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February 3, 2011

Vintage Loves & Good Scents

Wanted to share some vintage goods
with you today...

Remember this Euro find from last summer?
My Euro Sink in Winter, surrounded by Wine Country Wild Mustard & Olive Trees
Although I'm off preparing my store,
making a few website changes (with a talented friend)
and shopping Alameda Flea...

I can still let you know some of my favs, non?

by the way...

Euro Sink • Memorial Heart • Old Door • Old Doorknob
I can hardly believe how great the plants are doing
just left here on their own.  I'm hoping the bougainvillea
comes back strong come summer and it the pretty
Madonna White color they gave to this beautiful fleur

Euro Sink • Memorial Heart • Old Door • Old Doorknob • Angel • Paris Sign

I took these photos today (Thursday)
and it's beautiful here, so I'm sending some sunshine
and warmth to those of you in the snow & ice today!

The next vintage item I'd like to share is my
Vintage French Pie Safe

I think this is one of my favorite pieces I've found
since I've been searching markets for French Goods

It's got it's patina-white/grey color from years ago

It didn't have a knob to open, 
I added the "T" knob I've had for years
that I purchased from Ballard Designs
French Pie Safe • Vintage Plates & Cafe au Lait Bowls • Fav Goodies
I don't think I'll ever let this piece go
but do have a larger French pie safe in my store

I think I'd want to keep it too 
but our kitchen is the size of a Paris Apartment kitchen...
no kidding.  I love it though and have learned to live like
the French do... with smaller & always the outdoors in

Want to take a look inside?

Almost as good as looking inside
someone's medicine cabinet, 
but I knew you were coming!

 I love Illy coffee & Taylor Maid Farms coffee (from Sonoma)
French olive oil & olive oil from my friend
Naomi's olive farm, it's delicious!

Ice-O-Meter... So cute!  A very old find from good Ebay days long ago

 Guess you can see from the Ice-O-Meter it's about 70 degrees here!

The last thing I want to share with you is the darling
little Scentsy Warmer I won from Robyn
over at the darling Whimages blog

Isn't it the cutest little warmer?

I was given the choice of warmers and I picked the "Groovy White"
one, of course, white for moi!

I have to say I worried a bit when I heard it was a scented
plug-in warmer with scents...

I have sinus issues and take medication for it
almost every morning before my walks...

I usually only like natural lavender
and roses here in the maison, but

Robyn sent me "My Wish" scent
and I love it.

No bad sinus headaches.

My Scentsy in Groovy White • Wild Mustard Fleurs from Garden

Now to the really good part...
I loved it so much, Robyn & Scentsy
have offered a special discount to my friends
et followers here for 15% off
When you mention "My Petite Maison"

Please take a look here at Robyn's darling blog,
she'll direct you and if you don't know her already,
you'll want to see what's going on at her cute, cute, cute blog.

Just look at this Wine Country Wild Mustard Fleur
so bright for you!
Vintage French Soap Dish • Wild Mustard Fleur from Garden • 
Well Loved Pie Safe from France

Okay, that's it from me today...

I'll be announcing the winner of my All Things French Giveaway
in the next couple of days...

Yes, you can still sign up until Midnight 2.3.11 PST

Wish me luck at the Flea finding French
and crossing so many things off my list.

Warm sunshine to you too.

Don't forget to visit Debra at Common Ground

Courtney at French Country Cottage
for Feathered Nest Friday


Photo Copyright:  Robyn @ Whimages

Happiness to you!


*Ulrike* said...

I love your Euro sink! 70 degree weather? Here in the south we are having temps in the 30's with a little sleet/snow/lots of rain. Seeing all of your green makes me wish for spring, but it will be here soon enough. Your pie safe is the cutest too, and sometimes small kitchens are the coziest!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Tracie, so glad you joined the party today! LOVE the French pie safe and all the goodies inside. Thank you for sending all the "warm" wishes from your place. We feel like we're on the frozen tundra!

DEB said...

Hi tracie...Such pretties!! I always love to come & see all your beautiful pretties!! Love the Euro sink & the pie safe...reallyyyyy love them:) And the french soap dish...ohhhhh!& ahhhhh:)
Sure wish you could really send warmth hon...-3 this AM... 19 now! Cold even for OKLA. Brrrrr
Deb:) xoxo

Robyn said...

Tracie, I have almost the EXACT EURO sink! I LOVE it but we haven't done anything with it yet because of our COLD temps. We did get an antique faucet for it because I think we are going to run water to ours. I LOVED seeing yours!

Enzie Shahmiri * Portrait Artist said...

Beautiful images. I really like the vintage feel.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh....the pie safe.....the sink....the flowers.....I'm in French heaven, Tracie! Love it all!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Kelly said...

Hello! I found you through Vintage Inspiration Friday. I love EVERYTHING about your blog! Absolutely gorgeous. I'm your newest follower! :)


Sarah said...

Fun favs, Tracie. I'm so envious of your flea market trip. I'm ready for some shopping. ;-)
~ Sarah

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Your Euro sink and pie safe are divine. I know I would love the cozy tiny-ness of your cottage...oops I mean maison. I've always prefered small over big. I'd rather have a cottage than a castle...anyday. ox

have fun at the flea market!!!!

It's me said...

Hello...what a great euro find !!...euro ??? what country do you live???...and yes Illy coffee is the best !!! we drink only Illy here!! lovely day Ria...

Pam Aries said...

Girlfriend ! When I hit the road agian..I must stop at your house. WOW, is all I can say !

trash talk said...

Love a lababo (it's fun to say too)!
I am also crazy about the petite pie safe. I have a soft spot for screen.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hey Tracie! Just wanted to thank you for leaving your sweet-as-usual comment on my blog! I LUV grain sacks! I have about 8 of them in various rooms in my house and find myself looking around thinking "where could I use another one?" because I adore them so! lol! Annie Armoire is looking very pretty in her new coat of creamy white. Hope to get the doors back on today!

Have a great weekend, girlie!

xoxo laurie

Marie said...

J'adore your French lavabo Tracie! I've been wanting one of those forever, they're hard to find, and when I do, they are pricey. Like your little enamel soap dish too...sooo Euro indeed.
Happy weekend!

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Tracie as always another wonderful post!!!! I love your blog!Amazing!
I'm so glad that you love Illy coffee, me too!
Have a nice weekend.

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi sweet friend! I'm lovin' all your French goodies! That pie safe is to die for!! Love the little soap dish, too, but it's all gorgeous and would love to have every little bit of it in my own home. :)
I'm so grateful for the sunshine this week... it has been wonderful!
I forgot to answer your question last time about the orange blossoms... so sorry. I never have tried that, but it sounds like a wonderful idea that I'm sure to try once the trees are in bloom... thanks for sharing it with me. :)
Have a great time at the flea market this weekend, my friend!

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful old treasures today!

Love the little ice meter...we actually have sunshine today so we are seeing a little bit o' melting! Just in time for another storm tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend!

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Tracie,
Thank you for the warm wishes. You find the greatest the French pie safe and that old door with your sink looks great.

Ellen said...

What great pieces you have! Love the pie safe.


Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Everything is so pretty. Love your pets, too.

Sandi said...

I have not forgotten your Euro sink Tracie! I am on the lookout for one. I asked a friend because she knows where to find everything so we are on a mission now! ha! Love it!
Your other pretties are gorgeous as well. Happy Friday!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I love the way that sink looks planted with a few things and can't believe that that is how it looks in the middle of winter. Everything covered in snow here. And usually by mid February we are starting to have spring like days here and there. You mentioned you have a heart like the one I showed on my blog that my sister gave me. It was actually made by a company in Noble, Oklahoma. The company was United Design and it was locally owned and operated. I think they were in business about 20 years. My sister worked there doing clerical work. But they had a large staff of designers and manufactured all in their plant. Eventually, they could not compete with cheap imports out of China and sold the company who then started manufacturing overseas. I don't think they are in business any more. But while my sister worked there for a few years...we got many other nice garden items and little statues. My big easter rabbit that I'll show at Easter came from there too.

Love your blog.


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Absolutely gorgeous Tracie~ I love your sink and the entire vignette- so pretty! Love that petite pie safe too~ You mentioned the Alameda Flea- you must be somewhere in the Bay Area- not too far from you! That market has the most amazing treasures!!! Thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

Roberta said...

Perfect patina on your sweet French Pie Safe in your Euro sized kitchen Tracie! xo

Tirabaralla said...

Illy is my favourite coffe, from my favourite city in the world.
This said, lovely and inspirational details! :)

milka said...

Love your sink! And the surrounding plants are amazingly beautiful- thought they were fake until you zoomed in.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Love your sink...and I can't wait to see what your up to with your website.

Alice W. said...

Love your Euro sink and old pie safe...the little ice-o-meter is adorable too! I will take the warmth so keep sending it our is still freezing here...brr...

Sylvia said...

I drooled over all your vintage finds...wish I could shop where you shop.


Rose said...

just fantastic vintage finds. great photos. rose