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November 30, 2010

Petite Corner Français for White Wednesday

Here this evening for White Wednesday,
I want to share a little corner in my world...

 It's not always about the 
big picture.

Cast Iron Urn, Sea Float, Lavender filled Love Sachet


Full Sideboard ~ Candles ~ Terrarium ~ Cloche
In fact, it's never about that in this little
enchanted house we live in,

So... take a look at the petite whisps of whites
this perfect day, won't you?

Yes... this day is perfect, right?

Candles... always loads of white candles here

Love ~ Opera Glasses ~ Holy Candles

Mother of Pearl... Love it!

Mother of Pearl Knives from my Grandma... many years ago
Mother of Pearl Knives, French Plate, Rosary Français, Chippy Wooden Rings

Beautifully torn Zinc from France

In Another Life... Miss Mitchell's Opera Glasses ~ Romantic

Beautiful fleur details...

Angel in Candle light

French Angel

Paper Whites... growing, see?

Vintage Bottles, Petite Frog, Watch Faces

White Chippy Shelf, Provence Book, Chandelier

It's the beauty in between all the small spaces

Many of the pieces shared here are available
in my store...
Have you seen these
in Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine?
Vintage Bag Carrier Français
I am always thrilled when I see something
within their pages and I've got it in my 
inventory/maison ;)

I'm so happy it happens a lot!

Vintage Parcel Carrier Français

I've got something else to show you soon...

Found a great piece at the flea market
Here's a tiny portion (bad moi, I know ;)

New French Piece ~ White Roses ~ White Arch Element
Okay... that's enough of a teaser

Now, I'd love to tell you about
my beautiful friend, Jo-Anne Coletti's
new book quality magazine

Take a look...

Jo-Anne's Feminine Home Cover
Isn't this cover the most beautiful you've seen?

Here are a few other pages,
Just to let you know, it's beautiful

Cover to Cover
Sweet Maria's Home

Mark et Susie Holt's Shop

To take a better look
at Jo-Anne Coletti's beautiful work
Just click to purchase her magazine HERE

I just ordered mine a few minutes ago
and can't wait to place it on my
old, French coffee table here at my maison

It will definitely have a special place
and I'll dream romantically away
and be inspired ;)

Think I've given you enough
dreamy inspiration?

Hope so, I have to go stock my store now!

Happiness to you, sweet friends

November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving

Filled with 




And very, very much
to be thankful for this year

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you after the holiday and much
celebrating and decorating here at 

Happiness to you!

November 18, 2010

Who Stole My Time?

The days are speeding by...
I'm wondering who stole my time... again!
Antique Clock Face
 I wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway
from Lavender Fields this morning


Time flew away with a photo shoot here
but better late than never right?

It's still the 18th of November 

I want to thank every one for entering the giveaway
I used the random generator and Sandy
From My Shabby Streamside Studio's Entry/Comment
Was the Lucky Commentor here when used yesterday.
Congrats, Sandy!
Please send me your info when you get a chance
French Shutter Pulls from my shop
 Now I'm off to work on my project a bit more,
 should have it finished up by tomorrow afternoon.
Then the really fun stuff
of deciding what we're doing for Thanksgiving
and what kind of food too!
What are your plans for the holiday?
See you soon
Happiness to you!

November 16, 2010

White Wednesday ~ Terrarium Goodness

A little terrarium goodness
This White Wednesday 
Terrarium w/Saint, Paper Whites, Sacred Heart, Metal Pieces
I'm getting so excited about setting up my home
and outdoors for the Christmas holidays

I found this little terrarium while shopping 
with my daughter over the summer

This piece was originally marked $110.00
(can you believe that?)  Actually, I saw
something similar in one of our major catalogs
for much more than that...

To get back to my point... oui!
This beautiful terrarium was marked down
to $8.00 and it was written in red... so...

it was half off... yes, $4.00 ;)

A different view ;)

 I love that I can have something very inexpensive filled with
many kinds of items...

Mementos from France, a favorite little pot from a dear friend
and always, something living 

Saint Theresa, Paper White, Pot from Jeannette, Sacred Heart, French Text
 See my new little olive trees in the back?
The count is going up...

Finally purchased the one I wanted as a little memorial tree
for my little Gigi cat...

Always something living, remembering lovely things,
lovely pets & some trees here at My Petite Maison
to remember lovely people no longer with me

Do you do that? 

I love to... until I see them again. 
Cute little door latch

With door closed... pretty reflection

Don't forget to visit Kathleen at Faded Charm
for White Wednesday

And now... a really quick recipe
Your ingredients: 
White Truffle Pasta

3 cremini mushrooms (thickly sliced)
8 ounces bowtie pasta
Grey Salt (that's what I use)
Freshly ground black pepper 
2 T olive oil
1 T butter
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 shallot, minced very finely
2-3 T White Truffle Oil
(I use Oliviers & Co.) 
3 T Mascarpone Cheese
1 T Dry White Wine
Parmesan Cheese Shavings
(I use Parmesano Reggiano)
Toasted pinenuts (optional) 

Cook pasta in slightly salted water to specifications
(Usually about 8-10 mins)

While pasta cooks,
Heat olive oil w/butter in pan
Add the garlic, shallot and mushrooms
slowly cook approx 8 mins

Stir in Mascarpone cheese & wine
add salt and pepper to taste
Add truffle oil at very end, after mixture
has been taken off heat 

Drain pasta and toss in 
white truffle/cheese mixture
If you happen to have a beautiful
White Truffle... this would be the time
to grate it thinly and add it on top ...
They are now in season.
Top w/freshly grated parmesan cheese
and, of course, toasted pinenuts...


This makes enough for 2 generous

Enjoy your

White Truffle Pasta 

this White Wednesday.

Okay... back to work for me

Happiness to you!

November 15, 2010

Bright Week Ahead

I am gearing up for a busy week ahead here...
Wanted to leave you with a few more vignettes
on this Monday 

Tour Eiffel Vignette

to move us into this  superb,
opportunity filled week of blessings!

Paper Whites ~ Yummy Prosecco ~ Angels

Starting these two weeks apart so I can gaze upon their
loveliness all throughout the season

Eiffel Tower through Lace
Love this print through my lace

It's all in how we look at things, right?

Lace seems to be showing up every where
in this house these days.

Acorns from nature walk

Don't forget to stop and gather a few things
from nature this week

Love working them into vignettes & projects here!

Back to my photo shoot
and hoping I can share it with you

My pasta turned out fab...
will share that tomorrow ;)

Happiness to you!

November 12, 2010

Love Your Weekend

No matter what you do...

L-O-V-E your weekend!

A little slice of my bedroom for Friday

 If you're looking at it from afar
grab it in and give it a hug

Old zinc, well loved chest & vignette

 There won't be another like it... again.

A little vignette just for you this Friday ~ Vendredi

 Make each moment count

Sea shells, driftwood, white roses

That's what my plans for the weekend are...
embracing it and making it count :)

And to make a new pasta dish... I'll share the recipe
if it turns out deliciously good
Don't worry, there will be much cheese
and a few mushrooms too!

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet,
it's the post below for dainty, ruffly Pom Pom at Home napkins

Happiness to you!