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June 29, 2009

A Little Time

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy
4th of July long weekend

Been thinking...
Life is short and I very much want to spend
fun, loving Summer days with my family

I will be taking a couple weeks to enjoy special time
with my family, create new art items and
getting my store just the way I want it
(finally back in order and perfectly stocked ;)

Little field trips here and there for treasures

And just being cozy with my pets too!

Enjoy all beautiful blessings that come your way
this Summertime and I'll see you soon!

Ooh, one more thing...
What are your plans for the Summer?

Au revoir for now~

June 23, 2009

Fashion Statement for Caring Pets

Have you seen these beautiful scarves around?

The BEST dressed pooches are wearing them!

Zeke's making his statement about helping
homeless pets.

Design Gives Back
Would you like to make a caring statement
for yourself and your four legged friends?

Please go see Kelee at the Katillac Shack
to find out more

The scarves are free right now... all you have to
do is decorate one and take a photo ;)

Click here to get a scarf for your four legged friend
and to find out much more about this wonderful cause
for homeless pets - It is SO easy to show you care!!

Au revoir for now~
The winners of the Friday giveaway are: Sandi (Wayside Treasures), Carole (Maynard Greenhouse) Rue (Rue's Peanut Butter & Jelly Life) Thank you for all your very kind comments about Zeke, he's feeling quite a bit better!

June 18, 2009

Where Bloggers Create Party

Have you heard about this party yet?

Doesn't this sound like fun?
It's given by Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage

I'm very new to this blog, but everything I've seen I've loved

One of the best things is that Karen's given us ample time
to get prepared for the get together... it's Friday, July 24th

I think I'll start getting my petite studio ready
where I create some of my petite objets d'art

How about you?

You can get more information here

Also, if you haven't entered my giveaway,
please go to the post below...
I'll be drawing names tomorrow night.

Au revoir for now~

June 10, 2009

The Tomatoes are Growing & Something Special

I couldn't think what to call this post and changed it over & over

I'm so excited! Our first tomato has started to grow out back.

Our herbs are growing like crazy too

The flowers are growing strong...
Hold them up, little piggie!

The sad thing is my assistant
who never complains about anything...
Isn't feeling so good :(

Gee, I wonder why with watching out back
over this cat

And this new adoptee (yes, she adopted us)
Bad, bad neighbors left her behind

Zeke just loves her white mustache

And here's the whiner cat again...
Giles is a little "touched"
Lucky for him, we have one non-needy kitty
that's very independent and leaves him alone
for the most part

I have some more good news though~

Since it's tomato growing season,
I'm giving away three copies of this cookbook

Recipes inside are from Wine Country chefs

I would love to share some of the good things
that come from this beautiful area

(I'll also throw in some petite french surprises
hmmm... a little music to cook by perhaps?)

My Petite Giveaway Cookbooks

I'll be away watching over Zeke and doing
some much needed work in the store,
Yes, filling the empty shelves...

I will pick 3 names

Next Friday, June 19th at Midnight

Oh, if you'd like to share the news on your blog,
just link back here and let me know...
I'll add your name a second time.

Au revoir for now~

June 4, 2009

Great Days... Lots to Share

This is a long post (mostly photos though ;)

I received my hearts purchased from the one & only Fifi

Love, love, love them!
What doesn't that sweet Fifi know how to do...?
Take a look at her blog if you haven't been there already
to see all the different hearts she's created!

Next, would you like to take a ride up the hill
from My Petite Maison

To the Barn Sale
at my friend, Cathleen's house
in beautiful Wine Country?
Poor me, I clocked it... I can get there
In 7 minutes

Okay, I admit it - not my bicycle,
This one is Cathleen's (I've got the sister bicycle ;)

Let's enter... Please do not get in my way~

Love this corbel... may have to grab it...

Look at ALL the windows

Smells very pretty in here (my kind of barn)

It was so great, I went back three times
~Next week I'll show you the mirror I purchased!

And the end to a great, very vintage weekend...

It was Cathleen's birthday
A surprise party Sunday afternoon
(Success to the secret planner of the event!)

A little sparkling wine
Very nice gifts
Chocolate Eclairs (from world class French Bakery in town)
Lots of White Flowers
And friends and guests to the Barn

Can you see one of her gifts?
One of the sweet little chicks
to add to her growing fam in Wine Country
(it's wonderful living here!)
The Birthday Girl at Vintage Home lifestyle

Click here to Visit
Cathleen at Vintage Home lifestyle

Here's a little close-up (isn't he cute?)
Cathleen, You did a beautiful job
of making everything dreamy.

I want to let everyone know, that Cathleen's friend,
Irma was there too and had very
lovely items that were gone in seconds as well.


Next, I want to thank Christine Annette
for this beautiful site award
Thank you, Christine
You have made my week even more special!
(please go see Christine by clicking the link above)

The very last thing (finally) I want to say
is thank you for all the kind emails about my shop
and for filling your shopping carts
the last couple of weeks.
I'm working hard here at
My Petite Maison to get your parcels
shipped to your beautiful homes.

I am overwhelmed (in a great way!)
Re-stocking is happening as I'm able - I promise.

Oh and my Jeanne d'Arc magazine arrived
Yippee Doo Dah Day
Merci, Roberta... I'm so happy!
More in stock at Roberta's here
and at Carole's blog here too

Have a wonderful weekend...
Yes, I'll be Flea Marketing again
(someone's got to do it)

Now I'd better get back to work!

Au revoir for now~

June 1, 2009

Local Farmer's Market

Care to join us for a quick stroll
around the local farmer's market?

Farmer's Market Fleurs
I love to mix and match the same colors
to make a beautiful, maison bouquet.

Anyone for fresh, delicious garlic and/or chiles?
We made garlic bread Saturday night...
Delicious! No vampires at our house :)

More beautiful cottage roses
Love this pale rose color

Care for some Bing Cherries?
Brought a bunch home and put them
in the refrigerator - yummy!
Hope you enjoyed the "petite tour" of our
Local Farmer's Market

Please remember to help support our hard working
Farmer's through purchasing their
fresh, delicious goods!

Also, a little reminder...
The store's being stocked. We started this morning
and will continue through the week.

Just click to go to the shoppe

More French Keys in Stock

Have a happy, happy week
I'll share my field trip with you
later this week...
Stay tuned ~ It was a blast!

Au revoir for now~