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May 6, 2011

Weekend Wishes from my Bistro Table

Bonjour Friends!

Little Zinc Pots from My Petite Maison

Just in case you're wondering what I'm doing and where I've been these days...

Bet I'm like most of you, trying to get things cleaned up and doing much spring cleaning. 
And I've been working on my boutique and studio.  Spring cleaning indoors, outdoors and really, I think I'm making a bigger mess of it than it was before.  Do you have those problems, too?  Spinning, spinning those wheels and many ideas too.

I did manage to find an extra large trellis at the Alameda Flea Market (Antiques by the Bay) that we've set up and are decorating around... here is just a glimpse of my find:

Well... a tiny piece of the trellis entering the back!

I love that I'm able to see my garden shack while entering here

Really want to make it enchanted to enter the yard

And My Petite Maison's Little Mermaid has found her spot!
So... just a glimpse (for now) of the trellis!

Believe me, I'll show much more once I have everything prettied up and our gravel filled in.  Why is it, we always need more gravel?

Now for one of my favs... you know, one of my bistro tables.  I have had this table for probably close to 10 years now.  It's really hard to find the real deal now, I think every one likes them.  I'm happy I found mine many years ago and that I purchased it with two white bistro chairs as well.  Since then, I've added to my collection with many bistro chairs and a couple little bistro tables (both smaller than this one).  I'll show those later on my blog.

My Petite Maison Bistro Table and Chairs

I'll show you some of the items I have on the table & chairs close up...

Little gardening cart filled with flower petals from my yard

Lots and lots of fleurs this time of year.  I love flowers and can't get enough of them!

Here, I'm going to show you a couple of items I won from beautiful Fifi's giveaway too:

Lovely Cabbages & Roses bag in my back garden
A beautiful Cabbages & Roses tote I received from Fifi's giveaway. 

Oui!  I've stocked the tote I won from Fifi's giveaway with my favorite wine.  I live in Wine Country so why not?  I filled one of my French cornichon jars with ice and placed the wine bottle inside, I love the look!

This bag will soon be traveling with me to the concerts at our town square with my favorite wine of the moment.  For this moment, it's Whitehaven.  Don't you just love the name?  The wine is delicious too, Sauvignon Blanc, nice, light fruit and pleasing in the warm months (just so you know ;)

I've also stocked the tote with fleurs from my garden.  I just filled a little vintage bottle with water and put them inside.  Another, I love the look!

Close up of wine neck, yes it's a screw top, have you been doing your wine reading about screw tops?  If not, take my word for it, it's OK, yes perfectly delicious and not something a hobo would drink, although I think hobos are pretty neat.... hopping trains from stop to stop and dream to dream!  For some reason, that makes me think of Fried Green Tomatoes.... yes, this screw top is a very good thing!

In pretty good company here, non?
And there's my Romantic Prairie Style, signed and personalized for moi by none other than Fifi O'Neill, my dear friend and a friend to all ~ such a kind-hearted lady.  Fifi, I get a kick out of you!

Just in case you missed it, did you know that Romantic Prairie Style is in the April 23, 2011 issue of the Wall Street Journal and is ranked #6 in sales on Nielsen Bookscan
for two weeks in a row in the Hardcover House & Home category?  

Here's the link to take a look, you can find the news HERE.

I am so happy and proud of Fifi.  She gives so much to us all.  Way to go, Fifi!!

Since we've got all the goodies above, I'd love to pass on one of my favorite recipes to you since the warm weather has already hit here and I keep going back to these noodles over and over again.

Spicy Soba Noodles with Cucumbers and Bok Choy from Bon Appétit
Click HERE for recipe... yum.  I promise, you'll love it!

So I'm thinking I pretty much have it made here.  Gourmet soba noodle salad, a beautiful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc wrapped in a pretty Cabbages & Roses carrying tote and of course, Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill.

Life is grand!

Now, I just need to light some tea lights in my little lantern and get some more gravel, non?

Happy Mother's Day to every one and I wish loads of...

Happiness to you!


DEB said...

Hi Tracie! Lovely post hon!! Love your trellis..its gorgeous!And that bistro set is TDF!!!! Your flowers are ALL so beautiful:)
You lucky women!!!! Winning that TDF Cabbage & Rose tote..looks lovely hon! Stunning pics sweets:)
Now I am ready for some of that wine & noodles:)
Happy Mother's Day to you:)
Deb:) xoxo

Sandi said...

What a beautiful space you have created Tracie! I love it. I would love a bistro table and chairs someday (a genuine set), but I don't know that I can find any around here. Nothing like the old pieces!

Love that tote and your flowers are just gorgeous too!!!

Ozma of Odds said...

...LOVE the C & R tote!! LOVE IT!!
~ and I'll be over later for a splash of that beautiful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc...eeerrrrr, I mean spot of tea (wink, wink) at your pretty little bistro table ~
xo, Rosemary

Blondie's Journal said...

I can certainly believe that Fifi;s book is climbing the really is lovely!! Your garden should have been included, I love coming to your blog and looking at all the details! I love those little French bistro chairs and your bag filled with good things is beautiful!

I hope you have a warm, sunny weekend filled with love! :-)


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

This outdoor space is so nice Tracie. I love your old bistro set. So shabby and welcoming...and the wine, I know screw tops are preferred sometimes and never an indicator of quality! Fifi is a dear, and she contacted me recently, so down to earth and helpful. I am glad her book is doing so well!

Shabbyfufu said...

Wonderful styling my dear...and I too love that Cabbages & Roses bag. I hope that our darling Fifi is going to visiting your Petite Maison when she is out in Cali...oiu?

Enjoy your wine and your weekend....xoxo, Janet

kerrie of sea cottage said...

This is such a lovely spring post in entirety. Your gardens are the kind to dream about. You are so lucky to have found that round chippy white bistro table and chairs. We are truly so blessed to have Fifi who gives all of us so much beauty. She makes the world a better place. Thank you friend for this post. ox

Theresa said...

Life is Grand! Thank you for the recipe link,it looks delicious. I do the same thing when I clean... it creates a bigger mess at first and then when it's finished I sit back and say ahhhhhhh. xoxo

It's me said...

Hi is good!!...enjoy your this post !! happy

Fabulously french said...

Your table and chairs look fabulous in your lovely garden. We found a couple of antique French bistro chairs last week at a local vide grenier and now need a shabby table to match, fingers crossed that we find one soon :-)

Bon week-end a toi,


A Cottage Muse said...

What a beautiful, serene setting to enjoy Fifi's fabulous book!

Looks like you are ready to be in her next one!

Suitcase Sallie said...

Lovely photos -- I want to walk right in and sit down with a good book and cup of tea! Love the bok choy recipe too!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tracie,

I loved seeing your beautiful post, everything is fabulous.
I especially love your Cabbage & Roses bag and how you have placed all your goodies in it.
I was so happy when I bought a copy of Fifi's book, Romantic Prairie Style, here in Auckland at a little shop.

Happy week

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Tracie~ LIFE IS GRAND! You are So right!
Have a pretty day!

About Vintage French Hen said...

Beautiful garden, I always feel so inspired to go outside and start pulling weeds when I visit your blog! Marcia

My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

I know the spring cleaning project thing---I'm going crazy and broke with my woodshed. Thanks so much for your moment of refreshment in your garden, Tracie!



Bleudelavande said...

Oooohhhh Tracie another wonderful post!!!! I like so much that table!!!!
Have a nice day

Le bateau rouge said...

Hi Tracie, I have just found your blog and I was impressed by this cabbages & roses bag :) This kind of bag is one of my current projects. I like especially the embroidered letters on yours. Have a nice week! Alexandra

Florence said...

Beautiful setting, and your Cabbage and Roses tote wow! Thanks for sharing. Florence

Faded Plains said...

Hi Tracie! Your table and garden are divine...and do I see an extra chair there...well then, I can pull up a seat and join you for lunch...sound good ;o)

Cindy said...

God, what a charming place you have in your garden. It's absolutely perfect... makes me want to just explore everything,and then sit and enjoy it all with a good glass of white wine...

Pretty Things said...

Just LOVE your garden shack! And yay for noodles!

Vasu said...

you have a beautiful it

sylvia said...

so beautiful picture,I enjoy it very mutch.
love from sylvia in norway

Simply Me said...

Everything is so Beautiful...I love the little shack!!! And that Bag, so pretty .You should be getting your blouse real soon, i shipped it a couple of days ago, sorry i have been busy forgot to tell you ...See its midnight and i am on the computer.. Talk to you soon.. Beautiful job

Corinne. said...

Très jolies mises en scènes !!
J'ai adoré la balade sur ton blog !
Tout est douceur .

Anonymous said...

good day everyone happy new year to yous all