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February 25, 2011

A Special Guest Interview ~ Shabbyfufu's Janet Coon

Bonjour every one!

Haven't posted for quite some time, I've been concentrating on one of my loves, 
French antiques & vintage boutique, My Petite Maison and of course, 
watching after my fuzzy friend, Zeke.

I wanted to share my view while walking by a local B & B the other day... 
The blooms are so pretty here in town.  

You wouldn't guess there's a storm warning 
and snow could be falling soon here now would you? 

Now... on to the really good thing that's 
happening here with someone quite special.

This weekend, I am thrilled to share with you, a special interview with Janet Coon, Proprietress of Shabbyfufu.

Please join me for this interview and share in some of Janet's beautiful photography from her flea market adventures and her studio as well!

What are your favorite flea markets to shop in the U.S. & overseas?


I've been flea market shopping for decades, it's addicting! I have vivid recall of being taken to my first flea market by an aunt that was an avid collector. I was staying with her one summer up in New Jersey and I think that I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time. I purchased a vintage perfume bottle that would probably qualify as a true antique if I still had it now! That same aunt had many collections of old junk and I remember being quite fascinated with it all. I guess you you could say that I was hooked on junk at a young age.

Since my first foray to the flea I've been to dozens and dozens over the years in several states as well as overseas in several countries.

Beautiful Chanel in Vintage Clothing Store

I always enjoy going to Renninger's in Mount Dora, Florida…which is outside of Orlando. They host extravaganzas three times a year, and I usually attend at least two in search of goodies to resell on my website and to use in my projects.

I don't travel as far and wide within the U.S any longer to shop the fleas for several reasons. As a seasoned "flea chick"…I've seen that "the good stuff" is unfortunately not as plentiful anymore.  With more competition in terms of selling on the internet, I have to watch both what I pay for goods and also my expenses more closely! Now if I am traveling anyway and there is a good flea market I will definitely make an effort to shop until I drop from dawn until dusk!

Cabinets of Curiosities Flea Market Adventures, Shabbyfufu

I love to travel and generally find myself in Europe at least once a year.  In Paris I enjoy the flea markets at the Porte de Vanves (local sellers & some affordability here), as well as Clignancourt (officially Le Puces de Saint-Ouen…especially Marche Paul Bert (fabulous restaurant there too!) and the temporary traveling Brocantes that pop up over town from time to time. I have developed shopping savvy at sniffing out the good stuff BUT….that being said, prices at the fleas in Paris (and France in general) can be tres cher (VERY EXPENSIVE)! Bargains are few and far between for sure and with the dollar being so weak…..well, you get the picture. Just the way that it is…telling it for real here, so go for the fun and the beauty and if you find something it's an added bonus!

What are the essentials you recommend a flea market shopper never be without?

Great shoes….in Europe you may look like a real dorky American in sneaks, so at least try and make them black or somewhat fashionable.

I always pack a hat (fashionable, of course!) and carry my money in a cross body bag or a petite pouch of some sort.


Rolling cart and a hubby to push it!

Do you have a favorite item you've found over the years?


Hmmmm…..lots of things! I guess one favorite find that I still have and not sure if I will part with is a collection of late 1800's to early 1900's bound books of La Mode Illustree magazines (hundreds of them!) that I purchased at one of the Brocantes in Paris a couple of years ago.
Janet's La Mode Illustree Magazines Flea Market Find at Paris Brocantes

What was the one thing that got away, that you wish you would have taken home?

I would have to say some pieces of furniture that I have found but just had no way to get them home.

With items you've custom created for a customer, do you have a favorite item you still remember that's close to your heart?

Lately I have been receiving lots of custom orders for my dress forms. I put a bit of myself into each dress form (mannequin) and hours of time….and strive to make each one a beautiful inspiring piece that will be treasured by my romantic at heart clients!

What kind of materials (fabrics, art pieces, etc.) are your favorite or most inspiring to work with when creating a new custom piece for your shop?

I've collected vintage barkcloth and antique lace for many years and really use "the best stuff" when creating….no holding back allowed in the Shabbyfufu studio!

I always find it inspiring to learn what kind of music artists listen to while creating.  Who are your favorite artists/composers you enjoy listening to while creating for your shop?

Classical music, "zen" or "spa" music inspire me without adding too much chaos or clutter to my brain. I live in a very quiet neighborhood, so sometimes I just enjoy working with complete silence or hearing the birds singing outside as well.

The Beautiful Studio of Shabbyfufu Owner, Janet Coon

Thank you, Janet for this interview and sharing your beautiful photos with us too!  

You can visit Janet's shop HERE and her Shabbyfufu blog HERE

After this interview, I can't wait to get out to the flea market and hunt for some wonderful treasures and take in the sights.

I want to mention, Friday is Janet's birthday.  Janet, I wish you a beautiful birthday filled with much beauty, laughter and many special memories shared with your loved ones!

Have a happy weekend all, what's on your list for the weekend? 

Happiness to you,

February 14, 2011

Hearts et Fleurs

Wishing you love.

 Just a few photos from around
My Petite Maison

Inspired by

love. beauty. life.

Have a beautiful Valentine week!

Hearts purchased from Sandi, Wayside Treasures

Happiness & Lots of Love to you!

February 9, 2011

An All Things French Love & Picnique

Wanted to host a little get together
for you, for me...
Our little picnique, care for a seat? Even have a bit of French bottle water for all.
Can't wait for the vines to fill in over our fence this summer,
tons of white fleur vines....

The truth is I've been busy
with my addiction...

All Things French Love
Searching for great finds, meeting new contacts
here in the States & overseas in order to bring
wonderful French & romantic finds to my home,
store and to my lovely customers et friends!

And as a few folks know,
my husband and I have been caring for our 
beloved Zeke, who has been under the weather
now that he's an elderly Great Pyrenees

The Best Dog in the World to Us

If, in your life, you've loved a dog,
a companion... 

You understand what I'm talking about,
cherishing some last time on the clock...
I have to say in type here,
thank you Alice, Claudia & Janet.

Thank YOU for getting me with Zeke
and understanding my lack of correspondence

I haven't been around and I feel bad about that,
but thought I'd let every one know just what's going on here.

I had my friend, Lily over the other day.
We sat in the side yard and I took a few
photos to host for you.

The yard's a mess, but why not show the real thing?

Wild Wine Country Mustard
and vines beginning to grow.

So here we go...

Perhaps we'll start with my supervisor cat,
she can't be found until I want to take photos
then she's in every frame!

Love the white camellias, they glow in the Sun and with the Moon
as well... Love to gaze out the window at the bistro set
with the fleurs sitting so close by.

Perhaps my favorite little white box from France
in the middle of the table...

It's worn now but loved even more than the day I picked it up

 Bits of shells, driftwood, zinc, spanish moss and other tidbits fill it up

 Oui!  I love the way it's worn and look how it fits together perfectly.

 I love the rugged box all worn along with my plates from Mayenne
and Mother of Pearl knives from my grandmother

Masculine & feminine mix together for our picnique Français!

Have loved this Le Petit DéJeuner platter
since I found it.

Guess what's inside? Not hard, right?

But of course, the real thing...
The perfect breakfast as the French like it

We're so lucky to be able to walk to the store and purchase
Le Petit Déjeuner here in Wine Country

Here's their link below in case you're interested in reading more
about the Marin French Cheese Company

 Saint Therese also graces the bistro table...

You will find her in My Petite Maison store
come Thursday afternoon.

Of course, I've got my French market cart dressed up
with lots of little French items too

Why miss an opportunity?

A few antique Eiffel Tower bottles, French cornichon jars
and a very old large jar that used to house
Herbes de Provence

This is just an empty French wine case, but I love the picture
of the rooster and hen from "The Old Farm"

 So, what will you use from your collection...

old, new, an empty wine case, or just about anything
to make things festive?  I'd love to know!

Thanks for coming by, reading my blog
and for understanding my lack of being around lately.

Okay, I'm off to stock My Petite Maison store,
I have so many wonderful French finds to photograph
and place in the store for you to see.

Of course, I'll be doing most of that with
Cher Zeke... right at my feet.

By the way, the French giveaway winner
is Kerrie from Sea Cottage.
Congrats, Kerrie.  I'll be contacting you soon.

Thank you to every one for entering and posting
about the event, it means so much to me.

See you soon.

Happiness to you!

February 3, 2011

Vintage Loves & Good Scents

Wanted to share some vintage goods
with you today...

Remember this Euro find from last summer?
My Euro Sink in Winter, surrounded by Wine Country Wild Mustard & Olive Trees
Although I'm off preparing my store,
making a few website changes (with a talented friend)
and shopping Alameda Flea...

I can still let you know some of my favs, non?

by the way...

Euro Sink • Memorial Heart • Old Door • Old Doorknob
I can hardly believe how great the plants are doing
just left here on their own.  I'm hoping the bougainvillea
comes back strong come summer and it the pretty
Madonna White color they gave to this beautiful fleur

Euro Sink • Memorial Heart • Old Door • Old Doorknob • Angel • Paris Sign

I took these photos today (Thursday)
and it's beautiful here, so I'm sending some sunshine
and warmth to those of you in the snow & ice today!

The next vintage item I'd like to share is my
Vintage French Pie Safe

I think this is one of my favorite pieces I've found
since I've been searching markets for French Goods

It's got it's patina-white/grey color from years ago

It didn't have a knob to open, 
I added the "T" knob I've had for years
that I purchased from Ballard Designs
French Pie Safe • Vintage Plates & Cafe au Lait Bowls • Fav Goodies
I don't think I'll ever let this piece go
but do have a larger French pie safe in my store

I think I'd want to keep it too 
but our kitchen is the size of a Paris Apartment kitchen...
no kidding.  I love it though and have learned to live like
the French do... with smaller & always the outdoors in

Want to take a look inside?

Almost as good as looking inside
someone's medicine cabinet, 
but I knew you were coming!

 I love Illy coffee & Taylor Maid Farms coffee (from Sonoma)
French olive oil & olive oil from my friend
Naomi's olive farm, it's delicious!

Ice-O-Meter... So cute!  A very old find from good Ebay days long ago

 Guess you can see from the Ice-O-Meter it's about 70 degrees here!

The last thing I want to share with you is the darling
little Scentsy Warmer I won from Robyn
over at the darling Whimages blog

Isn't it the cutest little warmer?

I was given the choice of warmers and I picked the "Groovy White"
one, of course, white for moi!

I have to say I worried a bit when I heard it was a scented
plug-in warmer with scents...

I have sinus issues and take medication for it
almost every morning before my walks...

I usually only like natural lavender
and roses here in the maison, but

Robyn sent me "My Wish" scent
and I love it.

No bad sinus headaches.

My Scentsy in Groovy White • Wild Mustard Fleurs from Garden

Now to the really good part...
I loved it so much, Robyn & Scentsy
have offered a special discount to my friends
et followers here for 15% off
When you mention "My Petite Maison"

Please take a look here at Robyn's darling blog,
she'll direct you and if you don't know her already,
you'll want to see what's going on at her cute, cute, cute blog.

Just look at this Wine Country Wild Mustard Fleur
so bright for you!
Vintage French Soap Dish • Wild Mustard Fleur from Garden • 
Well Loved Pie Safe from France

Okay, that's it from me today...

I'll be announcing the winner of my All Things French Giveaway
in the next couple of days...

Yes, you can still sign up until Midnight 2.3.11 PST

Wish me luck at the Flea finding French
and crossing so many things off my list.

Warm sunshine to you too.

Don't forget to visit Debra at Common Ground

Courtney at French Country Cottage
for Feathered Nest Friday


Photo Copyright:  Robyn @ Whimages

Happiness to you!