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December 29, 2010

A New Year's Wish

A wish from the heart {my heart}

New Year's Eve Wishes by Candle Light

Wishing you much joy in the new year that's
just ahead  
of us all... tick, tock...

Let's make the new year
one of positive action, knowing we can do 
Anything we set our minds to in 2011.

I'll be spending New Year's Eve with my husband
We're going to make a concoction called 
with tasty 
Elderfleur liquer, a bit of prosecco & Pellegrino water
Just click the link above for the recipe.

  I think you could omit the prosecco
and just use Pellegrino and it would be 
a lighter cocktail and quite tasty too.

 We'll be indoors... watching
lovely old movies.  

The Thin Man series
and The Enchanted Cottage...
they will probably run well into
the weekend.

Oui...  Cocktail in hand, white candles,
pale roses around the maison.
And my petite menu...
 Crab salad with homemade green goddess dressing
and a bit of crusty bread from our local bakery

And of course, a bit of fluff from Zeke & our cats!

What are your plans?  
I would love to hear. 

I'll be taking a few days off to take in the new year
with my family, but will chat with you soon!

Wishing you the best
for 2011
- et -
Most of all L-O-V-E
that you give yourself
to try new dreams!
Happiness to you

December 23, 2010

Have a Merry Christmas

Holy Candles fill the Maison

Come on in... I finally managed to get
just a few photos uploaded in time to wish you
A Very Merry Christmas!

Angel Wings, Paper Whites, Chippy Cabinet

The prettiest angel wings.  Have wanted some forever.

I asked my friend Janet over at Shabbyfufu if she had
angel wings when I saw a pair of beautiful ones on one of her
custom dress forms that stole my heart away.
(see, it truly pays to ask... who knows what great things can happen!)

Angel Wings hanging from Armoire

Our Petite Living Christmas Tree ~ Love ~ Love ~ Love it!
I took some photos today and some last night

Nothing like last minute, but that flu had me and my energy
held captive for almost two weeks.  So please bare with my mismatch of photos.

Here's a view at night ;)
Love the little lights on the little tree & the glow

Okay, not a lot more text...
How about just photos?  Works for moi, it's getting late...

Almost Christmas!

Found two old French petite garbage tins
 See, Kerrie... one's still waiting for you.

Okay, back to no text... sorry ;)

I always love being able to look into another room or better yet, the outdoors from inside

Just a little look, have to work on that "grand tour" next

Beautiful Zeke in Angel Wings

New Paper Whites, Vintage French Jesus, Sentimental Trinkets

At Candlelight ~ Night

A special place on the couch filled with rosebud throws & vintage goodies

Zeke, the "ham bone" loves to be in photos... angel wings intact!
Look how huge my first Paper White have grown to be
and still growing strong ~ beautiful nature.

Lights up, Lights Lit!

Always a smile

Beautiful Angel at Night for You

I will close now...

I wish you and all your loved ones

times filled with love and joy!

Don't forget to say "I love you"
quite often

and if you're missing people & pets this year,
a feeling that keeps coming back to me...

How blessed we are to carry those loved ones in our hearts
with us wherever we go through every season!

Love to YOU!

from me and Zeke!

Happiness to you,

December 14, 2010

Paper Whites et White Roses

Paper Whites... White Roses...
and old clock faces.

I'm inspired this White Wednesday

Antique Clock Face Going to New Home... bye bye, beauty!

Yes, I'm sending this beautiful clock face from Europe off to its new home
it is on its way already!

  Makes me happy when I know a piece is going to a
good home where it will be appreciated by a kind soul.

Now for a quick view of my paper whites (at least those in my little work nook)
and some pretty white roses.  By now, you know this little place is never without
fleurs of some kind.  I try to have a few in every room, it just makes things
lighter for me and my hubby's nice enough to stop by the grocery store each
Friday.  A lady that works there usually has a couple dozen put away
for him to bring home here, isn't that nice of her?

Zeke even smells the fleurs every Friday when they are
brought in the maison ~ so funny, but he's got to do it!

My little work corner filled w/fleurs
I know, it's small like the rest of the maison, but I want it beautiful and inspiring
if possible and filled with fresh fleurs.

Paper Whites et White Roses

Just one more photo and that's it for me this post as I'm playing
catch up big, big time.
I'm so far behind and I'm still trying to recover from having the flu.
Please don't do what I did... thought it was gone and pushed a bit too hard.

Have so much making up to do...

A little bit of the sea in white for the paper white arrangement

I hope to be back next White Wednesday (if not before) and show you
our maison Christmas tree... that is, hoping I find one still left out there
ready to come home with me.  

I'd love to show you more of
our Christmas decorations too.

Thank you for all your well wishes,
it really lifted my spirit!

Happiness to you!

December 9, 2010

Planted on the Couch

Just planted here on the couch and my bed for a couple days.
Someone was kind enough to pass their sickness on to me.

Don't know who or when...
Don't you hate that?
Planted on my big, sick, cozy couch

I had to post something...
even with this foggy mind 
living in this head
here at the maison.  See?  Foggy!

Some good though...

Jo-Anne Coletti's magazine, 
The Feminine Home arrived late last night. 

Guess FedEx is gearing up for Christmas as 
delivery came after 9:30 pm. 

Since I'm not feeling well, 
Zeke wasn't happy to hear the delivery truck
arriving so late.  

He's not one for working a lot (any) overtime, 
especially during the holidays!

I've just flipped through the pages 
(because of this bug, I seem to flip from
one thing to another even more often than normal... hard to concentrate).
 Every photo I've seen is so breathtakingly beautiful.  

I love having so many friends featured in the magazine too.

I've already ordered a copy for my BFF for a zillion years, so Jeannette
if you're reading this, your copy is on the way.

I did want to show you two little vignettes.

I have to show you at least a little of our
Christmas decorations here at the maison.

And no, we still don't have a tree!

I was supposed to go get it today.

Here are the vignettes though for you!

A little snow man I love 
under one of my tiny cloches
Little Snowman under Cloche
Since I didn't have snow for my snow man,
I did the next best thing...
he's laying atop sand from France

Do you collect sand, rocks,
bits of nature wherever you go too?

Hope so!

And a wonderful ex voto tag
I ordered from Ozma of Odds

I love all her creations!

Here's a close up.  I ordered three different
tags and they're all beautiful in the set.
Ex Voto Tag from Ozma of Odds
Lastly, I have too much time on my hands
for staring into space, tweeting...
yes, way too many tweets today
(sorry tweeps!)


But the fab thing is I found a lovely
French video/song which I love...

Love the message, let's be there for one another
and pick each other up, not tear each other apart!

Take a look, non?

How did you like it?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Think I'm going to a holiday open house 
over at Anna Corba's studio if I feel better.  

Please keep your fingers crossed for moi,won't you?  

Whatever you do, have fun and stay healthy!

Time to get back to my couch.
Just look at my Paper Whites... they're getting big
and I have scads et scads of them!
Paper Whites growing, growing!

Happiness to you...

December 6, 2010

Happy Week

Just wanted to say...

Happy New Week!
Olives et Roses
I took this photo in my petite gazebo last week
while taking store photos and love the way

Roses and Olives are growing 
so beautifully together

I'm busy wrapping parcels, still trying to find the right tree...
We have an olive tree in our living room right now playing stand in
for us at the moment, but I love its look.

We finally have the lights up on My Petite Maison
thanks to my hubby. We walked to the store twice to get them yesterday.
(a little thing about bringing our wallet in order to have the store
let us go home with the merchandise!)  It was one of those days,
but ended up walking about 5 miles because of it.

Have a beautiful day, hope to see you for White Wednesday.
I'm trying to get my visiting up to date... it's hard this time of year,
but I'll see you soon.  What are you up to this week?

Happiness to you!