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September 30, 2010

Petite French Bohemian Giveaway

From my shop... A lovely find, don't you think?

Busy days here at My Petite Maison

Lots to say, just not a lot of time to say it.

Have that special project going on I mentioned to you.

So glad it's cooled off in California,
  I'm able to get around,
not break a sweat just poking my nose outdoors!

Since I'm busy the next several days...

Wanted to ask...
What's on your wish list?

Is it bohemian, is it French? 

Is it both... that would be 
wonderful, non?
A petite wish list, 
one that could easily be shipped...

Maybe a few small items?

I'm heading to Alameda this weekend (Antiques by the Bay),
was just at Petaluma Antiques Fair (yes, I still have photos to share
from Summer Cottage Antiques!)

I know I could tuck a few things together
and ship them off to someone out there

I think it would be fun, a real surprise...
You don't know what it will be, I don't know either
but I will be happy to try to antique hunt for some goodies
just for you from My Petite Maison!

That I have time for any day

Antique French Clock Face from my store

Also, my blog/store has been featured
at Become Inc's site as one of their
Best of the Web choices for October
in home décor.

They contacted me after following my blog
for several months and I accepted the petite feature
with them and I'm thrilled to bits & pieces!

Always a great thing meeting new people,
experiencing new things and being open to all
things wonderful... don't you think?

From my store ~ French enameled trivet

Okay... about the Bohemian, French Giveaway~
Leave me a comment on your wish list items
if you'd like to enter this giveaway...

Giveaway open internationally, too!

No need to jump through hoops, just let me know
what's on your wish list and a comment
will be chosen by a random number generator
Sunday, October 10th

Wish me luck in Alameda!
Happiness to you

September 28, 2010

Petaluma Fair ~ The Beginning

Come on, it's me in the mirror again...
(Remember, Alameda & that huge pediment?)

All bright-eyed and ready to get some beautiful items
for my shop and home in Petaluma

This is going to be a two or three part post...
And first things first.

Let's eat and drink
This little juice place has the best juice, smoothies
and bagels around...

I don't know why but we can't find a decent bagel
in our town... have to travel to Petaluma
which is one of the sweetest towns around too.
This is my hubby's apple juice...
when it first came I thought, ewww
is this some artificial apple juice

It was freshly juiced apples and delicious,
I almost wished I had ordered this instead of my
passion fruit smoothie

My smoothie was so good though,
a very good choice if I say so myself!

Do you like bagels?
Sorry, I took a bite before I remembered
I need to take a photo...
that's just how good and fresh these bagels are here

Toasted warm goodness
An everything seeded (love seeds) bagel
with sun-dried tomato cream cheese
(no I didn't ask if it was low-fat ;)

We ate our bagels and listened 
to a bit of piano music
I would say like old ragtime music
He was very good!

This is when I miss my old piano

Next... I found some goodies!

I love this dealer's booth and her goods

Lovely... Just want to move in her booth!
I've got her name and need to dig it out
of my backpack... she'll be at Alameda
this next weekend too... can't wait!

Oh... that's my hubby in the mirror.
Not the gentleman in the blue, but the one
in white/beigey shirt... well, that's half of my hubby!

I purchased some of these below
they are huge!

And some of this too
Remember, I said I was working on a special project?

All of this is inspiring me. So many talented people
using their vision of beauty in their booth set-ups.

Now... how is this for inspiration?

A precious pooch working toward helping someone
that needs his/her special love & companionship

Canine Companions for Independence
Now this is a dog truly giving back
It warms my heart so much.  Way to go little puppy!

Here's more information about Canine Companions
if you're interested

People circled this beautiful dog, but no touching,
he's in training!

I am proud to say my town and community is a huge
dog loving place.  I would never live in some town
that didn't embrace dogs & cats

Well... all animals in general!
No circuses or rodeos here ever.

Now, is it me or this guy a tad bit scary?
I was waiting for him to jump out and bite me

At this point, I felt my husband deserved a short break

I know, we'll pretend we're in Europe and he can 
enjoy one of his favorite beers at Taps

Yes... he thinks he's in Brussels

Thanks for joining us (moi) today...

The next stop will be 
Summer Cottage Antiques

See you in a couple days...
You'll love Michelle's store and I'll tell you
a little bit about her too.

Happiness to you!

September 27, 2010

How my week's going

Happy beginning of the week!

Another chance to get things just right and give thanks
to starting another day off with a smile.
My hubby gets my coffee ready for me every morning...
puts the grinds, water & milk in the coffee makers
and leaves them there for me... Isn't that nice?

All I have to do is turn the gas burner on and within
a couple minutes, I have the same coffee one of my favorite
French actors drinks... Gérard Depardieu, of course,
in Green Card... I think everyone must love that movie, oui?

Here's to giving thanks
for another beautiful day

Watching the lovely Sun rise

Here's my little cappuccino maker
by Bialetti

And little Moka maker
This maker we brought back from Italy
(I think... it's been so long and now that I think
of it, I think we've gone through two perhaps)

You can get them HERE if you're interested...
to me, they brew just as nicely as a big, expensive
espresso machine.  You just have to use great water
and a tiny bit of work (or have your hubby do it ;)

I'm on my way back to watch the Starlings fly
They are beautiful and are traveling through
Northern California now...
We may go watch them fly/nest to a fireplace nearby
just up the hill, 

some time very soon... 

My friend, Wanda's supposed to let us
know when to go, cooler in hand!

I'll post photos for you, too!

I'm hoping to plant these beautiful
White Madonna Bougainvilleas 

I purchased these plants on Friday
from Home Depot.  

The store had a wonderful deal on these plants,
probably because they were almost dead,
but I've already taken care of them with just

a little love, nutrients and care

and they're healthy once again in just three days!

I'm working on a special project and I'm hoping to use
these plants in some of my work.

So... what are you up to this lovely Monday?

Happiness to you!

September 23, 2010

White Pumpkins in the House

Actually, there are white pumpkins
on the porch...

And in the backyard...

They're waiting to be used for decorations
and to be placed with some heirloom pumpkins
that will soon be at our home.

Now that we've got a few pumpkins in the house,
I wanted to give you one of my favorite
French pumpkin recipes too
I was going to make this pumpkin soup recipe
since we've been having Autumn weather
the last few days, but now I hear
it's supposed to be
hot, hot, hot here once again.

I have included it here for you though
in case you're enjoying wonderful fall weather
where you live

I can't wait to make it here once it's cooler again

Soupe de Potiron
(Pumpkin Soup)
3 c water
1 onion, diced
1/2 T sugar
2 tsp salt
10 ounce can pumpkin puree
(no flavor... just pumpkin)
1 c milk
salt & freshly ground pepper
creme fraiche (if desired)

Bring water, onion, sugar, salt to boil
Cover & simmer 10 min
Whisk in pumpkin & bring to boil
Simmer uncovered for 5 min, stirring constantly

Puree mixture in food processor or blender
until smooth

Pour back into saucepan and whisk in milk

Heat back to high simmer & season
with salt & pepper to taste

Serve with small dollop of creme fraiche
and light drizzle of olive oil if desired

Serves 4

We usually drizzle just a little bit
of olive oil on the very top
It is so good!
Our local grocer carries this brand
from France from time to time

but you can order it here if you're interested
in giving it a try and can't find it locally.

Make sure to serve with crusty, crunchy
French bread... Yum!

I'm headed to Petaluma this weekend
to the antiques fair and to see
my sweet friend, Michelle that owns
Summer Cottage Antiques

I'll be back next week with lots of photos
What are your plans for the weekend?

Happiness to you!

September 17, 2010

A Kind Word

I want to thank you 

Kind animal people, friends in blog land for
kind thoughts & prayers

You all know what animal lovers we are here

Our hearts are low this afternoon.

This sweet cat adopted us in June 2009,
after neighbors abandoned her with no thought.

She helped me so in dealing with sweet Arnold's passing in 
the last few months,
she spent endless hours watching me work 
on my outdoor studio and backyard garden.

Gigi just laid on the glass table...
happy as could be to have a home and warm place
to sleep every night.

She never asked for much, wasn't a "meowy" cat
very quiet.

We had to make a decision 
as to what was best for her today
for her quality of life.

Gigi Poirot
We'd  love it if you'd give your special
furry family member(s) a huge hug
in Gigi's memory.

Thank you for your kindness
so many times over,

September 16, 2010

Cool Breeze Inspiration & Fall Recipe

Little bits of inspiration for you today...
whether it be a treasure from the seashore
wrapped around a pretty white padded hanger...

Or perhaps an antique camisole that will be
making its way into the store.
Our days are getting cooler
can feel fall coming on even more now...
See my little kitty, Gigi in the photo?
She's under the weather today w/respiratory problems...

Would you say a little prayer for her?
We're worried about her, she's a gentle souled cat
this maison loves her dearly.

I'm trying to take in the blue sky and really appreciate
each moment, each ray of the Sun

We're so blessed to live in this little house,
under this blue sky with all its light shining

And, of course, enjoy these little bistro lights
outdoors while walking through the gravel ;)

We're hearing it's going to rain
this weekend
so we're just cherishing this Sun
here today and thinking good thoughts
for little Gigi Girl

Look at this big blue sky & clouds
(just trying to see if I can make out a figure here ;)

Ooh, and smell the clean, cool breezes

Singing birdies on the wire!

some lavender a dear friend gave me
she gave me some white lavender too...

Thought that's what I shot for this photo, but non
 (more about white lavender later)

Just look at that gravel...
Hubby loves the subject of gravel... 
going to need more gravel ;)

And all the chirping sounds that goes with happy birds
eating sunflower seeds we grew here this summer!

I've been eating tons of our local produce...
Gravenstein apples and champagne grapes

What's fresh in your area,
what are your favs
of the moment?

I've included one of my favorite French salad
recipes for what we call

Genevieve's Apple et Endive Salade
(Genevieve's a childhood family friend)

It's so easy!

2 Belgian endive
2 Gravenstein apples 
(or whatever kind you like!)
 2 T chopped basil
3T olive oil
(we're using Picholine these days)
1 T lemon juice
1/2 tsp whole grain mustard
(we use Maille or Grey Poupon)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cut endive & apple in wedges

Whisk olive oil, lemon juice & mustard together

Add chopped basil to endive & apple mixture
pour olive oil mixture over
Add salt & pepper to taste

Serve immediately

Serves 4- 6


Happy Weekend
Thanks for your Gigi prayers
~ et ~
Happiness to you!