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July 21, 2011

Fifi O'Neill visits My Petite Maison

Fifi in my petite kitchen

Bonjour friends,

I wanted to share a few more photos of Fifi O'Neill and 
Mark Lohman visiting 
My Petite Maison last week.

Most of you know... this has been a dream for me, for a very long time.
Fifi O'Neill & Mark Lohman upon arrival at My Petite Maison (I always wanted to say that! ;)

It was a full day here at My Petite Maison.  Fifi and Mark work so well together, my husband and I were in awe of the way they so seamlessly work together while shooting the maison and jardins here.  It was a dream come true for me and I can't thank them enough for looking past this old house's very time worn style and showing us & our animals a wonderful day of being in their company!

Zeke loved meeting Fifi.  He knew she was an animal lover from the start!  I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me that they finally met and Fifi could put the bark she's heard many times over the phone to the real "furbody".  This is my FAVORITE photo, I will cherish it always.

Zeke et Fifi • This photo touches my heart

Special fleurs were delivered the day before the shoot... from my dear friend, Janet of the famous Shabbyfufu.  Thank you so much, Janet.  You know how much this was a dream of mine for years now!  Zeke did not want to miss an opportunity to pose with them here:
Okay... not a lot more talk, just a few more photos of our day!

Checking out the side yard with bistro table

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this next photo...  She truly is a darling soul (inside & out)
Fifi in our back yard among our plants & loved cats

Fifi O'Neill... how cute is her outfit?

I was so happy that our weather cooled down for their visit.  We had been having a heat wave and I managed to get many things cleaned/ready in the morning but not so much in our afternoons filled with 100+ degree weather.  My husband, daughter, her boyfriend and I had just 4 days of "normal" California weather (after they got off their full time jobs each day) before Fifi and Mark's visit.

Fifi at My Petite Maison
 Dear Fifi, I love every touch you gave to My Petite Maison!

As so many of us know, a house no matter how well loved, needs many living props, flowers and plants to bring it to life...  I would like to thank my dear friend, Barbara of Uniquely Chic for allowing us to use beautiful flowers and plants from her shop for this photo shoot.  

You can see just a few of them here in the beautiful French market wicker basket I've had for years...  There were truly armloads of flowers and plants to work with here!  Thank you, Barb.

 Here's one of Zeke trying to see what was happening out there...

After the photo shoot at My Petite Maison, Fifi and I drove over to Barb's for the book signing of Romantic Prairie Style where there were many people waiting to see Fifi.  More on that soon!

I'll leave you with a beautiful photo of Fifi and Mark on the porch that I love, I know you will too!
Fifi O'Neill & Mark Lohman at My Petite Maison... "On the Porch"

Can't tell you how very happy my heart is...

July 15, 2011

It's Been a Happy Week!

As some of you know, this has been a spectacular week at My Petite Maison!

We received a visit from Fifi  & Mark which I'll be posting about next week...

I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a great weekend and post a couple photos
of the Maison in its current messy state... which I'm loving!

How about a coconut passionfruit macaron, or two?

Or maybe just some delightful café au lait... or both?!

Photo:  My Petite Maison
I'm on Cloud 9 and we're all savoring the blessings of this week, hope you are savoring
the good things in life as well and I'm wishing you even more this weekend!