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May 25, 2010

White Wednesday... A dream find

I've finally got myself together for
Faded Charm's White Wednesday

I thought I'd share one of my newest
favorite finds & some garden photos

I have been wanting one of these
European sinks for about three years now,
ever since I saw one at a friend's house.

I managed to find not just 1 but 2 right here
in my little town but they were over $300 each

Well, guess what happened when I went
to Alameda with my daughter?

Yes, she spotted it and we ran over
to find out how much

It actually had a price tag of $75 on it
and the dealer told us
ooh, that's the wrong price, it's $60

I can't begin to tell you how many
people stopped us asking where
we'd found this sink.

The dealer was a sweetheart & threw in
the flowers which are now in my bike basket
living happily ever after

So very nice :)

My friend, Cathleen mounted the sink
on this old chippy door for me...
I just noticed, there is white paint underneath,
think I'm going to go scrape most of the black
off in a moment even though it's raining!

I've filled it with bougainvillea
and alyssum as we get lots
of sun in the backyard
Speaking of backyards, ours needs
tons of work (including a new fence
and a really good face lift for certain)
But we're slowly working on it bit by bit
on nice weekends
to get it beautiful.

I'm just not great at patience
where those kind of things are concerned...
Anyone else like that out there?
I'm trying though!

And a few white garden fleurs~
My petite market cart
was stabilized a bit after years of use
by my wonderful step-dad, Arnold
~Thank you, Arnold I know you're watching
over me in Heaven

And thank you to everyone for your
comments, prayers, emails & cards
You're amazingly kind

Thank you for joining me
this White Wednesday.

Happiness to you!

May 6, 2010

Farm Fresh

Oh how I love this time of year...
Come on, let's go to the local farmer's market!

Held twice a week for twice the fun!

This man has the nicest plants
want, want, want that succulent
didn't get and now can't stop thinking about it

I can feel my husband rolling his eyes...
More plants for the yard?
Always more plants!

Here's a great sight... The Jimtown Truck
(the old county fire truck... long, long ago)

And here... Jimtown Goodies ~ yum!
By the way, I have that cookbook and it's fantastic
(macaroni & cheese w/poblano chiles

a favorite in this house for sure!)

Saw the one & only Carrie Brown here,
why didn't I take her photo?

She's darling!

Just what we need, more tomatoes
(bought a black cherry tomato plant,
can't wait to try this Summer)

Some very pretty lavender...
didn't know there were so many different types

Nothing more to say than... Yum!

Beautiful dried herbs and flowers

Don't you love this bicycle? I do!
Well, time to go back home on my virtual bike
and add those beautiful cherries
to my breakfast menu out in the yard ;)

Did I mention dessert?
Don't forget to stop for your bouquet
to celebrate this Mother's Day weekend
(whether you're one terrific mom, dad,
uncle or aunt, etc.!)

Have a nice weekend filled with beauty.

Happiness to You!