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August 27, 2009

Country Market Antiquing

Have you been to the Jimtown Store?

The old Jimtown truck, the first thing
you see as you drive through Alexander Valley

Let's go on a petite tour, just in time

for the weekend!

Hmmm, what will you order?

Ooh, we'd better go inside, order and shop!

How about a cold Coke?

Don't you love the old sign and case?

Do you remember these?
My parents used to buy me
the chocolate cigarettes, fizzies and wax lips
and I used to get a stomach ache - wonder why?

I have very special memories of my dad
getting me this pink popcorn
(it never tasted good to me, but it was
very pretty)... still takes me back
to that safe place

Care to pick out a soda or water?

I think soda tastes better (and colder)
in bottles... just like the good old days

Let's take a look...
gourmet Jimtown olives
and look at the cheese

Okay, this is where we order...

I'm having the "Sonoma Picnic Sandwich"
(fig & chopped olives, goat cheese and prosciutto
on baguette ;)

My daughter's having the
(chopped olives and brie
on baguette)


Let's go get a seat, they'll bring
our order to the patio, where the grapes
hang high above the benches

There's my daughter and shopping partner
she's found the perfect spot

A close up of beautiful grapes...

The antique warehouse...

This was more fun than....?

Oui... You got it right ~
A Barrel of Monkeys!

Hope you enjoyed the tour
Don't forget a cookbook on the way out


Stop and smell the fleurs
Beautiful hollyhocks for sure!

But there's no place like home...

So off we go

Thanks for coming along,
hope you enjoyed the Jimtown Store
in Wine Country, California

Have a great weekend
Happiness to You!

August 14, 2009

Beautiful Summer Days

Wanted to share a beautiful find...

You'll see Buttercup is the perfect model
I think it's because of the heat, she's just
too pooped out from the heat to care
and be her very cat like self this
very hot week in August
(sorry about my planting wagon in the back I forgot to move it... can you believe we used
to give Zeke rides in it? Now just used to cart plants back and forth
while Zeke looks on very sadly since he wants a ride!)

Back to my find...
I purchased the little burlap pillow
above from my dear friend,
Alice at Painted White

Here's a closer look.
Did you ever wish you had more than one
of an item, so you could place it all
around the house?

But it's one of a kind and that's
one of the things that make it so special.
Even Buttercup can't take her eyes off it

Must be that heat...
She never poses! Maybe it's for YOU :)

Notice the little "track marks" from Zeke's wagon?

I think I like it best here for now...
Perhaps because there is a plate of french cookies
right next to the chair
(palmiers, in case you're wondering ;)

We're off to enjoy the time we have before
school starts late next week

Au revoir for now~

August 10, 2009

Summer on the Porch ~ Carole's Giveaway

We're resting under the trees on these
very hot Summer days

Poor Zeke's trying to stay cool too

I thought I'd share some photos of Zeke
on the porch. This is what he does while
I work on the porch. I've been loading photos
to my petite store and speaking of porches,
Polly and I have been working on Porch Magazine
(or trying!). Why is everything harder in the Summer?
Well, work wise that is!

What have you been doing over the Summer?
I know I plan on running through
the front sprinklers tonight :)

Also, if you haven't heard...

Carole is having a giveaway
for her 100th post

It's fantastic, just click below to read all about it!

Au revoir for now~
(stay cool!)