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July 30, 2010

Happy Weekend

Wanted to wish you a beautiful weekend!

I'm not able to upload new photos from my desktop
I've been trying since Thursday... is it just me?
I wanted to leave you with a photo though, so here's an
older favorite of mine (once again ;)

I'm spending the weekend in the garden (had some great photos for you!)
And I'll be at the wonderful Alameda, Antiques by the Bay, 
which I'm always so excited about attending 
and meeting up with old friends!
What are your plans for the weekend?  
Any problems for you with Blogger too?

Happiness to you!

July 27, 2010

Farm Fresh & a Recipe

Along my little store walk this weekend...

Morning glories met me with their blooms running along
the way... friendly looking vines, whimsically weaving
throughout the old picket fence.
One of my favorites, the Morning Glory

Farm Fresh Eggs from town
Love being able to walk five minutes
to get whatever we need for
or dinner!

Plus it's fantastic exercise, walking for your meal!

We made a healthy, delicious pasta this weekend
and guess what?  Oui, it's French!

Nutty Pasta made by moi

I'm loving French Food at Home
with Laura Calder (and her set kitchen in Canada!)

Here's the recipe for

 (She used lemon peel on the show, so I used
Meyer lemon instead of orange as listed on recipe link
and it was delicious)

And I had my very first canneles from
Downtown Bakery this weekend
and then I found the recipe on Laura's web-recipes site
It was delicious... see?

Hope your week is sweet and healthy!

Happiness to you,

July 22, 2010

Girly Girl Place

One of my favorite places to get all 
girly girled up is ~
my very own little (tiny) boudoir...

Not one my husband or daughter primps in...
Only me ;)

Want to take the tour?  
I promise it will take only seconds!

Old French Medicine Chest

You, by now know how I love architectural elements
especially those from France
Paris Building Zinc Capture

Even though we live in a cozy, old house with little room
I try to make each small space my own and put 
a romantic spin on things here in Wine Country.

I'm always changing things out, but thought I'd
show what's there at the moment. 

I've had a lot of emails asking me about this space
and how my romantic style is used there...
or I should say, if it's used there at all!
So, here's goes...

A must for me, always have flowers

I love architectural elements
Bits of Nature from Walks too
Wall tin from St. Elizabeth's School ~ Flea Market Find
Natural Light (wherever possible)
Vintage Tennis Ball Caddy for my books/magazines
Candles, love their glow... even in daylight

Claw Foot Tub Found at Recycle Center
Love this tub & old details

French Details Above Water Closet

From French Flea Market

Essential Oils & Plush Towels
The perfect color soap dish for me... bleu/grey
Searched for this mirror, finally found one at a friend's store
A Favorite, a real girly scent (but not heavy)
Disneyland find... many, many years ago!
Petite Shell Box
Vintage Pedestal Sink
Love French wire everywhere too
Lots of French Coconut Soap from Marseille
All special gifts from Family, look at all the paper tiaras!
More cushy towels and mats
Window View... Natural Light
Little French Baby Bath for Goodies
So... it only took a moment!
Whatever the size of room space,
do you make it pretty for you?

Where's that special place for you?

French Memorial Heart

We're coming up on another weekend,
have a beautiful one!

Happiness to you

July 16, 2010

Weekend Wishes

 Wishing you a spectacular weekend
filled with great things!

One of the items that's on our list
is visiting a barn this weekend...

 Isn't their little truck darling?
I would love one to drive to all
the flea markets I frequent in & carry 
the goods home!
(Hmmm... maybe a fleet of petite trucks?)

Love these gates, love everything iron
(and heavy, just ask my husband...
the heavier to carry the better ;)

We're going to take it easy too...
It's getting really hot here, but Giles still
insists on laying in the Sun

 We're growing tons of peppers because of the heat though...
Are you growing peppers too?

My petunias are not liking the heat a lot but hanging in there,
I love, love, love petunias!

Whatever you do, have a wonderful time

What are your plans?

Will let you know how Barn Diva is next week :)

Happiness to you

July 13, 2010

White Wednesday ~ Bastille Day

Vintage French postcards for this special day
and a candle to light the way in our home for you!

I'm joining in Kathleen's Faded Charm
White Wednesday
to wish you a very happy

Bastille Day

from my little white, chippy cabinet
(French, of course, for this special occasion ;)

And a few other French inspired items
from my garden since everything
is thriving now!

Heirloom tomatoes ripening...

Loving all things fresh and new
from the garden
(some from my jardin, some from farmer's market)

How about a vintage game of petanque
to commemorate this special day too?

I'll leave you with this Bastille day bouquet
I just planted on the porch

and share

a simple French recipe of mine
for a Bastille Day tomato platter to
savor and serve with crusty chunks
of bread so you can soak up the delicious dressing.

4 large ripe tomatoes (sliced)
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
1/4 c olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
3 T minced fresh tarragon

Arrange tomato slices to overlap
Pour vinegar evenly over them, then olive oil.
Sprinkle w/salt, pepper and lastly... the aromatic tarragon

Let stand for 15 minutes and serve.

Enjoy and Happy Bastille Day!

Happiness to you