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March 31, 2011

My Petite Maison, Sunshine & Fresh Spring Fleurs

Oui, it's an old maison we live with here.  One of the things I love is we
get tons of natural sunshine.  Every second I'm able to let the Sun's rays in,
I will, do you?  Can't stand to have shades or drapes pulled here.

I have loads of lace throughout My Petite Maison.  I love the way it filters
the Sun's ray just a tiny bit and adds a lot of texture to everything it touches and,
of course, mirrors, vintage mirrors every where... layer upon layer.

Another thing I'm loving is fresh, beautiful, spring fleurs spread all through
our Maison.

My friend, Barbara was so kind, she gave me some beautiful white lilacs from her
store, Uniquely Chic Floral & Home.

We have a white lilac tree out front but it doesn't give blooms any where
near the size of the blooms gifted from my dear friend.

See... our blooms are in the very front, they're tiny blossoms (photo above) but 
our tree is full of teeny tiny blooms that will reach up to the sky.

Old Pastis & Wine Bottles used for holders, faded from the summer Sun

I've taken so many photos of the beautiful lilacs and hyacinths...  I never tire of 
gazing upon their beauty.

Natural Light Flows all throughout My Petite Maison

Another beautiful bloom is the hyacinth.  I've added some and dispersed them
throughout the top floor...  I forget they're here, start to climb the stairs and get
the very delicate fragrance to remind me, they're here along with the white lilacs...

Petite Corner of Bedroom Bathed in Natural Light

Talk about a most delicate, fragrant bloom throughout My Petite Maison
while the breeze gently billows from floor to floor and room to room.

I love the French pail with blooms and then paired with the antique zinc
pots from France.  

In case you're wondering, yes, you can find a few of these precious 
zinc fleur pots in my store.  To be honest, I can barely stand to part with
them, they're perfect in shape, size and of course, patina & color!
Nothing can touch the real patina of time in the South of France
and these show the truly beautiful time worn look I love to bits.

My Petite Maison Antique Zinc Pots from France

See, love the contrasting colors of white, gray, golden sun kissed beige,
natural brown and natural green.  That's perfect color in my eyes.

I'm spending days cleaning the yard (huge job), fluffing My Petite Maison and getting
ready to attend Alameda Flea this weekend. I hear there will be close to 1000 (yes, 1000)
dealers there ~ I'm ready for some flea market overload in the beautiful sunshine
right next to the bay!  Not to mention the French crepes... many French crepes to eat
and much espresso to drink!

I just love this time of year,

Flea Marketing Adventures
here I come!!

Chat with you soon...

I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway:  A personalized, signed copy  of the book, Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill in the next couple of days.

Happiness to you,


oldgreymare said...

Tried to email you this but you are no reply comment so ...

about GH....
lol have you missed some great stuff!!! I watched in college, the luke and laura years, and many years after and then stopped for about 7-8 years maybe and then a few years back my SIL got me started again. I am so embarrassed to watch but I do enjoy it,. You mean you don't even read the recaps on line? Well I won't spoil anything for you but sooo much has happened the past few months. One of the better periods for the show..though they are dumping a bunch of actors to temp status. I am not one of those who cannot live without it honestly ( I swear hehee) but it is fun especially when james franco is on. he just came back on this week. talk about cutie patooties :D

yeah Chania and I have been comparing boy toys ; ) Tyler versus Franco..I win!!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

It was lovely to come and visit you and your beautiful home. The white lilac and hyacinths are so pretty.
Many thanks for visiting me and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


It's me said...

Hi Tracie...enjoy this beautiful and hugs from me

Razmataz said...

I LOVE your photos. I can almost smell those lilacs! I especially like those bottles that you have them in.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

The flowers look so pretty, today there was snow covering my yard, I cannot wait to go outside and clip my lilacs to bring indoors. But no signs of spring here yet in boston!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhhh Tracie ~thank you for
sharing your beautiful
pictures with us!!
I am so excited that spring
is here!!


Shabbyfufu said...

So beautiful Tracie....loving, loving all of the white fleurs and I can only imagine how your Petite Maison must be fragranced!

Have fun at the flea...I keep seeing that name Alameda everywhere, I'm sure that it will be grand. Here sadly the flea market season has come to a close with summer humidity settling in, but there are happily always the estate sales to haunt.


Sandi said...

Your photos are gorgeous Tracie!! Love them!! My lilacs are not in bloom yet at all and won't be for a few months yet. How lucky for you. They are beautiful!!

Al said...

Such a beautiful blog you have! Your photos are stunning. I'll be back to visit again. Check out my blog when you have a moment.

kathee said...

Ohh Tracie, I love all the beautiful pictures you have posted today! Your home is gorgeous!
I wish I was going to Alameda this weekend. So Jealous!! I will be selling in May, doing Remnants of the Past and then on to Alameda! Come visit me! I would love to meet you....xokathee

Ido said...

Oh, I love all those pictures, beautiful, love the bucket with the hyacinths, you inspire me to go outside and do some gardening. Bad weather here, and when it's nice I have to work sigh!.
Thank you for sharing all that inspiration.

Lara said...

Wow! Soo beautiful, Tracie! All your details are so inspiring & your iron bed is very dreamy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!
:) Lara

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Lovely pictures
always love to take a peek
like a beautiful walk in a gorgeous garden

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Sun~kissed Petite Those white lilacs are breathtaking...they add delicate beauty to your home. I always love your white bistro chair and that France pot grabs my heart! ox Delighting in this sunshine treat too.


Oh so beautiful!
I love your flower decorations. spring is such a time of joy and it's filled with new life and beautiful flowers...

hope you are fine,
love, Mira!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Have I told you lately that I love reading your blog...cuz I do ;o) your photos are always so beautiful and romantic.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Claudia said...

Hi Tracie,

Everything looks beautiful. We had snow yesterday! It didn't last, but I am so sick of this winter weather. My hyacinth (planted in the ground from a potted plant I bought last year) is poking its leaves out of the ground. I need spring!


DEB said...

Tracie....Such gorgeous pics hon!!! I LOVE your home..& can smell the lilacs & hyacinth if I shut my eyes real tight from here:)
Everything is soo beautiful & romantic...thank you for sharing such awesome pictures!!!
Have a great time at the flea market..sounds divine...wish I could go!!
Deb:) xoxo

Burlap Luxe said...

Tracie girl you are the best!!
A comment you left me Coming from you means more to me then you know!!!

Your inspiring chic-ness blows me over, I could so inherit your things and it would all be right at home with mine! I love all that you inspire and it is bloggers like you that keep bloggers like me on the go for the next great find. I am trying to get my small bedroom together so I can post it. If I would just leave well enough alone I could do a posting.

Love those zinc pots, anything galvanized will wow me!

Thank you for all that you inspire.

Mariette said...

Dearest Tracie,

Envy you for having access to such pretty lilacs! They are my favorite flower and they will enhance most any picture.

Have a great weekend!


Florence said...

Love your photos, I too can't wait for the wonderful flea markets to start. I am so ready for spring. Florence

Judy said...

Thanks for stopping by Tracie! I hope you'll send one of your lovely photos in for the photo challenge.


milka said...

The first photo looks so 'Spring'. Love it!

June said...

I love visiting your beautiful maison. It is always so lovely here!
The white lilacs are gorgeous Tracie. Your friend is the best kind of giver.
have a great time shopping at the market.
sending hugs

Kris Pare said...

The peek into the bedroom is so lovely, the delicate lace overthrow is gorgeous! I just love the soft fragrance of fresh flowers floating through the house on these lovely spring days. Have fun antiquing. Take care, Kris

Marie-Ange said...

Un lilas au pastis, c'est peut-être pour ça qu'il est si beau !
Douce journée.

Vintage Home said...

Oh how I wish we had some sun...Woops some is trying to peak out now...but your lilacs are stunning and your bed picture is enough to make me yawn and grab a nap!
Just such beautiful images..Thanks for sharing!

Stéphanie said...

Fabulous pictures ! Fabulous blog !

Belle Maison Et Moi said...

Gorgeous bedroom! Beautiful blog, thanks for sharing :O)