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June 29, 2010

White Wednesday & 4th of July

I've been working so hard the last couple days...
my mind is going on vacation a little bit early it seems.

A chippy little flea market find

So this post will be mostly photos, not much text ;)

Still joining in Kathleen's White Wednesday though ...
wouldn't miss that!

Nice staging prop for my 4th of July wardrobe...
don't you think?

If you don't have a crown by Rosemary yet, you MUST get one.
Did you know she's in Romantic Country Magazine?

A billowy, white lace skirt
I'll be wearing down to the Russian River

Just love this top, found it at TJ Maxx
saw one very similar to it in Jeanne d'Arc Magazine
how super fab is that?

love the whispy, romantic details

Now, where do you think I should place my new
White Wednesday, flea market find?

Perhaps I'll hang this little heart
on it
come 4th of July...
you think?

And speaking of 4th of July...

It wouldn't be the 4th without something
made from here:

Absolutely love this cookbook, do you have it?
L-O-V-E Mary Emmerling

I remember going over it with my loving grandma,
deciding what we'd make come 4th of July

From us to you...
Our memories to your memories... And new memories to make and chat about
come next 4th of July

I'll be down at the River
eating fresh corn salad
(Grandma's fav ;)

Happy 4th of July
and White Wednesday too!

Happiness to you

June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create Party II

Hello my friends!

First of all, thank you, Karen
for hosting this amazing party
for a SECOND year!

I participated in the party last year,
I didn't think you all wanted to see
my same old studio again,
so for this year:

This is how it started for me...
the potting shed to be unveiled
in all it's glory
for this year's party...

A potting shed? A studio?

A studio? Was I out of my mind?

Yes, way too small
for my large table!
Surely... it's not to be!
(Don't worry I'll show the potting shed
in a future post... it's really cute!)

But I wanted to be outdoors, to hear
church bells, doves and music from
the Healdsburg Jazz Festival!

Perfect for me that one morning ~

Said the angel below...
"Follow Me, I'll take you
on a serendipitous journey"

Come on, don't tire yet!

Pails & Churches of days gone by...
Memories with daughter

Memories with grandma

We have arrived!
See what I mean about the large table?
By the way... Wynonna is supposed to have
my table's sister. Wynonna, if you're out there
Is it true, do you have a table like this?

If you are parched,
all things
with bubbles (a must here!)
I know you're attending many, many
go ahead ~ CAFFEINE it is!

Perhaps a glass of Sofia?
Oui! Named after Mr. Coppola's daughter,
the winery's up the street
"To Marie Antoinette, The Movie
and Where Bloggers Create, of course!"
Olives... nicoise? picholine?

An antique bottle rack,
more memories
from France & many
vintage bottles

You can never have too many bottles
or is that, you can never try too many
kinds of Pastis while in France?

Okay... both!

Go ahead browse around...
I'll be back in a while to pick you up

~ Fleur de lis ~
Specially made for my art work
by Sandi of Wayside Treasures ~ thank you, Sandi!

We mustn't let this time escape...
tell someone so special you L-O-V-E them!

Yes, love them!

Some of my creations
Above and below ~ love creating!

No studio's complete without a toolbox!

A custom order, work in progress for Shakespeare lover...
My drawings...
sorry for the secrecy ~ needs to be a surprise!

Super duper secret tools (more memories!)

Can't forget this...
Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration
Love your studio, Karen... Can't wait to see more ;)

Julia Child roses peek through...

Beautiful lace work vest on Lilou
from Polly ~ Counting Your Blessings

Vintage rosaries & pendant from grandma

Can you see why the angel
talked me
into having the studio here...

An everyday gazebo from the hardware store...
dreams are what you make them, right?

Come on, Come out...
Your imagination can take you anywhere!

Sunflowers as tall as me

I'm sure you've stopped by Karen's by now,
maybe you should go again!

Click photo above for Karen's My Desert Cottage

Mathilde in the Land of Eiffel Towers
thanks you for visiting

(do you whimsically name your photos too?)

It's been magical, your visiting with us today...

Feel free to go through the side gate to your next
wonderful studio, just follow

~ the white rose ~

Another angel awaits for your departure...
Beautiful, personalized crown
by Rosemary ~ Rose's Petite Maison

I think you were so busy browsing about,
time escaped after all!

Hope you found much happiness in my outdoor
studio, visiting with me

and the angels here today!

Bonheur ~ Happiness

to YOU!