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March 31, 2011

My Petite Maison, Sunshine & Fresh Spring Fleurs

Oui, it's an old maison we live with here.  One of the things I love is we
get tons of natural sunshine.  Every second I'm able to let the Sun's rays in,
I will, do you?  Can't stand to have shades or drapes pulled here.

I have loads of lace throughout My Petite Maison.  I love the way it filters
the Sun's ray just a tiny bit and adds a lot of texture to everything it touches and,
of course, mirrors, vintage mirrors every where... layer upon layer.

Another thing I'm loving is fresh, beautiful, spring fleurs spread all through
our Maison.

My friend, Barbara was so kind, she gave me some beautiful white lilacs from her
store, Uniquely Chic Floral & Home.

We have a white lilac tree out front but it doesn't give blooms any where
near the size of the blooms gifted from my dear friend.

See... our blooms are in the very front, they're tiny blossoms (photo above) but 
our tree is full of teeny tiny blooms that will reach up to the sky.

Old Pastis & Wine Bottles used for holders, faded from the summer Sun

I've taken so many photos of the beautiful lilacs and hyacinths...  I never tire of 
gazing upon their beauty.

Natural Light Flows all throughout My Petite Maison

Another beautiful bloom is the hyacinth.  I've added some and dispersed them
throughout the top floor...  I forget they're here, start to climb the stairs and get
the very delicate fragrance to remind me, they're here along with the white lilacs...

Petite Corner of Bedroom Bathed in Natural Light

Talk about a most delicate, fragrant bloom throughout My Petite Maison
while the breeze gently billows from floor to floor and room to room.

I love the French pail with blooms and then paired with the antique zinc
pots from France.  

In case you're wondering, yes, you can find a few of these precious 
zinc fleur pots in my store.  To be honest, I can barely stand to part with
them, they're perfect in shape, size and of course, patina & color!
Nothing can touch the real patina of time in the South of France
and these show the truly beautiful time worn look I love to bits.

My Petite Maison Antique Zinc Pots from France

See, love the contrasting colors of white, gray, golden sun kissed beige,
natural brown and natural green.  That's perfect color in my eyes.

I'm spending days cleaning the yard (huge job), fluffing My Petite Maison and getting
ready to attend Alameda Flea this weekend. I hear there will be close to 1000 (yes, 1000)
dealers there ~ I'm ready for some flea market overload in the beautiful sunshine
right next to the bay!  Not to mention the French crepes... many French crepes to eat
and much espresso to drink!

I just love this time of year,

Flea Marketing Adventures
here I come!!

Chat with you soon...

I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway:  A personalized, signed copy  of the book, Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill in the next couple of days.

Happiness to you,

March 22, 2011

An Interview with Fifi O'Neill & Romantic Prairie Style Giveaway

Bonjour Friends!

Many, many times, life amazes me and people do too.

Another thing that amazes me is this book,
Romantic Prairie Style
Photography by  Mark Lohman

I like to think of myself as recognizing the bluebird of happiness in my own backyard and try to do so on a daily basis, but this woman with je ne sais quoi (that certain something) constantly amazes me with her giving spirit.

Today, it is my pleasure, directly from my heart,  I bring you an interview with my dear friend, Fifi O'Neill.

So without further adieu, let's begin with the one and only Fifi O'Neill at My Petite Maison today and we'll gaze upon beautiful photography by Mark Lohman:

Fifi, Your style is amazing and the way you pull items together.  When did you first know you had the gift of putting rooms together?

It's very nice of you to say that I have "a gift for putting rooms together." The truth is that I have enjoyed "playing house" since I was a little girl. But, I really got into it long before I bought my first house because I rented for many years and it was really important to make each home mine. 

I love the guest cottage in your book.  When you found your house did you know right away you wanted to do something with that space?

Yes, but it took several years before I could save enough money to proceed with my plans as it meant a major makeover.

Fifi's Ethereal Guest Cottage

How long have you lived in your home and how long did it take you to feel like everything is really coming together?  (I'm still working on it here, and have that feeling in some rooms but not in others... any suggestions?)

I have been in this little cottage for 10 years and have changed things many times. I have loved all the variations but I am still making changes in the cottage itself. I think the guest house is my best work because it's so simple yet has a lot of charm.

Fifi's Delicious Looking Guest House Kitchen

Fifi, what really puts a sparkle in your eyes when decorating, something that gets the inspiration rolling?

That's a tricky question because almost anything can inspire me. I remember one time when I went shopping for a sweater and came home with a kitchen table (and no sweater) and that inspired me to redo the whole kitchen........

What is the one key piece you think every home should have to make it lovely?

At least one animal, a doggie or a kitty, and fresh flowers--but no boring arrangement!

I couldn't agree more, Fifi... a house is not a home without an animal to love and decorate into the wee hours of the night looking on!!

Guest Appearance by Zeke of My Petite Maison

Fifi, I love the mantel in your home and how you make things work together.  Do you have a favorite project you created in your home?

I am very fond of the kitchen sideboard I built with a salvaged door and spindles from the Home Depot. I needed something to fit that narrow space and couldn't find the right piece so I put one together. It wasn't hard to do once I figured it out.

Beautiful kitchen sideboard created/built by Fifi O'Neill

As a great animal lover, I have to ask... Have you always had pets in your home and do your cats have to be right where you're working?  Mine do!

But of course! I have always had cats, sometimes a dog too. My kitties sleep on my scanner, printer and keyboard. As you know they are my indispensable "assistants!"

I have long admired your beautiful French cheese dome and wondered about its history, can you tell us more about it and is it zinc?

Yes, it is zinc. My sister found it at a flea market in Provence and I traded it with her for a trio of little iron hearts I found in Texas.

I am so excited about this book and your next book too.  As an adorable clothing lover, I have to ask...  I read about possible Fifi clothing happenings in the future... can you tell us any more yet?  

I am working on the clothing line but all I can tell right now is that it will be feminine with a twist. Think about layers of softness and lovely colors and patterns. Imagine mix and match but not "match-y".........stay tuned!

Oh Fifi, I can't wait.  I'm thinking I may be your best customer!

From Romantic Prairie Style • Photos Mark Lohman

Thank you ~ Merci ~ Grazie, Fifi for this interview and for bringing so much beauty and inspiration into our lives.  You've lifted so many of us up and helped us bring our dreams to life.

From Romantic Prairie Style • Photo Mark Lohman

And now friends, I am over the Moon to announce Fifi's graciously signing a copy of her beautiful Romantic Prairie Style for me to giveaway here at My Petite Maison.

The giveaway winner will receive a personalized, signed copy from Fifi that will be delivered straight from the one and only Chez Fifi.

Days and days of dreaming upon this book. It's not just decorating, it's truly a lifestyle book that enchants and sets a lifestyle muse a flutter in your home!

From Romantic Prairie Style • Photo Mark Lohman

Okay, here are the rules of the giveaway: 

Follow my blog publicly • Leave a comment of why you'd like to own a personalized copy of Romantic Prairie Style 

For extra entries ~ Share on your sidebar photo below of Romantic Prairie Style upon my bistro chair • Tweet or share on Facebook and link to My Petite Maison blog.

Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill • Giveaway, My Petite Maison

Giveaway deadline Thursday, March 31st Midnight
Winner will be announced April 2nd

Good luck ~ Bonne chance and thank you, Fifi for allowing me
to hold this most wonderful giveaway.

March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring, Happy Fleurs, Happy Times!

Can't wait to get my porch back to this shape, this is a photo from last year.  I did manage to clean off my porch just days ago.  I noticed a woman walk by and come back twice to look at our porch.  That was all I needed, I wanted it to look cute again.

We had a huge storm last night so I'm afraid the porch must need a cleaning again but I'm just happy My Petite Maison is still standing and didn't get blown away.  The storm was really quite scary, I was downstairs with Zeke and he hid his head (or a little of it) under my big couch... no help from him!

I'm off to investigate around the yard and around this little town after the storm.

Wishing you a Happy Spring and Sunday from here...  I have wonderful news this week from my blog I don't think you'll want to miss.

Happy Sunday and Happy Spring!

March 12, 2011

Weekend with Fifi's Book et Merci Fifi!

I'm spending this weekend with my dear friend, Fifi's book here at ma maison.  
Yes, a weekend enjoying Romantic Prairie Style's beauty ~ belle.

Book Photos: Mark Lohman

An object of beauty...

Book Photos:  Mark Lohman

I am in love with Fifi's Cottage... wondering if she'd notice me living there.  I'd be quiet as a mouse, but doubt Zeke would be or my chats Francais!

I'm moving furniture, creating new visual interest around My Petite Maison this weekend since I've been inspired to no end with Fifi's enchanting book.

My naturally lit bedroom ~ in its romantic shape I love

Makes me want to run around and stage My Petite Maison to be ever so graceful in its look and love in all things that shuffle my sentimental heart around with memories and love.


Thank you to Tausha for giving me names of products (bottles) I viewed on your blog so I could track them down (right here in my much loved town ;)  Kind people are the very best!

So, back to Fabulous Fifi's book... are you spending the weekend with Fifi's beautiful book?
I am going to sit out on my porch on Sunday and listen to the rain fall and flip from page to page again.

Lastly, I want to take a moment and with my entire HEART say merci, Fifi for including 
My Petite Maison among your shopping sources.  

I love you, Fifi, not for your talent (well, that too ;)
but for your huge kind, kind, heart.  

You lift, share, inspire, give and are loved.

My Petite Maison ~ Shopping Source for Romantic Prairie Style

I'm back to moving things around, creating vignettes and of course, loving this book of beauty and wonderful lifestyle book as well by the one and only Fifi O'Neill. (Don't forget to check out her Amazon profile, just click link above ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to move some things around and give a big French dog a kiss on the nose for luck (chance).

Happiness to you!

March 9, 2011

Let's Use Our Imagination {Always}

While checking out a blog of one of my Twitter followers, Cynthia,  I was delighted to find this Ralph Lauren video narrated by Uma Thurman.

The video is delightful.  I love it says so much about embracing new people into our lives and using our imagination in our lives each and every day.

I plan on using my imagination today, do you?


The RL Gang: A Magically Magnificent School Adventure from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.

Happiness to you!

March 4, 2011

Weekend Wishes

I've been spending my time looking out the windows...

Oui, longing for spring (like every one it seems)

My little garden shack in the rain

Rain, rain and more rain too.  But see, the blossoms are opening!  I went out the other day and clipped a few from the tree right outside our door.  See?  They're reaching up to the sky and I can't wait to get outside and get my hands dirty and do some really good work with my garden that's good for the soul.

We've been fighting colds and flu bugs here.  Not fun at all and quite depressing not being able to get out and move around.  Have you managed to stay healthy?  I hope you have and have been enjoying getting ready for spring.

I'm hearing it's going to be "spring like" here today, I'm planning on opening up since our weather man is saying high 60s in temps for us.   Hear it's just for today but I'm going to try to take advantage of the cheerful sunshine even though I'm still trying to get over this bug.  Think the Sun may help with my frustration of being inside and missing my long walks and just be the boost my spirit needs today.

It's been so long since I've posted but wanted to wish you a great weekend full of sunshine-y wishes for you.   I have started adding new (vintage & antique) items in my store and am so excited to show you all the lovely items I have from France, Netherlands, Germany and of course, the beautiful States too.  Don't worry they're all romantic finds!

All Romantic.... See?

A little bit of everything...
for the home, for entertaining, for wear too!

Wishing you a great weekend.  Hope you'll be soaking in some sunshine too!

Happiness to you!