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October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

All our scariest wishes for you...

this Halloween

Make sure to look in the top window

For everyone that's asked~

The above is a home a few blocks over...
It would be My Grande Maison... whoops, I mean Chateau ;)

for now we're still happily in My Petite Maison
Very small, but very comfortable and
Very loved... and oh still very under construction!

Happy Halloween
from our family to yours

October 29, 2009

Book Signing UPDATE

An update for Wine Country Tour Week

Barbara Jacksier will be at my dear friend,
Michelle McCauley's wonderful store
Summer Cottage Antiques this Friday, 10.30.09
beginning at 6:30pm

153 Kentucky Street
Petaluma, CA

To sign...
This beautiful book

Hope you can make it there!

Now off to enjoy the rest
of our mini-vacation

October 23, 2009

Playing Tourist

Looking forward...
Halloween week

A week to play tourist with my husband

Walking the towns of Wine Country
Don't you just love this huge tree?
I would love to hear the stories of people
of days gone by it could tell us today.

Another beauty overlooking
a little front yard that reminds me of

See? Lavender, olive trees, roses

One of the lovely churches in town
(Theodore the cat hangs out here)

A cute little bungalow

Going to try this place while we're out
Look at all those fleur de lys ;)

Beautiful houses in a row
The house on the end has been used for
Pottery Barn shoots many times
(They take everything out and move it back in...
And I walked by this window and fell in love

White birds flying everywhere...
free and singing without a care.

So... I will be playing tourist~
Trying some familiar places to eat
and some new ones too
and adding to my antique & vintage collections
(I hope! Wish me luck!)

Can't wait to show you the sights
in our little effort to leave our cares behind
for the week and savor in life's little moments.

What are you doing this weekend
and next week to celebrate Halloween?

Happiness to You!

October 21, 2009

Heart Warmingly Good

I found something wonderful last night thanks to someone I follow on Twitter (Winecountrydog) that, of course, is here in beautiful Wine Country.

It has warmed my heart and touched me so I wanted to share it with all of you.

As you may know, one of the best men in the world to me... my very, very loving step-dad and more importantly great friend is suffering with cancer.

This has touched me beyond words and I hope you'll enjoy it and carry sweet Baxter in your heart. He's with the angels now but what a life and what a difference he made while here on Earth.

Happiness to You!

October 20, 2009

From France with Love

Courtesy: Fabulous Fifi O'Neill

Click on TV to visit

Go check it out if you haven't seen it already...

Everyone says it's just like being in France

About so many things...

in this case, I saw it with my own eyes and
whole-heartedly felt I breathed in that
Provence lavender air!

Happy Week
Happiness to You!

October 18, 2009

Very Good Times

One of our favorite, favorite marche aux puces shops!

We had such a good time celebrating
our daughter's birthday for most of last
week and this weekend

Wonderful patisserie, restaurants,
shopping {antiques}

Lots of beautiful Girly, girly times too!
Just Mom & Daughter

We're loving listening to this
from Chynna & Vaughan right now
I've loaded it on my iPod and will be walking to
it for many days... trying to walk off those pastries
Key word: Trying ;)

What's your favorite music of the moment?

I would
to hear your suggestions
I've got lots of walking to do!

Happiness to You~

October 12, 2009

Rue's Kitchen Reveal

Click above to Visit
UPDATE: A Winner was Announced
Today, 10.15.09
If you don't already know...
Make sure to check out Rue's Kitchen Reveal
and Giveaway
(Just one of the nicest ladies ever)
... just wait 'til you see the sink!

Talk soon,
I'm off to celebrate our daughter's birthday
with her for at least a few days time!

Happiness to You~

October 9, 2009

Sweet Days

A little field trip to one of my favorite
petite bakeries in Wine Country...

Come along with moi...
My husband's favorite - cheesecake (above)

My fav above
Passion fruit tartlets - Yum!

Zeke's favorites (pignoli cookies)

The almonds tarts are wonderful too
(I pulled my crown out once on one of those...
the dentist told me it was temporary and to be
careful, but did I listen? Actually, I forgot in the moment!)

Our daughter's favorite, the lemon tartlet

So, what's your favorite?

Happiness to You~

October 3, 2009

Anthropologie Shopper TV

Look what's been brought to my attention today on Twitter thanks to Ruth at The Beautiful Life - Merci, Ruth, you're wonderful for so many reasons!

A show about the guy that finds those wonderful Anthropologie finds we all love and want to fill our homes with over and over again.

I've already researched the eight shows and am looking forward to watching each week.

I searched our TiVo's Season Pass and the best news is that the first program (October 7th), Keith is traveling to my beloved France! As they say on the Sundance Channel site, We're imagining it as like if Anthony Bourdain was a shopper and not an eater.

I can hardly wait!

Now, isn't that a job you'd love? Me too!

Happiness to you~

October 1, 2009

Loving all things French {Fifi}

First... Happy October 1st

Oui! You know... I love all things French
Including Sweet Fifi!

Click Button Above to Visit Fabulous Fifi

If you've read some of my past posts,
you know I think the entire world of Fifi O'Neill.
Please take a look at her contest
and all the
beautiful changes to her already
gorgeous blog.

I've got to run... Tell her Tracie and Zeke sent you

A little French Inspired sentiment
from My Petite Maison to you

Good Luck ~ Bonne Chance
with Fifi's Contest

Happiness to You~