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October 28, 2010

A Cemetery Walking Tour

Our town cemetery

Not a spooky thing at all

 I love getting out in nature and walking around
taking in all the history

Brings back great memories of when I was a child
Walking with my grandparents, hearing stories
of many family members & friends I didn't
have the pleasure to know.

Beautiful works of art
the tombstones I'm sharing...


She holds a wreath and laurel* marks the stone

Let's take a walk up the hill, not scary... just peaceful

See the anchor?

Early Christians used the anchor as a disguised cross, and as a marker to guide the way to secret meeting places. 

A Christian symbol of hope, it is found as funerary symbolism in the art of the catacombs. Often set amongst rocks, it can also be an occupational symbol in sea-faring areas or the attribute of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of seamen, symbolized hope and steadfastness. 
An anchor with a broken chain stands for the cessation of life.  

Love the one below.
I photographed it just as found,
with leaves & an acorn just sitting as nature placed them for us.
Yes... Sacred memory

 Another place for a peaceful walk

Beautiful fleurs, I wonder who worked on this piece w/roses & glories
Ivy–friendship and immortality
*Laurel–worldly accomplishment and heroism
Lily–innocence and purity, the virgins’ flower
Morning glory–beginning of life
Oak, oak leaves, and acorn–power, authority, or victory (often seen on military tombs)
Palm branch–victory and rejoicing
Poppy–eternal sleep

More fleurs... a wreath with full rose buds

Love, beauty, hope, unfailing love, associated with the Virgin Mary, the "rose without thorns." A red rose symbolizes martyrdom and a white rose symbolizes purity and virginity. 

Whether the rose is a bud, flower or somewhere in between indicates how old the person was at the time of death:

Just a bud - normally a child 12 or under
Partial bloom - normally a teenager
Full bloom - normally in early/mid twenties. The deceased died in the prime of life
Rosebud, broken - life cut short, usually found with a young person's grave

Lady with cross

Beautiful tombstones, wouldn't you agree?

Hope you enjoyed this little tour and some of the meanings
of these beautiful markers.

Long mirror, little lights, chippy scrolls

May you have a lovely Halloween
Not spooky at all!

I'll be watching old fashioned Halloween movies...
the type I watched with my grandma on TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
and eating much popcorn & dark chocolate w/toffee pieces ~ yum!

What are your plans and do cemeteries
bring you comfort in people, places, things we've enjoyed
in our wonderful lifetime?

My husband has several days off so I'll see
you some time next week in-between
our little day adventures.

I plan on taking YOU along for field trips.

Happiness to you!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Tracie... this was absolutely beautiful! These lovely old cemeteries are not scary to me at all, quite the contrary... they bring me peace and serenity, and I feel a closeness to those who have passed on there... how interesting to read the various meanings as well... I know about the oak leaf clusters, as my daddy who was a Colonel in the US Army received the bronze star with oak leaf clusters for heroism in heart is so touched when I visit the grave of someone who served our country... I have even "adopted" a soldier from WWI whose grave is close to my daddy's and no one ever visits this lonely soldier... so I adopted him, and when I take my daddy a flag, I take this soldier one as makes me happy... the old tombstones are so beautiful... and I envision so many things when I see your photos... each tells me a little something about the person who is at rest there... I have such a reverence for these cemeteries and whenever I visit those where Jack's and my family are at rest, I feel very close to God... I visit my mama's and daddy's and sister's graves often and talk with them... Tracie, you are just the sweetest... thanks for sharing these precious photos and most beautiful places... xoxo Julie Marie

ApachesPrincess said...

What a delightfully wonderful post! I thought it was very interesting learning about some of the old symbols. These old cemeteries have an enchanted feel to them, like so many stories are held.

Margaret said...

Your old cemetery certainly looks like a peaceful place. I always prefer the older parts of cemeteries, we have a very large old one in Sydney and my partner and I roamed around a while back, taking photos of the beautiful stone carvings etc. I isn't scary but it is a little melancholy, wondering about all those unknown people, some who died very young. It is a very spiritual experience. All my family and relatives lie interstate so I cannot visit often. Thank you for showing your photos and for the explanation of the symbolism.

milka said...

No i don't find it spooky at all, and yes it is very peaceful, even when looking at those pics it cools me down- i had a bad morning :( Looking forward to your field trips, happy holidays, enjoy to the max! ;)

A Cottage Muse said...

Thank you Tracie...these photos are so beautiful and peaceful!

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Tracie sweets. Is this near where you live? All that I can saw is what an amazing place! I love the information that you shared with us, all of which I did not know. Coming over here is like reading one of my favorite magazines. I intend to go over to the Pere Lachaise cemetery when in Paris. French daughter (*-*) lives practically across the street from it and I have not been since my teenage years. I'll know more now about the symbols thanks to you! Enjoy your time w/hubby...xoxo, Janet

Claudia said...

I love old cemetaries - Don really loves them and always stops to explore when we come upon one. These photos are beautiful, Tracie. Thank you so much for all the information about flowers and symbols. I had no idea about all of that. It makes it all the more touching.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Tracie, the photographs are just beautiful. I love the old cemeteries, they are so lovely and peaceful.

Hope you are doing well, sweetie!
xoxo Lidy

Sandi said...

I love to walk through beautiful old cemetaries. We have one down our dirt road about 1/4 mile that I have never photographed in although every time I pass it I want to. I must make that journey soon. BEAUTIFUL photos Tracie!!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh what a beautiful photos. You really did your homework too. I learned something new! Where is this cemetery? I'd love to visit.
Have a great weekend.

Rosemary said...

Happy Halloween my friend!!!
I hope you and Shane have a fab time.
Love the photos. I just love visiting old cemeteries too. The headstones are beautiful works of art.
Just got my Sonoma Ghost book in the mail. I ordered it on Amazon. Just in time for Halloween.
Enjoy the movies.
Chat soon,

Debbie said...

Hi Tracie! Your post is so peaceful...and informative. I don't get frightened by cemeteries at all. They hold precious memories of loved ones lives with us.
Lovely markers you shared with us.

Kris Pare said...

Tracie, the photos are beautiful. I grew up in a town that was settled in the 1800's and I would walk around just thinking of what life was like--with absolute stunning scrollwork on the stone's. Thank you for sharing--I love watching the really old AMC movies from the 50's-a good black and white with lots of build up music! Enjoy :)

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour Tracie!

Old cemeteries are so beautiful & peaceful. My Mom & Dad always took me to decorate the graves of loved ones and my Dad & I would stroll around looking at the lovely old markers and statues. It's very peaceful to me also... a place for memories and reflections.

Hugs, Sherry

Have a happy weekend with your sweetheart!

Elin med Draumesidene said...

Dear Tracie! Thank you for your comment! What a lovely place you have been! Just love those statues!

I hope your Halloween weekend is great!

Love Elin :)

Marie Antionette said...

I'm with Julie Marie absolutely beautiful.I love the old cemetaries.My hubby and I love walking though old grave yards.And some are scary. But still peaceful too.
What a cool post Tracie!!!
Come by soon,I'm having a give away to celbrate the holidays and the fact That I', knid of back...LOL PS help pass the word.
You have a safe and Happy Halloween
Hugs and Witchy Kisses
Marie Antionette

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hello Tracie, How wonderful to find your beautiful blog! This post is absolutely beautiful, at first glance I was just swept away with the beauty and serenity of the cementery...and then the tears came as I looked at all the beautiful tombstones and the lovely inscriptions. My goodness how wonderful to touch someones heart in such a lovely way. Thank you for sharing!
Happy Halloween!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

This is such a beautiful post and I enjoyed my tour of the beautiful old cemetery.
I loved reading about the flowers and their meanings, thank you.
I hope that you have a wonderful time with your husband.



How beautiful, Tracie! I do love those beautiful cemetery pictures. I find cemeteries rather peaceful, actually. I particularly love the old old cemeteries and looking at the stones and what they put on them as a tribute. It is so interesting to see what they found important enough to note on a headstone.

Take care,

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Tracie, I adore old cemetaries... this post was just beautiful!

xoxo Heather

Traci said...

Hello Tracie, what gorgeous photos! There is something about the old cemeteries that is so beautiful and peaceful. They seem to have so much more thought put into the headstones then we do now a days. Traci

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi Tracie,
It's amazing how beautiful some tombstones can be... definitely works of art!! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Happy November to you!
Jo :)

Bella said...

Hi Tracie,
What a lovely cemetary, the headstone and statuary are amazing! Your photos are gorgeous, and set such a peaceful feel.


What a lovely tour! Yes, cemeteries are so peaceful. Thanks for all the facts. Great history of markings that I didn't even know existed.
~ Julie

Fete et Fleur said...

This was a fascinating post, Tracie! Thank you for sharing all of the details of the symbols with us. This cemetery is a beautiful one. It reminds me of a fairytale world.


Sandy said...

Loved catching up with you! Those carvings at the cemetary should be reproduced.

C'est ravissant!

♥Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog! ♥


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

*Ulrike* said...

I love looking at old cemeteries. I often wonder about the person especially if they died when young, or the beauty of the grave marker. So different than what is done today. I also like to see German cemeteries as they look like a park, absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed reading what you posted so the next time I will know when I visit the next old one.

Roberta said...

A beautiful post Tracie and intriguing info. I enjoy going to the older parts of the cemetery where the trees are the biggest and reading the stones with beautiful artwork from such talented hands of long ago.