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September 28, 2010

Petaluma Fair ~ The Beginning

Come on, it's me in the mirror again...
(Remember, Alameda & that huge pediment?)

All bright-eyed and ready to get some beautiful items
for my shop and home in Petaluma

This is going to be a two or three part post...
And first things first.

Let's eat and drink
This little juice place has the best juice, smoothies
and bagels around...

I don't know why but we can't find a decent bagel
in our town... have to travel to Petaluma
which is one of the sweetest towns around too.
This is my hubby's apple juice...
when it first came I thought, ewww
is this some artificial apple juice

It was freshly juiced apples and delicious,
I almost wished I had ordered this instead of my
passion fruit smoothie

My smoothie was so good though,
a very good choice if I say so myself!

Do you like bagels?
Sorry, I took a bite before I remembered
I need to take a photo...
that's just how good and fresh these bagels are here

Toasted warm goodness
An everything seeded (love seeds) bagel
with sun-dried tomato cream cheese
(no I didn't ask if it was low-fat ;)

We ate our bagels and listened 
to a bit of piano music
I would say like old ragtime music
He was very good!

This is when I miss my old piano

Next... I found some goodies!

I love this dealer's booth and her goods

Lovely... Just want to move in her booth!
I've got her name and need to dig it out
of my backpack... she'll be at Alameda
this next weekend too... can't wait!

Oh... that's my hubby in the mirror.
Not the gentleman in the blue, but the one
in white/beigey shirt... well, that's half of my hubby!

I purchased some of these below
they are huge!

And some of this too
Remember, I said I was working on a special project?

All of this is inspiring me. So many talented people
using their vision of beauty in their booth set-ups.

Now... how is this for inspiration?

A precious pooch working toward helping someone
that needs his/her special love & companionship

Canine Companions for Independence
Now this is a dog truly giving back
It warms my heart so much.  Way to go little puppy!

Here's more information about Canine Companions
if you're interested

People circled this beautiful dog, but no touching,
he's in training!

I am proud to say my town and community is a huge
dog loving place.  I would never live in some town
that didn't embrace dogs & cats

Well... all animals in general!
No circuses or rodeos here ever.

Now, is it me or this guy a tad bit scary?
I was waiting for him to jump out and bite me

At this point, I felt my husband deserved a short break

I know, we'll pretend we're in Europe and he can 
enjoy one of his favorite beers at Taps

Yes... he thinks he's in Brussels

Thanks for joining us (moi) today...

The next stop will be 
Summer Cottage Antiques

See you in a couple days...
You'll love Michelle's store and I'll tell you
a little bit about her too.

Happiness to you!


* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~* Goodness Tracie!! So many beautiful items..including that tasty looking bagel..yum!!;) Cant wait to see more pics~*Hugs,Rachel~*~*~

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Love all the gorgeous items, it's so great that you live in a town that loves animals. Blessings~~~ Daphne

Julie Marie said...

Hello Tracie... always love going on your little flea market jaunts with you! The bagels look yummy, I especially love them filled with cream cheese... lots of pretty finds in your photos... I know how much you love animals, I do too... so happy to see those precious dogs that give so much... I don't like rodeos, circuses or anything that mistreats animals... I won't even go to a zoo anymore. Your little towns look so serene and beautiful... and I didn't know you had met Fifi! How fun!... much love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

milka said...

Very interesting place! Thanks for taking me there, again. I miss the flea market in NZ where i loved to hangout, during my school days there. We don't have any here :(
I love the frames, they are gorgeous!
Thanks for showing!


Zuzu said...

Oh Tracie, how I wish I could have tagged along! What amazing finds! Love (LOVE) the old frames. Sigh. I'll definitely be back to see more!

Deb said...

Beautiful post Tracie! Your town sounds wonderful ... no rodeos or circus YEAH!! Loved the photo of the sweet labby ♥

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Well... it looks like you had a fabulous day, Tracie! Petaluma is a great town full of great shops, restaurants, and old architecture... we thought about moving there once... years ago. :)
Thanks for sharing all of this fabulous eye candy with us!
Happy Wednesday!
~ Jo :)

Shabbyfufu said...

Wow much beauty at the fleas in your area, thanks for sharing with us! P.S.....I am not much for the beer or smoothies, but give me a bagel and it will make me happy any day! Looking forward to your next post....xoxo, Janet

trash talk said...

Eating're a girl after my heart! What a wonderful market.
God must love us more than we can imagine to give us dogs. I'm with rodeos or circus acts, and no puppy mills.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

You have shared a beautiful post today and only wished we had lovely fairs like that, over here.
So many fabulous treasures, especially love the frames.
The bagel and fruit juices look great.
Love that sweet dog.

Happy Wednesday

DEBBIE B. said...

Hi Tracie! I do love bagels!! YUM!
So many beautiful goodies to lucky you are sweets!!
Such a delightful place to live!
I also love old chippy mirrors!
I'll have to post a pic of our run the house...the 4 legged babies:)

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Tracie for your beautiful visit and comment that blows me over!
As you still inspire me and the treasured places you feature.

I will return to get caught up on what you are up too!
have a beautiful end of the week!

June said...

I am a lover of old frames Tracie, and so when I saw the picture of them I was ooohing and awing over them. So much great stuff! And boy, is that bagel making me hungry.

Rosemary said...

Hi Tracie,
Love all of the photos, wish I were there. You guys have all of the fun up there.
Can't wait for our trip. Looking forward to some fun!!
Hope you are having a good week. You probably guessed I'm sooo busy.
Taking a break on Sat to go to the Remnants of the Past show in Nipomo.
You would love it.
Chat soon.