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September 29, 2009

Pet Parade Party!

It's time for a great cause helping animals
(something so dear to our hearts)

Come on Zeke... get up, let's go to Kelee's

I'll dust off the old bicycle
and pull you in your wagon
(please wish me luck out there as
Zeke's a little on the big side ;)

Here's Zeke modeling his scarf for the
wonderful cause
once again

Please go see Kelee and Oliver
or at the button below to see the parade/party
and leave them a comment for the cause, please
and enter their giveaway.

Also, I want to thank so many of you dear,
kind souls out in blog land

You know our family's going through
a rough time now
dealing with
our dear family member's illness.

Thank YOU for the messages, cards and many,
many words of encouragement
and prayers.

It means the world to me...
Our sweet Arnold
would love that we're
joining in something fun
like this parade
this week and enjoying
the positive
and knowing such caring friends.

Besides, who could not feel a little joy
with a face like this to love each day.

Thank you, Merci, Grazie
I love you all to bits and pieces
Here's something else to make
you smile and possibly have a few
tears of joy (I did)
Please Click to get Full Size Screen Shots :)

Courtesy, The Katillac Shack

Now, go see Kelee and all the neat people
that are giving back
to animals in need.

Click below to visit Kelee and Oliver

September 3, 2009

A Little Personal Note

I've struggled with posting this personal note,
but decided I wanted to let you know

Just in case you've been wondering...

Where I am
What I'm Doing
and Why I haven't been visiting as much lately...

I've been busy with our summer
and a close family member of ours has been ill
this summer.

A person that we LOVE so very much

...just in case you were wondering...

Wishing you and yours
a very nice Labor Day
of enjoying precious time together.

(Don't forget to tell your family
how much YOU love THEM!)

Happiness to you~