to you, :) Tammy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tracie, ma chère amie! Moi, I love raspberry tartlets with a crème anglaise filling or the flan that you find so much of in the South of France. Anything with fruit or custard!!! Those are gorgeous photos! Maybe I will do a post one day on the desserts of France; I have some killer photos as well of some of the most luscious tarts. Have a beautiful weekend! Anita

Laura said... would have to be something chocolate....very deep dark rich chocolate...yes...nothing else could compare!
:) Laura

Les Cotrions said...

Mmmm such a sweet post! I adore chocolate...everything with it!
A sweet week end for you!

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Your a big tease aren't you Tracie? Hey my husband loves cheesecake too- how about that. Nothing like having a great bake shop near by for all those wonderful breads they make too.

Oh one more thing- you mention liking my couch. I end replacing my other couch to get this one at some old lady's house that sold Antiques inside. She had got a deal on it from someone else and end up selling it to me because I loved it so much. I'll probably post my living room in the near future.

Take Care and have a Wonderful Day-

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Tracie... they all look so yummy! I think I would like to try Zeke's favorite, I just know he would choose something super yummy! My dentist has told me the same thing... I kind of forget it until it happens again... I love sweets! That looks like such a fun petite bakery... Bisous... Julie Marie

willywagtail said...

Actually my favourites are the actual bakers stands. They leave me with such a homey feel. Cherrie

Sandi said...

I would be in some serious trouble if I lived close to that place Tracie! I would be as big as a barn because I LOVE sweets!! lol They all look so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Maison Douce said...

... Anything with chocolate!! You have made my mouth water...!!!!

Deb said...

ooh what a gorgeous petite bakerie & cheesecake - my favourite ♥ almond tarts, passion fruit tarts, and lemon tarts - love them all too :-)

trash talk said...

Just give me a bowl of warm ganache and a spoon please!

June said...

Hi Tracie,
I loved the trip to the this beautiful bakery. I've looked things over...and then looked them over again, and I think I hear the Passion fruit-barvarian creme tart calling my name. Yes, I'm sure that's the one.

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

Your killin me with those wonderful desserts, they are just so beautiful to just look at I can only imagine the taste...thanks for sharing...I am a new blogger and a new follower of yours...come visit

Laura said...

I will try one of each!! Not all at once of course ;)

A wonderful weekend to you Tracie!


Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Tracie, what yummy goodies~I can almost taste them. Bad give Zeke pastries~lol! I would have to stay away from those or I might never come out! ~xoxo~Janet (hope that you are enjoying your weekend:-)

Cheryl at Casual Cottage Chic said...

Yummy! I would have to buy one of everything if I went through the doors of this bakery. Guess that's why I stay!
Thanks for the was very tasty.

Aimee said...

Everything looks delicious and so elegant!

Jacque said...

Hi Tracie...what a DElish post! I would have to have one of each because I wouldn't be able to choose!!

Have a great week!

Claudia said...

Oh, I think I would like just about anything you've shown! Looks like a wonderful bakery! I'm on a diet, so I will just enjoy everything vicariously!


belle-blanc said...

Oh Tracie, these pictures are so mouthwatering! I could eat me through the whole bakery... what a heavenly place! I think I have to make some cupcakes next weekend... hugs, Mira!

Siobhan said...

Hey will need to stop posting pics like this sweetie...I feel the callories just looking at them lol. Everything looks yummy but I have to agree with your daughter on this one...lemon tartlets sound and look amazing!!!

Siobhan :)

Susan said...

I think your blog is so nice.I'm new to all this so yours was very inspirational. Thanks Susan

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

I love all your photos of the divine and mouth watering cakes and deserts.
It is a good way of just looking and not partaking.
Thanks for your kind visit and the words you left for me.

Happy week

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Ummm...all of the above :o)

Rue said...

Hi Tracie :)

Pick a favorite? I don't know that I can! I'll take one of each please :)


Alice W. said...

Oooh it all looks so delicious! I don't know how I could choose!

The Little Teochew said...

Tracie, those tartlets are delightful! What a lovely post!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Tracie,
I havent visited in awhile and Oh how much I have missed..Everything looks divine, as always.. I have much browsing and reading to do here..
Hope your having a wonderful evening!