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July 30, 2009

Summer Treats

The first (kind of big) tomatoes from my garden!

I want to share one of my very favorite tomato recipes.
I used to make these with my grandma in her cozy kitchen

Baked Honey Tomatoes

8 medium tomatoes
1/2 c coarse bread crumbs
(I use the Japanese Panko type)
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp pepper
1 Tbsp tarragon
(I like to add a little
herbes de Provence too... to taste!)

4 tsp honey
4 tsp unsalted butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Slice off very ends of tomatoes and carefully scoop out seeds (I always have some seeds left inside, but don't worry about it ;)
Place open side up in a buttered baking dish.

Mix bread crumbs w/salt, pepper & tarragon
Drizzle tomatoes with honey, rubbing down the cavities
Sprinkle tomatoes with crumb mixture and dot with butter
Bake uncovered for approx. 30 minutes, until skins begin to wrinkle
Place under broiler for another 4 minutes or until crumbs begin to brown.
Serve hot or at room temperature.

The newest addition to our family
watches while the tomatoes are picked

I wanted to share the prettiest little tag
I received from Sandi (she's a lover of tomatoes too)
Click above to be taken to Sandi's blog
and learn about her tags (I think she's posted them
in her Etsy store)

I am still enjoying all the new people
I am meeting from the wonderful
Where Bloggers Create Party
and visiting their blogs while I work on some fun
new objets d'art for my petite store.

Have you heard the latest news
at Karen's
My Desert Cottage?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Au revoir for now~

July 24, 2009

Where Bloggers Create Party!

Welcome to the Party

Now, come on in to My Petite Maison Studio...

I noticed Karen had some white cheddar popcorn
in her beautiful studio when I last looked.

I've put out some of my favorite Queen Anne cherries
Perfect for Summer (and goes with popcorn!)

Favorite supplies in my studio

A very favorite cherub from one of the most
beautiful stores around (Shabbyfufu ;)

Always a Joy
Petite parcels from France

A favorite paint color... Angelica

Lots of favorite supplies
for upcoming projects for the store

My petite studio "fireplace"

I would be lying if I said I sat here and read
your pretty blogs. I'm on the couch, porch, bed
or backyard.

I do proof Porch Magazine here though!

A photograph hidden below
(Antoinette Perkins)
The work of one of my favorite

photographers and dear friends
Painted White by Alice W.

Yes, I am a pack rat...
I collect twigs, I mean branches from
beautiful walks
with my husband and daughter

Vintage and antique french
close to my heart

Love the natural hues and sunlight here

Lots of time, I'd rather work outside than inside
and do just that!

Another "almost" outdoor view

The storage room
(behind door and cupboards)
I lucked out as it is a room under
our stairs... ssshhh, it's a secret!

Oui! My stock room is behind
this wall (one of the beauties of an old home)
Did I mention I love anything architectural?
I will find a place for this lovely old screen door

A studio wouldn't be complete
without an angel looking after me
dear Kendall

And a supervisor to keep me on my toes
while he lays on his own shabby couch
Kind Zeke

Please click the photo below
to be taken to Karen's beautiful blog

Thank you Karen for hosting this most wonderful
Where Bloggers Create Party
Don't forget to click above to visit
Karen at My Desert Cottage ;)

It was wonderful having you tour My Petite Maison studio!

Au revoir for now party goers~

July 17, 2009

Recipes for Splendid Summer

Found these lovelies in town
The makings for:
Fig, Prosciutto and Arugula Salad with Parmesan Shavings

While I am still on vacation and hunting for vintage goods,
I thought ahead (surprise, surprise)

and planned a little Summer appetizer with one of my very favorites. Do you like figs? I love, love, love them and this salad is great and so easy too!

You can get the recipe here It's great for these carefree days of Summer

Also, I've got a couple of reminders for the Summer in which I am so looking forward to enjoying in the days that are already zooming by way too fast!

First, there's Karen's wonderful blogging party Where Bloggers Create

Click the button above to find out more... I still have to clean up my Studio
wish me luck (and lots of energy!).

Next, I am so wanting to get my hands on the next
Jeanne d'Arc magazine.

I am addicted to the style of the two talented ladies that started this beautiful line of lifestyle pieces and their photography
speaks to my romantic heart.

Photo Courtesy Jeanne d'Arc Living

Roberta of Enchanted Treasures has the newest magazine once again
Just click HERE to order before they're gone! Please tell Roberta
I sent you and "bonjour"!

By the way, did you know Roberta's home is in Barbara Jacksier's
Waterside Cottages?

I'd love to compare notes with everyone out there as to
what's your favorite
in Magasinet #4 once we've all got it in our homes

Ooh, if you have a wonderful recipe for figs, I'd love to know if you'd care to share!

I'm off to enjoy some more vacation time and sneak a peak with my friend's blogs over the weekend while my husband naps ;)

Au revoir for now (see you at the party!)