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April 20, 2009

See You Soon

A bouquet for you this week

We're taking a working vacation
for the shoppe this week

I get to spend 9 whole days
with my husband

and celebrate Zeke's birthday too :)

It is hot, hot, hot here in California~
We're having loads of sunshine
and we're planning on going somewhere new
each day and finding many treasures!

Enjoy your week, talk to you
when I get back!

Au Revoir for now~

April 15, 2009


I may be one of the very few that hadn't seen
this video clip
until this morning of
Susan Boyle.
Get ready to be speechless.

Click HERE

If you love Les Miserables, you will love this even more ;)

April 13, 2009

Meet me in Eze!

Quickly! Up from your bistro chair, mon ami.
Grab the opera glasses we found from
Marché aux Puces (flea market) and let's go ;)

I've got to meet someone very soon...
I sent her a message, but where is she?
Let's ask Frimousse
Frimousse, have you seen her?

Is she up there in the sun baked apartments
visiting friends?
Oh my, I just realized...
We're in the wrong beautiful french town.

I told Fifi of Fifi Flowers Design Decor
Eze, not Ville Franche,
better get moving...
She's meeting us at my favorite
spot in Eze, I would not stay
anywhere else... the place holds my heart!

I think I see her. Goodie!
Fifi, I'm on a search for lovely trinkets
for my shoppe... Wait, I'll meet
you on the other side!

Now I definitely see her and I can't believe it~

She's got a PINK sports car.

I want a ride to the best spot (it's a secret)
where I search for trinkets, treasures
and a delicious french meal and drink.
All Photos © My Petite Maison

The adventure and beauty has just begun
Oui! You are about to enter a world
of beautiful color!

Here to learn about the most fab
Adventure in (virtual) France we're having
(I heard Fifi may have sticky fingers
and she may have stolen that cute car!)

Au Revoir for now~

April 8, 2009

Joyeux Easter Week!

Wanted to wish you all a very joyous
Easter week

I definitely have a list much longer than my arm
of to dos (that's an understatement ;)
I have managed to get some of it
done here at my petite shoppe

I believe we're finally going to try our hand
(my husband's that is...) at making macarons
over the weekend (yay!)

Have you made them before?
No, not ate them silly... made them!

UPDATE 4.10:
Can anyone help me??
How do I get my profile views past 5900
Big dilemma, I know... but I'd appreciate
any help please!

See you next week
(and yes, I'm still doing the Petite Marie giveaway - I promise!)

Happy Easter to All

April 3, 2009

Weekend Already...

Where has the time gone this week?
I am so, so happy it's Spring

I've had a little case of Spring Fever,
staying away from my computer.

I've been enjoying strong California winds

this week while on my walks (even have the windburn
to prove it!)

There are indeed plans for a French party
along with a friend in the next couple of days
and some exquisite goodies.

Do you have it too (Spring Fever or something like it)?

Happy Weekend and Au revoir for now~

April 1, 2009

A Dear Friend's Giveaway

Keeping with the french theme this week~
A dear friend of mine, which shares the love
of France is having a wonderful giveaway

Please click on her photo below to visit her blog
© Painted White by Alice W.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Au Revoir for Now~