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January 27, 2009

What a "Sign"... the Winner is~

Now, it's sweet Buttercup
watching out for the winner...

I went to the Random Number Generator
and the winning number belongs to
Marie Antoinette's blog

I think it's a sign!

Marie (Toni) you'll be receiving
Porch and the other goodies
posted about in the previous blog post.

Merci to all that left such sweet comments!

Now, off to take some website
and blog photos with my new
birthday camera - yippee!

And... Visit all of You!

Au Revoir for Now~

January 18, 2009

Life is Sweet

I live in a little old house
(My Petite Maison)
with life so sweet...

While picking herbs overflowing in the garden
in beautifully sunny, California...

I got to thinking...
(It's okay, don't be scared ... ;)

I'm going to have a giveaway
because I'm a girl and it's my birthday
this week... Something Shirley (Temple)
may say... in character.

So, I'm going to have a giveaway!
Starting today, leave a comment
and I'll draw a name
January 26th...
or first thing January 27th
(I'm running a bit behind!)

For a copy of the Special Valentine Issue,
which I am very fortunate to be a part of the process.

This Special Issue of PORCH is full of~
Romance, Romance, Romance

Some french items (of course!)

A Marie Antoinette Trinket from my shop
It's a surprise and won't be stocked
until after the drawing, but is dahhhling!

One of my favorite, beautiful
Books ~ Livres

Thank you for being a part of
My Sweet Little World!

Au Revoir for Now

January 14, 2009

A Little Fun

Works of Art
~Objets d'Art~

My French Oaf, Lovable Zeke
In a Painting.. In the Museum...
Right next to Monet... well, almost ;)

Go here to create yours, lots of fun!

Au Revoir for now

January 12, 2009

As Promised ~ Unwrapped!

A little later than I had planned, but...

Here are the thoughtful gifts
wrapped so beautifully...
from Alice W.
Every one a gift within a gift!

A beautiful hand made
"Believe" ornament

The most beautiful fleur de lis napkin rings.

Alice gave me a complete set
which I cannot wait to use...

Maybe with the weather in the 70s here
we can have a picnic outdoors?

Wonderful poetry, so good for the soul
along with a beautiful candle to burn.
I'm day dreaming along the way...

Ooh, Paris Remembered
The loveliest old photos calendar
the most
romantic city in the World

I'm rearranging my office and it will have
a very special place ;)

A darling hand-made ornament such detail
(I secretly wanted her so bad!)

Thank you Alice for sending her to me!

Her sister, Noelle resides at Romantic Thoughts
We've named our pretty birdy Nicoise

(since Zeke and I both love nicoise olives ;)

Isn't she so cute with her curly feathers?
And look at all that handmade detail,
I think she looks really happy here
at My Petite Maison
Zeke has also met a kindred spirit
Sweet Renoir...

As soon as Zeke heard his name and saw
just how charming Renoir is he just knew
they would be fast friends forever
Loving the good life and all
Renoir picked out just the perfect gift
Soft, very plush Tigger (fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!)

Merci, Renoir!

Also, you can find more of Alice's artistry and romantic
way of life in the latest
Somerset Life,
she has not one...

but two articles published
in this great magazine.

Thank you for stopping by,
I've got a lot of visiting to catch up on myself
with all of you this week!

Talk to you soon...

Au Revoir for Now

January 5, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Presents ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ~ Bonne Année!

I have to share some of the beautiful
presents I received over the holidays

And this is the wrapping...
Not telling what was inside... yet
(later this week!)

Each present was more beautiful

than the last...

From Alice of Painted White

A True Kindred Spirit~
Alice just knows the looks I love!

Beauty in all the Details

A French Christmas Prayer

And Someone Knows...

Just what Zeke loves too!

How cute is this?
Just wait until you see
What beauties were inside...

What was your favorite
Christmas wrapping of the Holidays
and is there someone that really
gets your style?

Au Revoir for Now...