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March 4, 2011

Weekend Wishes

I've been spending my time looking out the windows...

Oui, longing for spring (like every one it seems)

My little garden shack in the rain

Rain, rain and more rain too.  But see, the blossoms are opening!  I went out the other day and clipped a few from the tree right outside our door.  See?  They're reaching up to the sky and I can't wait to get outside and get my hands dirty and do some really good work with my garden that's good for the soul.

We've been fighting colds and flu bugs here.  Not fun at all and quite depressing not being able to get out and move around.  Have you managed to stay healthy?  I hope you have and have been enjoying getting ready for spring.

I'm hearing it's going to be "spring like" here today, I'm planning on opening up since our weather man is saying high 60s in temps for us.   Hear it's just for today but I'm going to try to take advantage of the cheerful sunshine even though I'm still trying to get over this bug.  Think the Sun may help with my frustration of being inside and missing my long walks and just be the boost my spirit needs today.

It's been so long since I've posted but wanted to wish you a great weekend full of sunshine-y wishes for you.   I have started adding new (vintage & antique) items in my store and am so excited to show you all the lovely items I have from France, Netherlands, Germany and of course, the beautiful States too.  Don't worry they're all romantic finds!

All Romantic.... See?

A little bit of everything...
for the home, for entertaining, for wear too!

Wishing you a great weekend.  Hope you'll be soaking in some sunshine too!

Happiness to you!


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Your blooms just opening are gorgeous...just love that first photo! I am down with the flu too. Bella Bleu doesn't mind...she likes to snuggle under fluffy blankets. I did take a slow walk with her yesterday down the muddy trail because the sun was shining.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks very pretty! We too have had colds and flu Yuk! Happy Friday~Cheers Kim

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Sunshine in Boston, I so long for spring, but I will take all the sun I can get! I am in love with your pretty teapot. I love aqua and pink together!!

It's me said...

The sun was shining here for the second day.....but it is very cold......nice post !! have a lovely Ria....

AIR KISS said...

Hey Tracie! So far I've managed to not get sick. I take a elderberry extract capsule that I got at Whole Foods.. maybe that is really working? :) I hope you are all better soon.. so many sicknesses going around it seems. I usually catch a major Spring cold, so I am trying to avoid it. Your view looks beautiful and I adore your blue canister - it looks so French! :))

laura said...

Have a beautiful weekend my friend. xo Laura

DEB said...

Tracie..Hope you & hubby are feeling so much better!!!! We had some mild sinus & cold sickness here...not fun! So many gorgeous pretties in your shop hon! LOVE it all!!
Wishing for an early spring here too!! Enough snow & cold!
Get well sweets:)
Deb:) xoxo

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour mon amie!

So good to see your post today! Can hardly wait to see what's in your shop... and I'm also waiting for spring to burst forth!! So sick of cold weather. I saw a snowdrop blooming in my front flowerbed and was thrilled!

Have a wonderful weekend dear one... hugs, sherry

A Cottage Muse said...

Hoping you are feeling better! I love the photo of your shed in the rain!

milka said...

The blooms are so beautiful. It seems that everyone is having flu. We have too much sun and rain that caused everyone sick, i myself too.
Take care Tracie!

Simply Me said...

Thank you so much for your comment,and visiting my blog.. The bottles are Indian tonic water bottles, i found them in a TJ Maxx some time ago, i have not yet to see them again... Everybody ask where can i buy them? I just love you blog!!!

kathee said...

Hi Tracie, we have been very sick here also for over 3 weeks! I enjoyed your post today..I too need spring to arrive and love your blooms. I totally re did my booth at the Agoura Antique Mart the other day and it felt so good...all spring and summer and garden...I will do a post this week! Have a great Sunday soon, xokathee

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Tracie,
I am so ready for spring.
I think...we are going to get a bit of a break. I can't wait to start planting my flower and vegetable gardens at my new home. My fingers are just itching for the dirt...right now it is just wet & muddy.
I am so sorry that the bug has got you...The sunshine is sure to make you feel good. Hope old man Zeke is feeling better.

Rachel Noelle said...

Beautiful images Tracie~ Have a wonderful wednesday! Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425